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  1. So i made a song today about pegasi. More so a song that in my mind reflects the feeling of cruising through the air care free. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVYwIAYbHaw&feature=gp-n-y&google_comment_id=z13ugv4zgpyhyrgyo04ceveail2fj5dre1w Id love some feed back if ya'll are interested in giving some Dat Title grammar doe
  2. Happy you enjoyed man. for more just click on this https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9bvJIHquIMI4jIEWMkUDpQ
  3. Cheers guys im super glad you liked it! for more just sus my youtubez you might like some of the stuff there.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsTBrttn3nvYEm0el2xPBlQ Theres alot of good stuff i think might suit the game in here. Awesome producer and losts of pony related stuff have a look
  5. Yay i win a sub <3 Tis all good, im just glad you liked it
  6. So i decided to make a song about Nightmare Moon since she is super awesome! id love to hear some feed back from you guys
  7. I dont know if i could meditate to this but this is some cool stuff man! i think the low mids get a bit heavy at points tho and over power the rest of the song. Thing is something i might consider remixing coz i love the soundscape you've made here!!! DO MORE
  8. So heres a thing i did for a remix album based in Australia. http://poniesatdawn.bandcamp.com/ Hope ya'll like it and give some feedz back if you like! Thats what im here for XD
  9. Twas the chill side of things i was going for
  10. I did a thing with the music. Rocks are the best. Tell me what you guys think
  11. Over all mixing is ok but the snare needs to poke through a little bit. Its fine on its own but when everything else is going on it struggles. I would also calm down on the pew pew sounds in the intro. Less is more. The composition is pretty darn cool man i really like it. maybe a few different hi hat samples mixed in will give a nice touch of variation, get creative with the percussion's. I didn't get to bored before the nice change at 3:40 I quite liked the progression but some other people might like a bit more change like our friend above me. (purely a personal thing really). but yeah your sounds get a little bit dynamic here and there which is nice. My advice would just find a way to get they snare to be more present, a snare can make or break a song. I dont know how much you've compressed the song but once the compressor goes under load from everything else the snare definitely suffocates. thats my 2 cents if it worth anything good job man!
  12. Everything apart from the dubstep part was decent man. Its all quite original. I actually envy your originality a little bit. I think you have all the composition and sound design pretty well to be honest. I'd love to have a chat sometime man I think we could learn a few things of each other Just some stuff i'v done myself.
  13. Yer i knew that, im trying to rewire it to FL studio 11. I use to do it with FL Studio 10 and it worked fine. I believe both programs im running are 32bit so i see no compatibility problems however they dont seem to recognize each other. The internet has been of no help so i was wondering if you have any experience in rewiring Reason as a slave that could help me out
  14. Man you guys aren't fucking around, pumping out some seriously good sounding tunes. Also no samples? you recorded the drums? If so what hardware? specifically mic, pre amps and compressors on that snare, god damn that beautiful snare. God damn this whole thing is amazing! I also liked how it was mixed, it had a nice live and spacious feel. (for me anyway) But yeah, top job guys keep it up! (I was talking about How Soon Is Now?)