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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. kaiser5578

    Video New Star Wars movie ideas?

    they need to just stop, i spent years reading comics, watching movies and tv shows, and playing video games to learn the lore. than the house of mouse comes and takes away almost all of the cannon. every movie save for rogue one sucked and that was only good because it was just tying up a lose end, not expanding the main story. short version of the story is, the only fandom that disney can be somewhat trusted with is marvel.
  3. kaiser5578

    General How famous do you think you are on the forums?

    i think i'm fairly popular, i run a semi-decent German cuisine blog and who hasn't noticed the russian man with the bird head sticking out like a sore thumb?
  4. kaiser5578

    Spoiler Where did Spike's egg come from?

    You mean like Jormunder (the world serphantine) during Ragnarok in Norse myth? my head cannon is that Celestia had a dragon companion like Twilight and that dragon was one of Spike's parents. Celestia was made the godmother and when the two died Celestia chose to give Twilight the lad
  5. kaiser5578

    Theory on the reason why the buffalo haven't return

    Though the episode did do one thing, it showed us that in the show ponies are the MLP equivalent of white people (just my personal guess, put that pitchfork down jimmy!) just think about it, what they want they take, that housing looks oddly European, they are afraid of half non ponies and half low opinions of the rest with few individual exceptions i think it opened the door to show us a different path that existed
  6. kaiser5578

    Food Do you like Fat Cakes?

    They are love, they are life the queen of the snack isle Parthenon
  7. kaiser5578

    Pinkie Pie Religion

    I'm eastern Trixidox sorry 1. we show off 2. Never accept second place 3. Never tolerate someone who interrupts your performance 4. Life is your stage, use it 5. Ex cult leaders make the greatest best friends (over 6 years this thread has lain abandoned, but phase one of operation Phoenix has given it new life)
  8. kaiser5578

    Health Anyone Workout?

    Yeah I walk back and forth between my table and the buffe quite a few times before I leave (on a serious note though, I do a lot of swordsmanship with varying blades. It works a lot of different muscles and your arm learns sooner or later to stop when you say stop, though have a cellphone on you when you do it, sometimes the blade keeps going)
  9. kaiser5578

    Are Funerals Pointless?

    I mean there WAS meaning to it before it became an industry
  10. kaiser5578

    Are Funerals Pointless?

    Ey dig a hole fill it with petrol drop me in it toss a match in after that is all the funeral I need, s'mores anybody?
  11. kaiser5578

    Should Spike still stay with Twilight?

    Personally I think he should stay with Twilight in the bond they have, but I think that he should go from Twilight's Jimminy Cricket to Starlight's before he becomes a background character. just look at them in the chrystaling, tell me I'm wrong.
  12. kaiser5578

    The Avatar Above You Is Out To Kill You - How Screwed Are You?

    A sniper the bird hoovy's natural enemy if I had my duckyslav and a dalakohs than I would stand a chance but... (Bird hoovy was rudely interrupted by the jarate tossing bush pony planting a shot between his eyes, pls stand by)
  13. kaiser5578

    Your favorite fanfiction is now canon.

    Let's see, if Waking nightmares was cannon: Rarity is missing a leg Rainbow Dash is blind Twilight's gone all broody batman on us Applejack is the same Fluttershy is a bit more confident Luna has become naive as can be Celestia has turned into an odd mixture of two face and dormomu the world has pontifices versions of the TF2 mercs and Equestria is being invaded by robots with guns
  14. kaiser5578

    Hello :D

    Yes at long last a fellow German, I am from the western part Munich (how I love Oktoberfest) anyway welcome to the forums, just let old bird hoovy know if you need anything at all
  15. Just thought I'd put this up because i felt we needed an easy way to spread Marvel related news and stuff throughout the forums. First on the agenda is that Marvel has regained the rights to the X-men, Fantastic four, Deadpool, and all related properties. So, now the only ones FOX can still hurt are X23 and the other new mutants. (This also means that we can have an old fashioned Wolverine vs Hulk slap fest on the silver screen) As for other news Marvel has already announced Ant-man and Wasp and Captain Marvel. The other more friendly movie studio Sony which so kindly loaned us Spiderman will be releasing Venom in his own solo movie this October on Halloween with Carnage as the villain, Black cat will also be getting a movie with Silver Sable. This gives us the opportunity for a pair of Marvel's greatest on again of again anti-heroes. For those of you that did not attend Comic-con we also have the possibility of a Doctor Doom centered movie. Also for those who did not know, both Hobgoblin and Green goblin have been confirmed to be in the MCU (or at least their alter egos, though the studio will no doubt use them or at least one of them). Now for some discussion provoking questions: 1. How do you think Venom will work without Spiderman? will the symbiote be made into more of a monster than the comics. 2. Do you think they'll pair Spiderman with Black cat this time or will Mary Jane appear out of nowhere? 3. Do you think that since they used Thanos as the first big boss of the MCU they'll use Galactus as the bigger boss? (i personally believe so as they did buy the FF) 4. how do you think they'll introduce the FF and the X-men to the MCU? 5. now that they have Wolverine do you think they might pull the old quintet of Spiderman, Daredevil, Captain America, and Wolverine? 6. Will Venom go in as a hero to the MCU? 7. Will Doctor Doom be a mid point villain? 8. What other heroes do you want to join the MCU? 9. Anything else you can think of?