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  1. @Catpone Cerberus Morning came and the light of dawn creeped into the cavern through small cracks in the ceiling. A beam of light struck Nightmare in his eye waking him. He was happy to wake. The dream he was in had taken him back in time when he was with his family. He did not like remembering those times, but it was his past and what made him who he was today. He stretched his legs to the side and twisted his neck. One of these days he would try a bed not made of Stone. However, a bed that could catch fire was not a good idea. If he had a bad dream, it could erupt in flames. With his last stretch he got out of bed and headed to the central chamber. Once there he looked up at the strange tree that grew there. He looked at the last ripples that flowed from the leaves to the roots under the ground. Normally he would dig a root out to eat, but he was full from last nights feast. He then turned his head to the corridor that lead to the outside.
  2. @Catpone Cerberus Nightmare stood back and watched where he was at the destruction of the cave. He kind of understood the little dragon better. Though she did not really speak to much, he picked up a tiny bit of her language. After seeing the dream alter to his little clearing, he decided that it was enough for the night. With what she had gone through, he did not want to expose her to a warped nightmare. It could really affect her mind in this state. So with just a light snack of dreams, he turned away and vanished into a drifting smoke. He returned to the spot in the entrance to his cave where he had disappeared before. Now the crisp air of the forest night wafted his fire mane and tail. It seemed like only an hour had past since his dream escapades. Another thing he hated about that. Dreams could seem like hours or days, but could be only a few minutes. He looked out through the vines that hung down that made almost like a door and watched the little dragon for a spell. He then turned back and went to his bedroom and laid down. Time for his own nightmare of the past to begin.
  3. @Catpone Cerberus Nightmare almost stepped out of the illusions of the mist to aid the small dragon. Though he knew that no true harm could ever come to her, except maybe some mental strain at most. However, he hated seeing others in need of help. But as he lifted up his hoof to step forth, the dragon seemed to have figured it was a dream. So he stayed his position once more. “Kudos young one.” He said. He did not fear being heard. He knew any sound he made would be shifted into the mist to match what the dreamer was thinking. Only once he stepped out would he be fully seen and heard. He was impressed with her. Not many could figure out a dream from reality, so she had some potential. He listened to what she was saying, carefully consuming the parts dealing with her words. It was to soon to have her dream state corrupted by his feeding. When the world shifted and she started walking. He just stood still and looked on. A trick with dreams he was taught was that the world moved and not the dreamer. Though ponies, and creatures always felt like walking, swimming, or flying. The body is not actually there to have forward momentum. However what really happens is the shifting mists makes it seemed that way. He looked on as she came to a cave, and then dashed in fear inside. Guess she once again forgot she was in a dream, but that was natural.
  4. @Catpone Cerberus Nightmare Season entered a dream to a very familiar cliff. There under a rock was the blue dragon. This seems to be a review of the day’s events. She was saying a few words, or he hopped it was words, so he started to “eat” that section. Though it’s not the same thing as actual eating in the regular world’s understanding of the term. Instead of using his mouth and such, he simply absorbed the energy into himself. And greasy dreams after so long tasted good. When the other dragon showed, and he witnessed the violence after a little while, he stopped feeding. A nightmare already? Even though he was being very cautious as to how much he consumed to try and prevent her dream from warping. She was already having a terrible dream even with out his side effects. He decided to lay low, in the mists that lay on the edge of the dream to watch. He would only eat tiny bits if there are enough words being spoken. He did not wish to eat more than that. Feeding on nightmares will make them far worse. And if things got dangerous he could be in danger. Also, this was a good chance to see who this dragon truly is.
  5. @Catpone Cerberus Nightmare stayed awake till the familiar feeling of his food was present. There was a dreaming creature near by. He knew it almost immediately. He had been feeding on his roots for so long that the craving in him tried to take over. But he forced himself to remain strong. He stood up, and with his early years knew how to move without a sound. Without a trace. As he got close to the entrance he seemed to vanish. Just a mist, smoke that can't be seen. can pass through walls and had no scent. His destination was the dream realm. The mind of a dragon who slept and dreamed outside. He could figure out some of her words by eating from her dreams. Sadly it will not make him a master with just one meal, nor will it erase any of her memories. His kind knew how to blend in, how to hide in the dream as they fed. Even if the subject looked for them they could not see them unless they wanted to be seen. Though the dream realm is a mysterious place. Reality has no bearing on them. The sleeper is only there in mind, but he will be their in body. He could feel pain, get hurt or even die if he takes a misstep. But years and generations of feeding this way, pretty much bread into them how to remain hidden and protected. The one thing he hated most of all though, as his kind feed on dreams, they become warped and corrupted to become nightmares. Hint why they are called nightmares. Nightmare Season figures if he only focused on only feeding during times when she is speaking, he could try and feed only on that and get a rough idea of what her language is about. It would at least give him a jump start on learning more. Though sadly being a dream, nothing is guaranteed. Even if she makes up new words it could hurt his understanding once he leaves her dream.
