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  1. aaaaahw, thank you so much! I love what you did with her, the shorter mane look awesome and the yellow bow looks so good with it! I also love how you drew the cutymark! thank youuuu!!
  2. I don't eat cereal because I break out when I consume straight up milk soooo
  3. *hugs the summer pone*

    Hey sweet summer pone :3

  4. I'm getting there. My parents never taught me how to cook and I moved out half a year ago so I'm trying to teach myself. I'm mostly just trying things as I figure it out and so far it's always come out edible, though I don't concider myself to be good just yet. I want to be though, and I'll gt there eventually
  5. welcome back

    I  *squish*

  6. "some people are like comfy couches while others are like wooden park benches or those school desk chairs"
  7. A raccoon tricks you into a life of servitude on a deserted island with no chance of escaping.
  8. In case anyone needs the extra serotonin today

    love y'all <3

  9. I don't celebrate halloween but the autumn always makes me want to watch Coraline!
  10. This is such a cool idea! My OC summer was designed by 15 year old me, now that I'm 20 I feel like she could use a bit of an update. Feel free to do with her as you please, change the colours, change the mane, do whatever you like and have fun ^^ have fun!
  11. I like to sit on the floor to do stuff, no reason why.