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  1. Even though you haven't been here in a while... I hope you still have a most pleasant fetal transmogrification day!

  2. Happy birthday :) I hope you're having lovely and good day :)

  3. Oh I visited forums when Chiggy has b-day? Well happy b-day Chiggy! I was never close to Chigens but Chigens was always close to me... terms of respect. Lovely still seeing you fooling around.

  4. happy birthday chickens and gay

  5. Chigens! How are you?

    1. Chigens and Kay

      Chigens and Kay

      Been meh. If you want, hit me up on Discord any time as my responses here may be very slow x-x

  6. Yeah, I fought a 5 star Takumi yesterday. Was the worst unit in the game to fight. An Archer than can counter-attack at any distance. 16 attack damage bow, along with his vengeance ability which triggers every 3 attacks which deals damage back equal to how much he has taken. Not to mention he had about 44 life and a ton of speed. I really want one, but I am saving for when new pulls come out. I don't really want dupes or anything, even though you can merge units.
  7. Now I've beaten the entire campaign on Hard. Saving up my gems in case they come out with a new set of pulls. My team at the moment is 5-star Marth and Sakura. Then I have 4-star Corrin and Shanna. 1 Red sword user, 1 colorless healer / mage, 1 blue dragon, and 1 blue lance flyer respectively. Seems to work for most things. Marth destroys everyone on his own.