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  1. Nova Wings

    1.10 survival?

    So what is happening with 1.10? Normally I would just assume it was taking a long time to get the new plug-in's set up, but ALL of the 1.10 topics have disappeared, including the update list and the "what will transfer" list. Anyone have any information as to what's going on?
  2. Today is Wifu day! (aka Sunset shimmer Day)

    1. Photon Jet

      Photon Jet

      You got that right. Even she deserves a day specifically for her.

  3. So anypony else using Discord Chat? if so feel free to message me: Nova_Wings #5647

  4. Nova Wings

    Visual Art photo dump

    *starts packing* screw this country, I'm moving to where you live! It all looks SO AMAZING!
  5. Just found this video: RD vs Starscream

    1. Colenso Rivers

      Colenso Rivers

      I love the outcome, my very first DB.

  6. As mentioned we won't be keeping out inventory nor anything that 'holds items', so we won't be able to bring tools over that we have?
  7. Even tough the staff says it will be some time before the reset, I'm still focusing on gathering resources to make building my new base all that much more easier and enjoyable.
  8. Been gone for a while and-OH SWEET BUCKING LUNA! 500 UPDATES!

  9. Nova Wings

    Server down?

    I tried logging in on 4/26 between 3:00-3:30pm est, yet every time I tried the server was down, did something happen?
  10. New EP was awesome! and the CMC are growing up!

  11. NEW CMC Episode!!!!

  12. I would just like to say that I am proud to be a part of this fandom right now! So for anypony who didn't know, TheLostnarrator went into the hospital 2 weeks ago complaining of pain, she was latter taken into surgery to remove a cyst that was threatening to burst, witch could have been fatal. Her marefriend magpiepony posted a video letting Lost's followers what was happening, also asking for any help the fandom could spare, well Lost just posted this vid talking about how much support she received. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=At8r13ZIgpc Long story short, the community raised well ov
  13. So there is something from the opening I have yet to see addressed, who here ships Spike Starlight?Potential ship names: SpikeLight StarDragon SpikeGlimmer
  14. Really liked this opening! That Dr. Who reference at the beginning "It looks smaller on the outside" It occurs to me that Sunburst is good at knowing magic, but not really at using magic, after all did he even cast any spell at the end? (and no absorbing the love into the crystal doesn't count) That would be an interesting idea, having the ability to know any spell for a given situation, but can't use them. Lets not over look that Twilight's parents have talked now for the first time!! How ever in the credits they are simply called "Mr./Mrs. Sparkle" And finally that shadow flying ov
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