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  1. Pr0m4NV14

    Trigger the fanboys game!

    God isn’t real.
  2. Pr0m4NV14

    What is the loudest thing you have slept through?

    I slept through a hunting trip. They shot something and I was near the rifle.
  3. Pr0m4NV14

    Celestia Fan Club

    You know, Princess Celestia doesn’t seem like a princess, but more of the Kingdom’s mom.
  4. Pr0m4NV14

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom "Well, miss Sorrow, I don't exactly know how old, but it must be at least hundreds of years old. I know that I ancestor was the last one to wield Jennifer. I don't know much about him, though. I'm pretty much sure his name was...¨ Mike paused to think. ¨HovedpersonYou know, Jennifer wasn't always like that, when I first had her, the blade was all rusted and chipped. Iḿ pretty sure the handle was all faded too. Then I followed this treasure map that I found with her, and I found this treasure trove, and..." Mike paused again to look up at Sorrow again, just to see if she was still paying attention. He continued. "I found this purple gem, and it just started to attach to the sword! It was really weird, because when it happened-" Mike was suddenly cut off when the dim glow of the sword became a bright shine, just as Leigon tried contacting Jennifer. "McGuffin? I feel a lot of Dark energy nearby. It tried talking to me." Mike hurriedly looked up at sorrow. "That's new. J-Jennifer tried to talk to me. Did you hear that?"
  5. Star Wars (Not that Disney crap.) Legend of Zelda Metroid Nintendo WALL•e
  6. Pr0m4NV14

    The Great Pun War

    Like you, the Superintendent needs to Chalm down. (Also, I’ll be at Pr0m night next year.)
  7. Pr0m4NV14

    rapunzel Ask Rapunzel

    So your hair is really long, right? How do you keep it from dragging in gross stuff, prevent extreme hair clogs that need the prowess of Mighty Plumber to fix, and not catching it on fire? Cheerio!
  8. Pr0m4NV14

    General Are you Introverted or Extroverted?

    You know, I think I’m kinda in the middle. I don’t like being with a lot of people, or people that I don’t know, but when I’m with my group of friends, I love being with them.
  9. Pr0m4NV14

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom Mike followed Sorrow into some sort of alley between streets, away from the busy bustle of PonyVille. Upon hearing the Purple Pony's question, he had a look of confusion on his face. "I don't know what you mean. I've never noticed any guardian spirit thing haunting me." He paused for a second. "Well, I do have Jennifer, my sword. Do you want to take a look?" Mike said before drawing the blade from its scabbard. The sword wasn't that fancy like the weapons that the Royal Guard used. It a simple blade forged from some kind of metal with a wooden hilt. There were no adornments, save for a violet gem embedded in the pommel. Mike placed Jennifer on a nearby crate, where it let off a dim glow in the shade of the buildings. "I've had it ever since I started my travels, and it was a family heirloom. It's pretty old." He added, backing away to give Sorrow some space, before looking up at her expectantly.
  10. Pr0m4NV14

    The Worst Season Of The Entire Series?

    Seasons four-through six were pretty forgettable and I think they were just filled with princess stuff. I haven’t seen much of season seven (And none of eight.)
  11. Pr0m4NV14

    High school prom

    Oh hey, that’s me after summer break!
  12. Pr0m4NV14

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom Mike looked at the skull with slight interest. It wasn’t every day that one would see a necklace sprout glowing eyes. (Them again, not many people wielded a sword magically enchanced by a hundreds-year-old warrior, who was in fact living in said weapon.) Mike put the picture back in his saddlebag. The young Earth Pony looked up at Sorrow. “I guess we should head to it. Better sooner than late, right? Is that how it goes?” Before walking towards the exit of the station. Mike couldn’t shake the feeling that Sorrow’s necklace seemed to be intrigued with him...
  13. Pr0m4NV14

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom The young Earth Pony struggled to hear Sorrow over the screech of another train. He did get the gist of what she said. “I think the hospital would be a good place to start looking.” Mike reached in his saddlebag for a few seconds before pulling out a very weathered and creased picture of a young filly. “Imph prettesh sure shesh a loft older now, butch thish is the only pishure I have of her.” He said, showing the picture to the taller Pegasus.
  14. Pr0m4NV14

    Ask me anything