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  1. SkyBound

    An opinion on this Fluttershy banner?

    Though perhaps slightly off-tangent, I must say that I do enjoy the drawing style you've applied. Though I've seen some lovely work utilizing the show's standard style, it's always refreshing to see these characters in a new way (though, I will admit a bit of biased there). Looks like I have another artist to watch on DA. With that out of the way, on to the banner itself. As Fluttershy is the main focus, you seem to have her design and character itself well depicted, even down to her expression, which is sheepish yet sincere in her expression. The addition of the birds and butterflies in your latest sketch is also welcoming and adds that much more to the spring theme. The only thing that I notice that I thought I'd point out, which neither adds nor retracts anything from the piece, is given how the body anatomy is draw, I get the feeling that she is a bit more anthropamorphic here. Nothing wrong with that, especially given how these ponies move in the show itself anyway, but just something I thought to point out. The text used seems a bit bland and rather uninteresting, not really meshing well with both the style and theme used here though perhaps it's just a place holder until the piece is finished. This turned out longer than I anticipated, but I do hope this was helpful in some way. Good luck with this and I do hope to see more soon. Take care!
  2. SkyBound

    Art Tablets

    As far as quality is concerned, Wacom is one of the best when looking into drawing tablets. It's also worth mentioing that their customer service is (from my experience) very helpful and courteous if you would be in need of any troubleshooting. Since you seem to be looking for something to experiment with and try out, the Wacom Intuos Art Creative Small Tablet may be a good place to start, costing around $100. Alternatively, the Huion H610Pro Painting Drawing Tablet seems to be a budget-friendly tablet and a bit larger than the Wacom I mentioned, selling for around $77. Though I'm not familiar with the brand myself, the reviews I've seen have been relatively positive and may be worth looking further into. I hope this helps, if only slightly, and gives you a basic idea of what to look for. Take care!
  3. SkyBound

    SkyBound's Sketches and Scribbles

    Thank you! I'm certainly glad that you like my little scribbles here ^^ I will admit that the Discord/Fluttershy piece, which is titled 'Trials of Friendship' is also one of my favorites, if only that I felt that I did a decent job on the expressions. Thank you very much, Troblems! (I had to actually check to see who you were - darn name chances! XD And you're an admin now? Congrats there!) Things have been...going, not much more to say in that regard, sadly, but I'm still lurking about. And thank you again. Glad to hear I haven't been forgotten quite yet ^^ Hello SFyr, and thank you! So much has changed since I've been here last, including you being on staff now. Congrats! ^^ The Discord/Fluttershy piece, which is titled 'Trials of Friendship' seems to be quite the favorite so far, and I'm just thrilled to hear that you've enjoyed what I have so far. I really do appreciate it. Thank you most sincerely, my friend ^^ I'll certainly be trying to keep beating my owns bests, so no worries there. Thank you! Though I haven't tried my hand at Iron Will yet, though I really should, you might find something of interest below. Maybe ^^ Thank you most sincerely, and I truly do appreciate the encouragement. Honestly, I'm just happy you guys are enjoying these unpolished tidbits XD Thanks a lot, Galaxy! I will fully admit that it hasn't been easy getting my 'style' where it is right now, and I'm still just an amateur, constantly learning new things, correcting mistakes and going with trial and error half the time. This sort of thing is something that you kind of feel out, if that makes sense, while fine-tuning it at the same time. If you've been trying out a similar approach to drawing, I'd love to see your work and, if you'd like, give what opinions and help I can. As I said, I'm still very much a novice, but I'm more than happy to lend a helping hand where I can ^^ Though I have my fair share of frustrations, I definitely love to draw and I really don't know what I'd do without it. And no worries. I may not be able to promise constant updates or new drawings, I will try to what I have and when I can ^^ And now some new stuff. Well...perhaps not so new, as some of this is several months old. But I do hope you guys enjoy regardless. This last one was just completed today, though it's more of a sketch dump than anything else; certainly not a coherent piece. And not strictly pony-centric either, but it does have one pony, so it still counts XD And as always, any thoughts and critiques are both welcomed and encouraged. Thanks again everyone and take care!
  4. @@Konsumo, Fair enough, as I can understand your reasoning behind all of that. Despite that sole reservation, it still takes away little from the overall finished project. As I mentioned before, I'll say it again, lovely job ^^
  5. I knew the card design looked familiar, so kudos for having good taste in board games ^^ The changeling itself is very well done, with the illumination effects as well as detail/coloration to the armor nicely done. It sure is quite the intimidating little thing, that's for sure, and not something I'd want to cross paths with. One can hope that they only stubbed their hoof. The only thing that bugs me is the ear, as I feel it should be a bit further back on the head instead of resting just above the brow. Other than that, lovely work here and I wish you the best of luck with the rest of your game ^^
  6.'s been quite some time since I've visited the site, for reasons here and there. I'm sure a lot has changed since I was last here about, I don't know...six, eight months...a year? I have no idea, but I'm sure a lot has changed and improved since then, many new faces and all that. But one thing that hasn't changed at all for me is my love of art and drawing, with my constant determination for improvement. And what better way to get some feedback then to post what I have to offer? I know I had a sketch dump thread on here before, but instead of dusting off that long-forgotten relic, may as well start fresh and go from there, right? I'm not sure how often I'll be posting on the site as a whole, with continuous time constraints always a factor, but I do hope you all enjoy what I have thus far. I should point out that a lot of these are either very sketchy or simply unfinished works, with others being a few months old. However, that shouldn't stop anyone from giving their honest critiques and opinions. In fact, that's what I'm hoping for ^^ Thanks everyone and take care!
  7. SkyBound

