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    I'm a brony musician and have been since way back in October 2011. I'm a husband and a father of 7 year old twins who got me into the show and it's one of the best things we share. I like music genres a LOT and have made a lot of music in different genres and styles to reflect what i like. I run a few Brony Blogs including the Brony Musician Directory ( and FIMMusic.tumblr which i helped found and continue to run to showcase the many great big and small musicians in the community. I am an older brony so I do contribute from that perspective and before ponies my past-time has always been MUSIC; whether it's been dj'ing it at a few nightclubs, collecting loads of albums and live recordings, going to concerts at Red Rocks, blogging about places to find great music, or investigating the wide history of music and making many lists as TheScientist on RateYourMusic. I've been into comic books, sci-fi (Star Trek NG, X-Files), and computers too along the way.

    Glad to be here and meet you and I hope you feel the same. I find the brony community to be a great home and something that keeps me actively busy, always inspired, and ultimately a lot more positive about life. If i post too many text walls i apologize in advance as i do have a tendency to wax philosophical and speak my mind.

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  1. And it's out! Hope you checked it out. Free
  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. Album 3 already out! Fourth Album imminent!!
  4. Merry Birthiversary!

  5. It's great for science fiction writers but lacking in real science or proof.
  6. Hi there, and a happy birthday to you.

  7. Happy birthday, fellow February birthday person! XD

  8. So cut down the amount of artists in the fandom down to about 30% of what it currently is? Ouch.
  9. Music is my thing man, without it I'm just another dude.
  10. Good news is they did eventually make a good Hulk movie. Even better news is that its with the Avengers movie which you should see soon. :grin2: I would recommend catching Captain America first if you can and definitely catch CA: The Winter Soldier later as its a great film as well and a great followup to the Avengers movie. Skip the Hulk solo films.... :=:
  11. Went thrice to Rotlcon in my home city of Denver. Fun each time (with a little stress and headaches being a performer sadly). They are fun experiences and it's great hanging out with new and old friends but they do end so quickly.
  12. Very much an introvert although i like talking with people I'm familiar and comfortable with. Throw me in a pack of strangers and I'm generally pretty quiet. I miss being more social years ago then I am now. I crave alone time but also hate that lonely feeling of not being in contact with people i know.
  13. Its a wiki designed by people who are trolls for the act of trolling. That's says about how much i value it.
  14. The Batman movies kill off or destroy all the great villains, Hasbro reforms them all. I get why they think there's good in everyone (even villains) but that is something that can ruin a franchise when you run out of antagonists.