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  1. My one day off turned into an 11 day week. ;(

    1. Tao


      Hang in there!

  2. I am fine with the switch as well.
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    @Raven Rawne Peony was locked inside the hotel room with a single guard sitting by the door. It was the penthouse room so it was very roomy and had everything they needed. The others had gone out to buy the train tickets to Canterlot. The train was expected the next day. Peony was pacing back and forth. Worried about Natural, and concerned on what waited for her on her return home. She did kind of left without a word after all. She might even be forced to wed Richly for the trouble she caused. A load knock on the door and a stallion yelling for them to open up came from outside. The police were here. The lone guard looked at Peony then to the door. A second knock from the police got him to spring up to open the door. "Sir, we have reports that a pony is being held here after being pony-napped. We need to come in and look around." The guard was utterly speechless. Peony smiled, Natural. Peony went running to the door and getting her alligator tears flowing. "Oh my stars. *sniff* I was so frightened." Peony ran up and hugged the nearest police-pony. "These hooligans... *sniff* took me away from my friend. They knocked me out and drug me here." Her little act really got the police in gear. The one stallion that was trying to find the right words were hauled away to the station. A mare police-pony tried to comfort the weeping Peony escorted her out of the hotel. A few questions latter, Peony was allowed to leave. Her first stop was the docks. She was known there and they allowed her to get two boat tickets to Griffonstone on credit. To be paid before boarding that night. Her last stop was the camp grounds the police told her her friend was staying at. Her first reaction seeing Natural was to run up and hug her. "Thank you love. You saved me. Now before the truth is actually found out. And Richly comes for me again, I have tickets to Griffonstone. We best board and get away from here."
  4. Private

    @Raven Rawne @Dark Horse Case #1, Part 2 The Culprit and the Cure Peony Spring was driven to a mansion in the richer part of the Upper Section of Canterlot, where the carriage finally stopped. It was much bigger and more fancy then her own residence. "Dearies, Might you head back to the gate and wait for the two that were accompany'n me? Have them come back to my place when they are done, thanks loves." She asked the ponies pulling the carriage and they obeyed her orders. After getting payed of course. She turned back to look at the larger mansion and simply sighed and walked to the front doors. The front yard was also much larger than her own, at took time to cross it. Apparently she was expected, some servants were waiting for her and had opened the door on her arrival of the front steps leading up to them. "I am answer'n a summons of Richly Fabulous. Might you inform him of my arrival please?" One servant nodded and turned to go track him down in one of the many rooms. The other led Peony inside to a waiting room. There she waited and had tea delivered to her. She thought to herself that he did have many books on myths in there. Richly Fabulous was busy and the servant informed Peony that he would be with her when he had finished his business. Apparently he had not expected her to come so soon after the letter. Guess she had time to read some. Saffron and Crystal seemed to have had better luck. As they left the restaurant where they had a drink, they headed back to the gate. There they saw their carriage waiting for them, as well as a pony Saffron recognized. A light brown coat and bright orange hair. He was walking out of the Upper Section carrying a large purse of bits. The two quickly caught him. Several minutes latter the stallion finally broke down and told the two what he had done. He was hired to steal the blue rose by some wealthy stallion from the rich part of the city. A red stallion that spoke like he was in a play. Apparently he had no clue as to the nature or power of the blue rose. The two quickly had the drivers take them to Richly Fabulous' mansion. When Peony was finally called, She was told to meet Richly in the gardens out back. A servant had led the way. What she saw took her breath away. She had been there before, to hear him ask for her hoof in marriage. This time however, the garden was larger and more exquisite than the last time. He had put a lot more bits into the garden. Expanded it, and added thousands of more flowers to the layout. She almost felt like she would accept him now just to have such a garden, but she got that out of her mind when she saw him at a table waiting for her to arrive. "Ah my sweet flower, My heart flutters away at the sight of you. I am so overjoyed that you responded to my letter and came post haste." He got up from the table and walked over to her. Picking up her front hoof to give it a kiss on it. "Love, you said in your missive that you know who the ruffian that destroyed my garden is?" She asked him as she freed her hoof from his kiss. "Yes my sweet rose. For the villain of the gardens attempted the same with my very own here as well. My guards sighted him climbing over the outer wall attempting to get in here as well. Arrested he was and questioned. Seemed he was vandalizing other gardens as well." He waved the servant that was waiting close by to bring them refreshments, which she did. "Will you join me for a cup of tea and sweats my dear? After I can show you around my garden." At first, Peony just wanted to get the name, where he was taken to, and then leave. She needed to find out where her blue rose was. However, looking around at some of the rare flowers broke her. "Very well dear. I will grace you with my company for a time. After you show me your garden, I must take my leave." Within a few minutes, Saffron and Crystal was delivered in front of the mansion that was owned by Richly Fabulous. They quickly trotted across the front courtyard up to the steps to the door. A servant greeted them and told them that the two was around the back in the garden. Were the two quickly ran to hoping it was not to late. When they got back there, they noticed Richly gave Peony a red rose to smell. Only she seemed to have feinted after smelling it. She dropped it and the two noticed that it was dusted with red powder to color it. It was the blue rose. "Quickly you two, You must cover her eyes. If she opens them, the pollen will take effect and it will be too late. She will fall in love with the first pony she sees." The two of them heard, but not exactly hearing with their ears. The flower seemed to have spoken to them directly inside their minds.
  5. Why is my work draining me so much?

