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  1. Another week has started. I know they can be tough on occasion, but hopefully everyone had a pleasant Monday. Here's to another excellent week! :mlp_icwudt:

  2. Well I missed a day since I fell asleep right after getting off work. Hopefully everyone still had a lovely time, and hopefully this Friday went well for everyone! Here is to everyone having a good weekend! :pinkie:

    1. Heasol


      Thank you. May your weekend become a fantastic one as well! :kindness:

  3. And Wednesday slowly comes to a close for me. Halfway through the week now. Hopefully the rest of the week is smooth sailing for everyone. :twismile:

  4. And another day goes by. Time sure does fly, wouldn't you agree? Here's hoping everyone had a nice day without to much stress. :love:

  5. What a busy day, almost missed posting a status update today! Hopefully everyone had a productive Monday, that was not to long. :wub:

    1. DivineNightmare1000


      @Pinkie D Pie Every day is a brighter day when there's ponies! Trust me, I know!


  6. Another lovely day here. Hopefully everyone here also had a rather lovely day! :grin:

    1. Kujamih


      Its raining.. can't bike:(

  7. Another day, another status update. Hopefully everyone has had am amazing time! :squee:

    1. InfernalEnergy


      Same to you! :fluttershy:

  8. Another day has gone by. Hope everyone had a wonderful one! ;)

  9. Well I guess that is one option.
  10. That's a weird walk down memory lane to see this thread having posts in it.
  11. Well that's not very good. Where am I suppose to sit now?
  12. Hello everyone. It's been quite a few years, so how is everyone?
  13. Good day everyone! Hope you all are having a wonderful time.

    1. Heasol


      Yes! Hope you do too! :kindness:

  14. I'm back again. Have we gained any seats yet?
  15. Darn, and here I was really hoping to have a nice seat. Are there at least some seats around here still?