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  1. I really hate doing other people's laundry.
  2. I'm pretty sure that Ditzy Doo was just a Flash animation error that fans overreacted to.
  3. My father was watching Equestria Girls the other day, In fact.
  4. All right, I posted. Hope this goes better than last time.
  5. When I get an achievement in tf2
  6. I like eating dry oatmeal. (The stuff that comes in those tiny brown bags,)
  7. One thousand thirty three?
  8. Open

    Mike McGuffin wandered into the strange town. As he walked down the street he noted that there were various vendors and shops. "Well, I guess this ain't' too bad... I wonder if I could find a bite to eat around here." As Mike continued walking, he noticed a group of individuals glaring at him and muttering something about "Blank-Flanks." Of course, Mike had no idea what they were talking about.
  9. Well, darn, I think @Rapid Wind left the forums.
  10. Fidget spinners are trash. GIMMIE. Alright, you would get the million bucks, but you are gay partners with Mike Myers.
  11. request shop

    Yeah, Like mine would ever work.
  12. OH thank god, a new banner.

    1. Kyoshi


      Mine was an eyesore, I know.

  13. OH, yes please. (Bloody character limit."(
  14. I drew drawings of all 9 Tf2 mercs! The sniper was a bit of a rush-job.