    Cayfie's Art Thread

    Looks like I have another artist that I'll have to keep an eye on DA now (surprisingly enough, I wasn't aware you were watching me on there until now XD Thank you most sincerely, by the way!). I have to say that your work is quite lovely, from what I've seen so far, with your OCs being well thought out and simply adorable. Then there's your traditional works, which I'm always a sucker for, which are nicely detailed, with my favorites being 'Sleep Tight Little Snowflake' and 'Slightly Confused.' I really wish I had more to say, even something constructive, but my mind is drawing a blank at the moment. Either way, keep up the lovely work and I cannot wait to see more. Take care!
  8. SkyBound

    2nd Try at Drawing ponies xD

    In my experience, the best way to learn a subject like this is to draw from real life. Looking up some pictures of horses, in various actions and poses, and drawing some basic skeletons to capture the pose is a great way to begin understanding basic anatomy and add that much more energy to your drawings. This can be applied to either a full-bodied pose or a specific part (such as, the back legs). Start with some basic poses and then feel free to move on to something more challenging once you have a better understanding. In the meantime, I did start a tutorial/reference thread quite some time ago here (which needs a serious update) and you may find something of use there. But don't be afraid to search for further references, as there is a wealth of knowledge out there! If you need any further help though, please feel free to ask and I'll be more than happy to do what I can ^^
  9. SkyBound

    2nd Try at Drawing ponies xD

    This is quite nice, especially for your second attempt, and you can only get better from here ^^ You seem to have the basic 'bean shape' for the body and have a solid start overall. Also, lovely choice of colors here. With that being said, there is one spot that seems a tad off to me, and that would be the proportions of the legs (primarily the hind legs). Where the kneecap should be seems like it's missing, making it look like the femur and tibia/fibula are one bone rather than two. One way keep this in mind is when you're drawing the legs, you can always draw little circles where the appendage bend and pivot, as this will not only help with proportions but also make more energetic and dynamic poses much easier to draw when you attempt them. Though the ponies from the show are indeed stylized, they do tend to follow basic equine anatomy as well. Regardless, keep up the good work and I hope to see more soon! Take care ^^
  10. SkyBound

    General Questions I can't post my fan art

    I think the best place to start is to tell us what you're actually doing and go from there, especially if you've already asked this question before. For the time being, let me see if I can help, though my apologizes that I can't provide any visuals (using mobile). For me, the easiest way to post a picture is to to click the box labeled 'Upload Files + More Reply Options' button beneath the reply box. Once the new page loads, scroll down until you see a button that says 'Choose Files...' on the left side. From there, a new box will pop up so that you can select a file/image that has been previously saved on your computer; find what you want to post and double click. The file will then be loaded onto the page underneath the reply box, with a thumbnail on the left and the options to either 'Add to Post' or 'Delete.' Make sure that you have the reply box active, then click 'Add to Post. You'll see something along the lines of [ attachment=FileName.jpg ], which indicates your image will be a part of your post. To be sure that everything works properly, you can click 'Preview' to see how your post and attached image looks and then hit 'Post' if you're happy with it. I do hope this helps and if you have any further question or need more help, I'd be more than happy to do what I can. Best of luck and take care!
  11. SkyBound

    SkyBound's Scratches, Scribbles and Sketches

    @, Thank you most sincerely! I'm glad you like them ^^
  12. SkyBound

    SkyBound's Scratches, Scribbles and Sketches

    Incoming another WIP. I really don't have much to say about this one other than I have to start drawing these two princesses a bit more ^^
  13. SkyBound

    Visual Art I Drew a Wolf, Looking For Feedback

    You're more than welcome, as I love trying to help out when I can ^^ Best of luck on your on your next piece!