  6. @Catpone Cerberus Nightmare laid down in a mossy patch underneath his strange tree. His horn lit up, and from his old ragged saddlebags, he pulled out what looked like odd playing cards. He shuffled them then closed his eyes. The magic shot a few cards out of the deck that floated down in different position before him. When the last card settled, he opened his eyes and looked at them. He would read the fortunes to see what laid before him. He also wondered, would the dragon outside come in? Would she stay outside? Or would she take off now that her wing and leg was bandaged and her belly fed. He would just have to wait till he could sense the sweet aroma of a dream or not at all.
  7. @Catpone Cerberus Nightmare led the dragon back to the clearing in the woods. He help the brambles up till she could pass inside before placing them back. He then took the fish inside of his cave. one in the central chamber, he went into the left tunnel. This time he was in a section that he had modified into a kitchen area. Off in a corner he gently set the crate down. Then the smoke he manifested dissipated. He gave a yawn, it was starting to get late. Hopefully his guest can sleep tonight. He had a mean to learn her language, but she needs to be asleep for that to work.
  8. @Catpone Cerberus He simply nodded to her after she looked at the fish. He figured that this would make it a bit easier next time she was hungry. He then stood up and tried to lift the crate with his horn. It was far to heavy. Levitation was a unicorn spell, and he was not a unicorn. Instead, he cast a different spell. This time a thick black smoke poured out of his horn and swirled around the bottom of the water filled box. After a short time of this, it lifted up off the ground and started floating. He motioned for her to follow. He started to head back to his cave. This time, a cloud carrying the crate was following.
  9. @Catpone Cerberus okay, sorry about that. I thought to squeeze that in a timespan that made since.
  10. @Catpone Cerberus He watched her stand perfectly still for some time. He was curious to see a predator hunt for a meal. He being a pony, it only consisted of vegetables. Those don't run away. Being a nightmare pony however, he really shouldn't be eating vegetables but something else. However, he discovered a mean to supplement that food requirement. The outcome means he had to also eat regular food now. Seeing as how long it took the dragon a long time just to simply catch one fish, he thought up a good idea. When she was preoccupied with her fish, He snuck off back to his cave. There he collected a large wooden crate that had been there before he found the location. Using mud he filled in all the gaps and holes. Using his fire he baked it to give it a watertight seal as he made his way back to the pond. Sure enough, with his years of practice, he was able to leave and return with no sound what so ever so the dragon did not seem to have noticed his absent. He filled up the crate with water. Then using his magic, he caught several fish all at once and placed them in the crate. This should help his unexpected guess out latter. He went back to watch the dragon finish her meals. When she had finished and seemed satisfied, he nodded his head in the direction of the box full of live fish.
  11. @Catpone Cerberus Nightmare Season led the blue dragon through the forest along the stream. Eventually it lead to a small pond surrounded by thick woods. The surface of the water was still and calm. Crystal clear water allowed one to view the bottom. After they stopped and looked into the water, they both could see fish swimming around. Nightmare found a rock close by and decided to lay down. He was curious to see this young dragon catch her food. At the same time he dug out a strange looking root from his bags and started to chew on it. The reaction of his face could show anypony that it tasted really bad.
  12. @Catpone Cerberus Nightmare watched as she took the stick then drew using her claw. He rolled his eyes a bit at his own failed insight that of course she could use a claw. After she was done he looked at them. He thought “Well this is going to be interesting.” He had never come across anything that he could actually speak to and they ate other creatures. All the others were just simple minded predators. It would be a first anyway. But as he thought back, the deer that ran past him must have been running away from her. He knew of a small pound downstream that had some fish in it. The ones found where they were currently were all small minnows. He pointed to the fish then pointed downstream. He then proceeded to walk that way and lifted of the brambles that acted as his wall around his clearing. Waiting to see if she would come or not.
  13. @Catpone Cerberus He stood their in the entrance looking at her. With her grabbing her stomach he started to think, “Is she hungry, also what do dragons eat?” He backed up out of the vines and looked around. He walked over to his garden and looked at what he had growing. Will she eat any of these he wondered. But with her reaction, it did not seem like she eats anything here. He came up with an idea, maybe it will work. He used a stick and started to draw in the dirt. He drew vegetables and then he started to draw something else, but he stopped himself. First off how do you draw that which he eats, and second, best not let the dragon know about THAT part of his diet. He pointed to the images then to his mouth and started pretending he was eating, then he passed the stick to her. Maybe she could draw what dragons eat?
  14. @Catpone Cerberus Nightmare stood back and watched the dragon test the splint on her wing. Though she did not say anything, she looked at him. "What is she thinking?" He thought to himself. "You should be fine in a few weeks." He told her, "But try and not use your wing." He knew after the reaction she gave him that she did not understand what he was trying to say. "Where did she come from?" He thought to himself again. He decided what to do next. He did not like the thought of doing it, but it would at least help them communicate somewhat. But he would have to wait till she was asleep. He turned away and went back inside the cave, this time he motioned for her to come along with him. He just had to wait and see if she would or not.
  15. @Catpone Cerberus Sorry for my delayed responses recently. Been having trouble collecting rent from my roommates. Been stressing me out some.