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    2. Nightmare Season

      Nightmare Season

      Maybe just been slightly sick and stressed???

    3. Raven Rawne

      Raven Rawne

      That could be a factor. I always feel more drained when there are problems at work.

    4. Tao


      Its also highly hot and that can drain you!  Just hang in there!

  6. Soooo tired from evil work week........

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      Yes work is evil of the numbers untold.

  7. Summer hours are so random for me. Can't wait till school starts up again and my work will have the same scheduled past that point.

    1. Raven Rawne

      Raven Rawne

      Heh, and I thought no one wanted to go back to school. But yeah, I get what you mean.  Hectic timetable can be worse than a stuffed one.

    2. Nightmare Season

      Nightmare Season

      13 hour work day tomorrow for me.

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  8. Private

    @Raven Rawne The flower was happy to hear that she intended to follow its friend to Baltimare and try to save her. "Thank you!" Was all it said. Once Natural got back to her wagon, she placed the pot inside and started to strap the wagon to her. Natural told it it was better it stayed inside. "I can hear you, and I agree with you." It remained silent for the rest of the trip. Peony woke up several hours latter feeling the rocking of the coach under her. She woke with a start to a familiar red stallion sitting across from her. "Oh my stars! Where am I, and what prey tell might you be doing her Richly Fabulous?" Peony looked around and out the window. The jungle was starting to give way to the swamp. "Oh my dear sweet flower. I have of course came to rescue you from the one that intended to steal you away. She planned to ransom you back to your parents for your wealth. I simply prevented that." Was his response as he ran his hoof through his well kept mane. "Dear, you have it all wrong love. I payed her to bring me here. I am searching for something. Not if you'll excuse me, I really must get back to her." Peony tried to open the side door to hope out, only to discover it was locked from the outside. "Oh sweet thing. I fear I can not allow such a bores thing. I need to make sure you arrive safely back home. Then maybe you will allow me to court you." Peony looked back at him, she thought that she might be a damsel in distress now. Few days passed with the two parties traversing the swamp. One the swamp ended, a plan opened up with Baltimare a half day away. Peony tried several times to get away, but his hired ponies prevented that. All she could do was wait for their inn at Baltimare. Richly did his every best to try and calm her down and to woo her, though she kept refusing to go out with him. When they arrived, Peony was escorted to a hotel where she was kept under eye as they waited for the train to take them to Canterlot. It was still a few days off. Natural Arrived a few hours behind them. Finding where they were was not to difficult. That gaudy wagon was easy to see in the big city. That and the Flower told her where it felt her at.
  9. @Raven Rawne I figure one stays and one goes with Peony. Plot twist coming up. As well as part 2 of the case.
  10. @Raven Rawne You might notice a certain stallion from our other RP...... Sadly could not avoid the spoiler.
  11. Private

