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  1. Work your legs, you bastard.

  2. nlaq

    Show Song Update?

    OK, these have been added! Note, they won't show up in the search box until at least one artist makes an association between their song and the show song.
  3. nlaq

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned because the site blew up and deleted your account.
  4. nlaq

    Seeing how many followers you have

    This will be addressed with the next design update
  5. nlaq

    Feature Request An API would be nice.

    An API isn't a bad idea, but it is not planned at the moment Now; you technically *could* query the endpoints that the site itself uses; but I wouldn't recommend it for anything other than some basic data mining. The endpoints that the site uses are subject to change at any point (which is why they're under the /api/web namespace). It's possible though that we could create another API that would be more stable for 3rd part developers.
  6. nlaq

    Feature Request Features & Feedback

    Thanks for the feedback! I've responded to most of your points individually This was a planned feature, but was dropped due to routing issues. What I mean is that when you're on a discover page, and you select a track, you *should* be able to hit the back button and get back to where you were. This wasn't possible using the current routing framework that PFM uses. I would like to see this feature, but it would require some design considerations This is currently not planned, but may be implemented sometime in the future. This is planned. These can be added to the next set of changes. Dunno about this one; it isn't a bad idea, but likely won't make it into the next few change sets. This feature is supposed to be rolled into Poniverse itself, and not something specific to PFM. This is possible, but isn't planned at the moment. This is similar to a "saved searches" feature that was dropped due to time. It will be added back soon. This can be addressed in the upcoming design changes. This will be addressed soon. This gets complicated... will have to speak with Feld0 about it. This isn't a planned feature, but will make its way in at some point in the future. This will be added to the next release If I have time for the next update, these features may find their way in. They're good ideas, of course, and will be added eventually.
  7. nlaq

    Bug report(s)

    Do you mean, when you hit play on a track page, that the player "freezes"? If you played a track from the discover page, it should play the next one on that page when it's finished - even if you've navigated away.
  8. nlaq

    A couple bugs/glitches in the Track Editor

    This will be adressed within the next week or so. Thanks for the report!
  9. nlaq

    Feature Request Some Sort of Shuffle Option

    A shuffle feature would be nice; though the implementation of one is not trivial due to the way navigation works. Are you wanting a shuffle feature on the discover page itself, on the "top tracks" or on playlists?
  10. nlaq

    Feedback Internet Explorer 11 Compatability

    Huh. It worked fine in IE10 - however, it seems IE11 is complete borked. I aim for compatibility with IE10+, so this will be adressed in the upcoming design changes. Thanks for the heads up!
  11. nlaq

    Removing Tracks From a Playlist?

    Wow! This was a bit of an oversight. I'm adding this to the things to address in the upcoming design changes. Thanks for noticing!
  12. nlaq

    Post your Desktop

    Why not...
  13. nlaq

    >tfw new poniverse staff

    Yeah, you guys are quite clearly misunderstanding something. There are no mods with 6 or 1 posts. Not sure I exactly understand what you're saying here. Anyhow, Poniverse staff are *not* MLP Staff. I am one of the very few Poniverse staff members (maybe the only one?) who has any sort of mod capabilities on MLPF - but it's very limited and completely constrained to the forum which is hosted on the site. I have no control over any aspect of MLPF or Poniverse that I am not directly responsible for. Frankly I am a little bit offended that some members seem to see Poniverse staff as a vanity position, or a position where the person involved has been granted "promotions" over other members of this forum. The reason why some Poniverse staff have so few posts (myself included) is that for the many projects in Poniverse, staff members are recruited from other channels. Believe it or not, not everyone is on this forum. Since Poniverse includes projects that have nothing to do with forums, it's perfectly natural to see staff members not having existing accounts on this site. When I got started with Poniverse, I had contacted Feld0 directly via email asking him if he needed help on a specific Poniverse project (unrelated to MLPF). At the time I knew very little about him or this website. Are you guys all suggesting here that my ability to provide value to Poniverse is predicated upon me having an existing account on this website? I am troubled that the title next to my name is somehow making people feel uneasy. It seems to be stemming out of a complete lack of understanding of who Poniverse staff are, what we do and how we operate. Perhaps we can make things more clear, and I hope that this posts helps with that to some degree. Or perhaps people should realize that just because I only have 101 active posts on this website, does not mean I don't pour the countless hours of work into the projects I am involved with ( being the biggest one). I don't care about the title, it's just two words. But don't you dare say I didn't earn it.
  14. nlaq

    Show us your voice!

    This is what happens to me after 8 straight hours of recording programming training content... *dies*
  15. Mr Feld0 got the songs ported over. Thanks for the feedback!