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  1. Wonderbolt Slipstream

    Water for Cloudsdale

    *shrugs* meh, I’m lazy *sleeps*
  2. I don’t mind eating there, at least there milkshake machine works so I can grab one while eating a spicy sandwich.
  3. I’m attached to stuff before 2013, a lot of stuff happened during and after that year, a lot of personal stuff. Anyway I cherish a lot of stuff that has centimental value, and then of course I cherish my more expensive stuff.
  4. Hot and humid, walking alone just drenches my back in sweat
  5. Wonderbolt Slipstream

    MLPF / Poniverse Panel?

    I’m going and I hope to meet up with some of you guys.
  6. Wonderbolt Slipstream

    Daring Do Fan Club

    There you are! *boops her*
  7. So due to Capper, an anthro cat, basically being canon, I was wondering what he would think and feel about non-antho cats, like Opal, and how his species evolved into such a way as to become more human-like. I would assume there might also be anthro dogs as well and how they possibly evolved to go away from how we perceive dogs in their universe, like Winona. How is it that these two creature are very similar and yet very different when they are so close and how did one become so anthro, because, I’m assuming, it too at least a millennium for cats to evolve into such a way for Capper to be the
  8. A rook is very good at manipulating how a chess match goes, which is exactly what Cozy Glow did, she manipulated most ponies to achieve an end goal.
  9. Do you believe anyone else in the MLP universe could’ve broken Twilights heart the way Spike did?
  10. The Kirin seem to have traits that’s seem to be pony-like, such as unicorn magic and they seem like the same physical structure of a pony, yet they can burst out into a flaming pony when angered. So are they some sort of pony subspecies, pony hybrid or are they there own species altogether? (Pics are for comparison purposes)
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