    @Raven Rawne Before the flower had a chance to respond, Natural heard a commotion in the forest getting nearer. After a few minutes of waiting, she noticed an entourage of ponies cutting their way into the brush, making a path for a carriage to pass through. The ponies inside the natural shelter came outside to investigate the sounds. A stallion stepped out of the pulled carriage and had a red coat and yellow mane and tail. Dressed out in a luxurious tuxedo. "Ah Richly Fabulous. Glad to see you made it. She is inside still asleep." "Very good. Here is your payment for retrieving her. I trust she is not harmed in any way?" "No sir. We flew her here after taking her by surprise. No struggle or anything." The new comer had a servant give the four a large sum of bits before two others went in to retrive the sleeping prize they came to get. "I think we should just follow them for now. Find out where they head to" Flower told Natural. As the two brought the sleeping Peony out, Richly ran a hoof through her mane." "Oh my flower. The time apart from you was unbearable. My heart melted without your radiance to shine upon me. Place her in the carriage, and mind you don't hurt her. We will head to Baltimare where we will catch the train back to Canterlot." With that she was placed inside and the stallion joined her. The carriage was turned around and headed back though the path that was cleared before.
  12. Private

    @Raven Rawne @Dark Horse Peony watched as the mare wrapped the blanket around her fore-hoof, not really sure why she was doing it until she started for the waitress. "Oh my stars love!" She said as she was getting ready to try and stop her. Thankfully, Saffron had stepped in first to stop the intended assault. "We may, if I may say so, might want to search for the cure instead. Don't want to see any violence. Though I think it best if we find the thief first. If he works for a pony in upper Canterlot, then the gate guards would see him." After Saffron got the blanket off Crystal's hoof, they all left the love sick mare alone. The carriage was still waiting for the three and they climbed inside. Once all were in, the driver took off back to Upper Canterlot. This time Peony looked very sad and concerned. The blue rose had been used. By accident or intent she did not know. All she knew now was that they needed to find the culprit before real harm can be done. The ride stopped at the gate. There the three climbed out. This time the ponies around did not seem to nosy about the fancy carriage that stopped. The three split up to start questioning the guards. As they were doing so, a postal pony delivered a letter to Peony. She went to the other two after reading it. "Dearies. Seems I am summoned to Richly Fabulous' mansion, says he might have information on who destroyed my garden last night." She told them in a tone not to thrilled about the invite. "Will you two be alright with my absent? I will have a carriage sent here to pick the two of you up to return to my place. Can you also look after my flower loves? Don't want it inside his mansion."
  13. @Raven Rawne Sorry, work scedual has been really messed up the past two weeks. Need to get use to it, but I am still in the RP.
  14. Private

    @Raven Rawne The Griffon flew over the tree tops till it spotted the area where he would meet the others. He gently lowered the sleeping mare in his claws to the ground. There were two stallions waiting there with a stretcher for their captive. One Peony was on it, the two stallions took her inside of some strange adobe. "Good thing we discovered this shelter. Great place to wait for the other." One of them said to the other. "She is very pretty. Those few flowers in her mane. Looked like she was in the middle of brushing it." The other stallion said as he lowered the stretcher down in one of the corners. "Think we should tie her up?" The blue stallion asked his companion. "Na, He said she was not a fighter. If she dose try anything, we can tie her up then. But remember, he said not a single scratch or bruise on her." The griffon came in shortly after that and found a corner to lay in. About an hour latter, the grey stallion came in. Tired and short of breath for running away. The flower led Natural through the jungle. It knew exactly where Peony was. The flowers in her mane was calling out to it. It did yell several times at the poor mare that was carrying it on her back. He told her several times which way to head and to hurry up. Once Natural got close to the structure where its friend was, she stopped and set it down. "Yes yes, The flowers she managed to tie in her hair can let me know what is in there. Hmm......Seems three stallions and one griffon. Though they seem to be talking about their employer. He was the one that hired them to pony-nap Peony."
  15. @Raven Rawne Are you in a creative slump like I was, or did you miss my reply?