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  1. Nova Wings

    1.10 survival?

    So what is happening with 1.10? Normally I would just assume it was taking a long time to get the new plug-in's set up, but ALL of the 1.10 topics have disappeared, including the update list and the "what will transfer" list. Anyone have any information as to what's going on?
  2. Nova Wings

    Visual Art photo dump

    *starts packing* screw this country, I'm moving to where you live! It all looks SO AMAZING!
  3. Nova Wings

    1.9 Server Announcement

    As mentioned we won't be keeping out inventory nor anything that 'holds items', so we won't be able to bring tools over that we have?
  4. Nova Wings

    1.9 Server Announcement

    Even tough the staff says it will be some time before the reset, I'm still focusing on gathering resources to make building my new base all that much more easier and enjoyable.
  5. Nova Wings

    Server down?

    I tried logging in on 4/26 between 3:00-3:30pm est, yet every time I tried the server was down, did something happen?
  6. Nova Wings

    This is why I love the fandom!

    I would just like to say that I am proud to be a part of this fandom right now! So for anypony who didn't know, TheLostnarrator went into the hospital 2 weeks ago complaining of pain, she was latter taken into surgery to remove a cyst that was threatening to burst, witch could have been fatal. Her marefriend magpiepony posted a video letting Lost's followers what was happening, also asking for any help the fandom could spare, well Lost just posted this vid talking about how much support she received. Long story short, the community raised well over 5,000 in a little over a week to help Lost pay for her medical expenses, we are the most giving and supportive group I have ever had the honor of being a part of, you all are awesome, each and every Brony!
  7. Nova Wings

    S06:E01+02 - The Crystalling

    So there is something from the opening I have yet to see addressed, who here ships Spike Starlight?Potential ship names: SpikeLight StarDragon SpikeGlimmer
  8. Nova Wings

    S06:E01+02 - The Crystalling

    Really liked this opening! That Dr. Who reference at the beginning "It looks smaller on the outside" It occurs to me that Sunburst is good at knowing magic, but not really at using magic, after all did he even cast any spell at the end? (and no absorbing the love into the crystal doesn't count) That would be an interesting idea, having the ability to know any spell for a given situation, but can't use them. Lets not over look that Twilight's parents have talked now for the first time!! How ever in the credits they are simply called "Mr./Mrs. Sparkle" And finally that shadow flying over the Crystal empire at the very end :okiedokielokie: Dr. Wolf thought it might be a changling, so we could see them more in S6? lets hope so!
  9. Nova Wings

    A Bronie in need

    Please help me get the word out! The LostNarrator an awesome fanfic reader and wonderful pony is in dire need of our help, as in life threatening need of help. Even if you can not help out financially please at lest send this around so that others can know about it and help, please we need ever pony on this!
  10. Nova Wings

    Am I the only one?

    Ok ponies, so I went and saw Deadpool (so far best movie 2016 ), but now as I'm talking to people about, with the exception of those who have seen the movie, I've discovered a rather troubling problem... NO ONE UNDERSTANDS THE 4TH WALL!!!!!! :okiedokielokie: No I'm serous, out of about roughly 10 people I've talked to, 8 had no clue what the 4th wall was. And I'm not talking about people with lacking education or anything like that, no educated ADULTS, I mean for buck sake even a teacher, A GODDESS DAMN TEACH, had no clue what the 4th wall is! So my question you all of you, how many know the term "4th wall"? I'm going to guess most on here do, simply because of Pinkiepie , if so how many others around you know what this is?
  11. Nova Wings

    Hearts 'n Hooves Poll

    You work the midnight shift as well? /)(\
  12. Nova Wings

    Hearts 'n Hooves Poll

    Just a quick question, how many out there have a special somepony for Hearts 'n Hooves day? (Nope)
  13. Nova Wings

    A new star in the sky tonight...

    Fair warning, this is VERY sad...... Earlier today (2/11/16), I received very sad and troubling news... my brother (though we are not close), had a daughter born earlier today, she was 10 weeks early. Needless to say she did not make it.... While I do not know all of the details, I do know she had severe medical conditions beyond being underdeveloped that even if she would have survived, she might not have lived long anyway. At this time I reach out to you the community, of the most loving fandome, to please send them your support. I do not mean financial, but the support of directed love to them. There is a new star out tonight, A star that shines so bright, It is an angel, who never had a start in life Who looks back with teary eyes, Not for sadness nor pain, But for the life and family she left too soon, There is a new star out tonight, the brightest one in the night.
  14. *knock knock* is this thing dead?
  15. So I'm still knocked out, I'll be out until someone revives me, or until the next in RP day. Effect of boosting my magic using fire, equivalent exchange and all.