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    treat others like you want to he treated.
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    Drawing, singing, acting, dansing lissening to music and playing piano (but not all at the same time :$ )

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  1. Guess a hobby of the user above you!

    haha, you're not wrong actually hmmm... I'm gonna guess, writing/reading cringy shipfics?
  2. Guess a hobby of the user above you!

    oh no, he knows! ehm... shipping perhaps?
  3. Guess a hobby of the user above you!

    being nice ^~^
  4. Guess a hobby of the user above you!

    I don't have to guess memes, just memes
  5. Guys guys guys, is space concidered nature?? Yes or no?

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    2. LunarWave


      That's really depends on the implied meaning of "nature". If you mean it as "Earthly ecosystem with all the trees and bunnies and shit" then no. Where the space starts, even the molecules that air is made of are kilometers apart, and any stuff that's living in any way, dies.

      If in the way of  "all that exists" then.. yeah, obviously.

    3. Raven Rawne

      Raven Rawne

      Nature, by popular definition, would comprehend both animate and inanimate objects that are unaltered by humanity, usually as a whole ecosystem or some area it's contained in. So... I think Space could fit the bill, since it is untouched by us and you don't need life to have some sort of ecosystem on the planets.

    4. Johnny1226


      No nature is an ecosystem space is just cold emptiness with invisible radiation not the best living conditions for anything 

  6. I feel like rarity because I made myself a cute little top today XD not that it was hard at all, I just upcycled an old t-shirt I already had but I still feel proud okay, I'm new to sewing :rarity:

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    2. UltimateGhost3


      It's more of less focusing on what they were doing than doing it myself with my own hands, I can learn pretty quickly if I can actually do it myself, learned how to drive by watching my mom and my grandfather do it while they took me to school. First time my mom took me out on a practice drive, I figured out everything in like 10-20 mins and ended up driving her to a restaurant for lunch :rarity:.

    3. Summer Breeze

      Summer Breeze

      wow, that is really cool! you really got a talent for learning by eye! that's awesome!

    4. Azul Maya
  7. When did you first feel like an adult?

    I first felt like an adult when I was just randomely walking through highschool to get some things. The school was all empty and I saw my reflection in the glass door and suddenly I was like "dang, is that me? I look so mature" and that is when I first felt like an adult, even though I certainly wasn't one (and still am not) but I do sometimes have times where I can act like one
  8. happy birthday, I hope you have a lovely day!! :squee: 

  9. At school we had to write down our insecurities and other things we wanted to let go and then we burned the thoughts, it was really cool and freeing :yay: 


  10. Welcome to the forums hun! Hope you have a lovely time here!

    1. Tricky42


      Thanks hun! :)


  11. Who is the most beautiful forum user?

    Aahw, you're too kind
  12. General The "I admit it" Thread

    I admit it, I'm really behind on my homework, despite being known as that one girl who usually has everything in order >~<
  13. What were you scared of as a child?

    The shadows on my wall caused by my curtains not being closed well. There is a streetlantern right in front of my windown and my window is an odd shape so my curtain doesn't close fully and it always has some cracks (not anymore since I found a way to fully close it since I'm still uncomfortable with them) and through the cracks the light fell on my wall and ceiling. I had a very lively fantasy as a kid and I imagined the streaks of light as witches and needles and dragond and I though that when I closed my eyes they would come to life. It caused me to sleep with a lights on for a long time. I still am weirdly uncomfortable with having cracks in my curtain and I will still not sleep untill I closed it in that one specific way that makes most of the cracks go away XD
  14. Summer uses flirt! It's not very effective! Summer keeps using flirt!