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    I'm a brony musician and have been since way back in October 2011. I'm a husband and a father of 7 year old twins who got me into the show and it's one of the best things we share. I like music genres a LOT and have made a lot of music in different genres and styles to reflect what i like. I run a few Brony Blogs including the Brony Musician Directory ( and FIMMusic.tumblr which i helped found and continue to run to showcase the many great big and small musicians in the community. I am an older brony so I do contribute from that perspective and before ponies my past-time has always been MUSIC; whether it's been dj'ing it at a few nightclubs, collecting loads of albums and live recordings, going to concerts at Red Rocks, blogging about places to find great music, or investigating the wide history of music and making many lists as TheScientist on RateYourMusic. I've been into comic books, sci-fi (Star Trek NG, X-Files), and computers too along the way.

    Glad to be here and meet you and I hope you feel the same. I find the brony community to be a great home and something that keeps me actively busy, always inspired, and ultimately a lot more positive about life. If i post too many text walls i apologize in advance as i do have a tendency to wax philosophical and speak my mind.

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  1. Freewave

    Do you Believe in the Multiverse?

    It's great for science fiction writers but lacking in real science or proof.
  2. So cut down the amount of artists in the fandom down to about 30% of what it currently is? Ouch.
  3. Freewave

    Music How important is music to you?

    Music is my thing man, without it I'm just another dude.
  4. Freewave

    Movies/TV Should I watch the Avengers?

    Good news is they did eventually make a good Hulk movie. Even better news is that its with the Avengers movie which you should see soon. :grin2: I would recommend catching Captain America first if you can and definitely catch CA: The Winter Soldier later as its a great film as well and a great followup to the Avengers movie. Skip the Hulk solo films.... :=:
  5. Freewave

    Have you ever been to a pony convention?

    Went thrice to Rotlcon in my home city of Denver. Fun each time (with a little stress and headaches being a performer sadly). They are fun experiences and it's great hanging out with new and old friends but they do end so quickly.
  6. Very much an introvert although i like talking with people I'm familiar and comfortable with. Throw me in a pack of strangers and I'm generally pretty quiet. I miss being more social years ago then I am now. I crave alone time but also hate that lonely feeling of not being in contact with people i know.
  7. Its a wiki designed by people who are trolls for the act of trolling. That's says about how much i value it.
  8. The Batman movies kill off or destroy all the great villains, Hasbro reforms them all. I get why they think there's good in everyone (even villains) but that is something that can ruin a franchise when you run out of antagonists.
  9. Freewave

    Best Season of MLP?

    Season 2 i think is the clear winner.
  10. My son thought she was. She's his fav pony of course.
  11. Freewave

    Movies/TV Gravity Falls ending...

    Very sad to hear but ultimately it may be the right decision. To me 2 classic season is better than a third one that runs on fumes. Will be sad to see it go.
  12. Freewave

    Freewave's Music

    Thanks! I've always been a big fan of his so the inspiration was pretty apparent. Here's another new track. A remix of a classic.
  13. Anyone going to the Running of the Leaves Convention in Denver this weekend? It will be it's 3rd convention, a new hotel, more attendees then before, and also a great musical line-up. Any MLP forums members planning on attending?
  14. Freewave

    Is twilight sparkle now eternal?

    It's most likely A. As has been pointed out hopefully before they won't be around to show Twilight die of old age. It's not that kind of a show where they've even addressed aging, death, or likely ever will. All those who are arguing against the shared immortality of her friends are ignoring the most obvious answer of A. And in case anyone was wondering the concept of her outliving her friends is called the "immortality blues". There's a fair amount of fimfiction and fan art about that concept already. Case in point ^
  15. Freewave

