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  1. Pr0m4NV14

    OOC Defenders of Equestria (ooc)

    I just posted before the thing went quiet, so I’m kinda waiting in the others
  2. Pr0m4NV14

    Would you sun horse ship?

    Eh, sure! Why not? Let’s see how far this rabbit hole goes...
  3. Pr0m4NV14

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom A crash and some tumbling could be heard as Mike slid out of the doorway. ”These floors are kinda really smooth.” He said, shaking off the book that was laying on his head. It landed with its cover up, which said ‘Great Heros of ancient Equestria VOL II’. “The library is huge! You could spend days in there and not even find what you’re looking for!” He said, excited. He looked up at the Dragoness. “I’d bet you could even find something about that desert thing you mentioned earlier, Miss... uh... Dragon?”
  4. Pr0m4NV14

    Food Favorite fast food place to eat?

    You know, Tim Hortons and A&W are the best fast food places ever. You should really go check them out. A&W has these amazing onion rings!
  5. Pr0m4NV14

    Searching Looking for 1x1 Rp Partners

    Bompoty bomp bomp bomp
  6. Pr0m4NV14

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom Mike was being quiet, letting Sorrow do all the talking. He did notice that the Dragoness was in pain, dispite her trying to hide it. “Miss, if you’re hurt, there’s a hospital back in town. Don’t you think you should be going there?” He piped upMike respected dragons, having made a quick jaunt through their territory through his journey. “Sorrow is right, we were going to look for my sister, and she might be in there. Who knows? Even if she isn’t we might learn a few things about that Sphinx thing you’re talking about! Let’s go.” He said said, moving into the threshold. He would let the two catch up, but he soon slipped into one of the side doors in the castle’s great hall.
  7. Oh. It’s snowing again.

  8. Pr0m4NV14

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom Mike was about to step past the threshold that marked the outside of the castle to the inside, but something caught his eye. He had to look hard to seethe dragoness, even though she contrasted with the brilliant crystal wall of the castle. She looked like she had seen better days. ”Um.. Ma’am? Are you alright?” Said Mike, tentatively stepping forward and giving the dragoness a light shake with his front left hoof. ”Hello?” He asked again.
  9. Ah, September! Truly the month to start having the best weather of the year.


  10. Pr0m4NV14

    Mega Thread Count to a million

  11. Pr0m4NV14

    Searching Looking for 1x1 Rp Partners

    I don’t have much experience with 1x1 rolplay things either, but I would like to practice them.
  12. Pr0m4NV14

    What key on the keyboard do you hate most?

    The Capock key and that little nipple mouse aren’t my most liked keys. Caps lock is kinda redundant when you have the shift key.
  13. Pr0m4NV14

    Mega Thread Count to a million

  14. Pr0m4NV14

    Searching That Which Lays Beneath

    So... Are we gonna start soon? Frankly, i’m Quite excited to do this RP.
  15. Pr0m4NV14

    Is Queen Chrysalis pretty?

    I dunno. Her hair looks kinda greasy and she looks like she did some sort of drugs.