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  1. Spike x Skeleanor

    Woah, that'd be a plot twist Let's face it, Starlight has at least 2 other ponies who want her, let's not throw Spike into the mix.
  2. Spike x Skeleanor

    Like who? Rarity just uses him, Ember is a bitch, Starlight has somepony else and in the end he's still a "baby dragon". Might as well date Skeleanor.
  3. Spike x Skeleanor

  4. Spike x Skeleanor

    Considering he hangs out with six mares all the time, and actually lives with one of them, that might be troublesome
  5. Spike x Skeleanor

    At the end of S8E10, Spike asked Discord if Skeleanor was going to be in the game they were going to play. Even after Discord reminds him that she's an imaginary character Spike says that "No ponies perfect". Does that mean Spike has a thing for Skeleanor and is it okay to ship them?
  6. Up to no good

    *Non-competing intensifies*
  7. Crazy Theories

    Fallout 5: Equestria
  8. Crazy Theories

    It's actually set in future earth where the human race is extinct. We can see that by the tire and human bones in the love poisen episode.
  9. "And this is how you go even further beyond the level of a pony!" Exactly what I thought, why not? True...
  10. Never getting your cutiemark

    I wonder what a cutie mark for just being alive would be.
  11. But Celestia's and Luna's cutiemark was exchanged, why can't that be done, except permanently?
  12. Never getting your cutiemark

    So, we see it in stories all the time, there is a pony with no cutiemark, they never found something they're good at, but is that realistic? Gabby was understandable, she was a griffon and we saw the foals that never wanted a cutiemark for awhile, but is it possible to never find something you're good at (as a pony)? Would that pony be criticized if he never got a cutiemark?
  13. Like let's say that 2 ponies didn't like their cutie marks and wanted each other's because they thought it was cooler, could Starlight Glimmer, if she agreed, change those 2 cutiemarks permanently? We saw it momentarily done with Luna and Celestia, but not permanently. Would there be consequences? Could a cutiemark reject a host it is put on if it's on it for too long, kinda like blood? Could everything work out in the end, like if they're both pegasi/unicorns/earth ponies?
  14. MLP's finale and passion, or lack thereof

    I fear that the series finale will leave a lot of fans unsatisfied, I hope that they go all out, wrap up everything in an epic, climatic conclusion. Don't pull a Princess Twilight and fit everything in one episode. The could do a 2-part episode ending and most fans will say they are fine with it but I think fans want almost a movie for the ending, or even a 3-part episode ending, we just want something more then just the "norm".