    The Long Goodbye Album This album is a collection of the music I've made this year and deals with many of the same themes; Loneliness, recognition, community, friendship, and sadness. But mostly it's about ponies, the episodes of season 5, and my love of music. After my last album which was rock based I went back to my roots of EDM and to the past. Styles ranging from Deep and Progressive House, Disco, Trance, Big Beat, Garage, Synthwave, and plenty of hybrids of genres. I've got a brony convention next month so I hope $5 (or whatever you can spare) isn't that much to ask for an album of 10 songs thatI've been prepping for over the year.. Thanks to all those who've supported my music over the years and who still continue to. 1. 4EverFreeBrony (ft Chi Chi) - Chant of Immortality (Freewave Immortal Remix) I loved this song as soon as i heard it and it's one of the few tracks to deal with the "immortality blues" what it means for Twilight to outlive her friends. What would be left for Twilight if she lost those she knew and loved? To me the death of friendship is something that paints a dark cloud on the people in this community as we consistently see friends and colleagues move on and leave us behind time and time again. In many way this track and the loneliness it embodies is the central theme of the album. The long goodbye. 2. Mathematicus (ft Aoshi) – Fly Away (Freewave Tech Trance Remix) Mathie's original dealt with fan obsession and body transformation (of a fan into Fluttershy) and this remix too tried to center around those themes through Aoshi's great vocals. Ultimately this is one remix off of his future EP of eventual remixes and I think it came out well as a storming tech-trance track of its own identity. I kept getting visuals of this obsessed fan losing his sense of reality, hating his past, and jumping off the high rise floor thinking that he could fly. That's one tragic way of flying away that hits too close to home. So a song about misplaced obsession. 3. You Can’t Get Away From Your Shadow I liked that Bloom & Gloom had a theme of paranoia and of bad thoughts getting away from Apple Bloom and mixing it with her reality. Ultimately it's easy to get wrapped up in your own unhealthy thoughts until you can practically become your own enemy. Creepy concept done in a Future Garage style. 4. The Mistake The episode with Moon Dancer was one of my favorite episodes of the season as Twilight abandoning her former Canterlot friends in episode 1 was a subject that wasn't addressed before and frankly needed to be. MD's utter abandonment of friendship is tragic and yet expected as it's very easy to detach from friendships that have moved on. It's also easy not to reach out when your friends are right there and ready to get back in touch (hence the mistake on both their parts). Style-wise I wanted to do a synthwave track real bad and this gave me the opportunity to do so in yet another retro themed song. 5. Whatever Happened? So I wanted to do a song about the Daft Rarity briefly seen in EqGirls. We all saw in the movie how the band formed around rock music with Rainbow Dash but I wanted to envision what the mane 6 band would look and sound like formed around Rarity's ideals (and Daft Punk's style obviously). This track is also about what happens when people take someone for granted and just how passive aggressive a band / community can get. At least Pinkie gets that making music is still supposed to be about fun. Some smooth disco with a slice of sadness. 6. Rarity on the Case I really enjoyed this unlikely pairing of Dash and Rarity in the episode and liked how it focused on Rarity's feminine and flirty charm. I hope people find this track equally stylish as it has kind of a mix of a tango and classical within deep house. Rarity is likely my favorite character to write about as she captures the artistic and creative drive and the beauty of style. 7. The Party Planner While not a great episode I loved the small scenes where Pinkie's friends discovered her "party cave" and of how much time and effort she really applies to her pursuits. Likewise music is one of those things that takes oodles of time for such a little payoff and few people rarely recognize that. i liked that there's that analogy there and that it also focused on her failing in her efforts but remaining upbeat. Just some good moments of dialogue in a small scene that were worth a closer look. 8. Yardwork (Big Beat Remix) So I loved the Made in Manehattan episode and the background music tune Yardwork that was in the middle of the episode. I did an ever-changing big beat remix and revolved the pmv around all the great locations of the city. With a similar episode idea of slapping together a quick but effective performance with what I had. Something a bit more upbeat and incorporating some organic elements too. 9. Lost Treasures The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone had some real cool moments where they examined the griffon's amazing past and how much they had departed from their former glory. I think in many ways our own community has lost sight of where we started from and gone down some similar roads. It's upbeat nature is something I wanted to end the album with and to have a really positive nu-rave vibe. I think Pinkie's positive message in how friendship and caring about each other again vs selfishness is key towards turning it around. After all friendship is magic. 10. How to Disappear Completely (ft Scribbler and Aksel) I made this ponified Radiohead cover a long time ago based upon my favorite fimfiction about Lyra, Background Pony.. It could fit on either my planned fimfiction or my ponified covers albums, but it 's feel ultimately meant that it should be the epilogue to THIS album as it has the overall same theme of loneliness and and hinting of what might be next. Ultimately background pony is not just about Lyra's tragic fate but about the musicians and the fans who are noticed one moment and then invisible the next. Whether it's a magical curse or the reality of being in a fandom where there's too many fan creators, it' something that's a grim reality and a dark cloud. Almost all of us are background ponies and many of us disappear without so much as an afterthought after we are gone. So there it is. I hope you take the time to check it out and find it worth your while!