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  1. Mega Thread Count to a million

  2. Mega Thread Count to a million

  3. The Great Pun War

    How did the Heavy beat the Scout to the point? He was Russian.
  4. How would YOU punish Starlight Glimmer?

    use magic to make her see her tyranny from someponyelse's eyes, see how wicked she was, there is no greater punishment than living out the results of your own deeds (Though i personally don't believe in punishing those who see they have done wrong and want to change, i see that as petty revenge for the sake of the punisher to make them feel better. And last time i checked, inflicting pain on someone trying to do right is wrong and has always been wrong.)
  5. Would you date an alicorn?

    well an alicorn = a diety and as a deity they could probably cure me of my mortality, so yes but if she couldn't, than no. that would just be cruel of me to put her through that
  6. Would you do this for $10,000?

    I would do this for free on a dare, for 10,000? would you like me to throw "Winter wrap up", "The smile song", and "Let the rainbow remind you" in on that?
  7. not yet, but give me the time to pull the green together and this will probably become the most irresponsible decision i have ever made
  8. depends on who's fighting, if they're weak enough for me to intervene than sure why not? But if they're some big heavy hitters like Twilight or Starlight? Yeah screw that, I'm not trying to join them in the hospital (or in the hospice) and i probably need some rent money anyways.
  9. Maybe they have a basket beneath the mother for just such an occasion, that or a few extra staff members are on baby catching duty.

    I checked ebay and i found plenty of them, mostly Rainbowdash themed though
  11. Crazy Theories

    well a post-apocalyptic world was hardly fitting for a show like adventure time but it happened and it went from a dreary backdrop to the major plot point. Though i am a little iffy on it, i believe that ponies could be the result of old human technology that they salvaged and nuclear radiation infused into horses
  12. Ask SnakeEater (AKA, the occasionally drunk MLP fan!)

    Do you play tf2? If so, what do you main?
  13. What's your facial hair like?

    well i don't put pics of myself online but this is quite close it's a kaiser bar, it's great for twirling when i'm nervous or just feeling devious
  14. i was playing Halo: the MC collection on legendary with a friend. To those of you who don't know, on person is always the attacker, they go and fight the hordes of aliens head on. The other is designated sniper, they hang back and murder the enemy from afar, they also serve as a revive station. Whenever it was his turn to serve as the sniper, he would never stay put and always followed into the heat of grenade happy aliens with aimbot and we died again and again for hours. We bickered back and forth for a while before he got angry and left, we haven't spoken in weeks. The moral is, Halo on legendary ruins friendships. just like monopoly
  15. General Late to the Party

    I didn't encounter TF2 until three years ago, my life was wasted before then