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    @Raven Rawne Peony listened to the extensive list the mare gave to her about the dangers ahead. She was not looking forward to any of that at all. However, if the reward was the flower, then she would overcome it hopefully. Peony just laid there for some time thinking. She also thought on rather telling her guide what else the flower was known to do besides heal any ailments and injuries. She decided it probably would be best not to say. Best way to keep a secret after all was to also keep it from your friends. By the time Peony realized, the clock struck midnight. There was so much on her mind that she could not fall asleep. Looking over at Natural Order, she saw she was out cold. Peony then turned to her side and tried to get some sleep. The next morning Peony woke up to her company waking her up, telling her she slept in long enough. "Oh sorry dear, I had a rough time settling in for a proper rest." She finished that off with a yawn. Looking around, Natural had already moved their things to the wagon and was all set to hit the road. Peony got up and washed up. Though Natural thought it was not needed how long it took Peony to freshen up and do her hair up in the various flowers. Odd how they still looked and even smelled like freshly picked. She then put on her new outfit with some hesitation to the lack of any style or fashion. As Peony made her way outside, the wagon was already packed and ready to go. "Well, I guess this marks my official first expedition away from home. Bet my parents are raising hell right about now." She gave a sweat smile to her guide.
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    @Raven Rawne, @Dark Horse Peony was finally relived that they had some bit of news. A strange pony in a restaurant. Saffron had a good point and she asked the pony what restaurant. She got her answer, it was the Hay Filler dinner over by the theater. Though Saffron seemed more worried about that bit of news. Could he know the culprit? Crystal Clear once again asked for that letter to her employers. "Oh sorry dear, I was work'n on it while we talked to the servants." Peony levitated over the paper she was using to write on. The two thought she was taking down notes. Guess she too thought the questioning was dull and wrote up the letter while asking questions. The letter contained an explanation on why Crystal Clear did not show up today, and how Crystal was helping out Peony Spring. To finalize it, Peony had pulled out wax and a seal and stamped it. "I pray that will suffice love?" Peony went to one of the chefs and asked to have some food brought around for her and her guests. That was something the servants agreed to do, and they all scattered to do their jobs. "So what do you two think of the clue we have discovered?" Peony asked them when they became alone again. She then went over to the window and peered out at the landscapers working in her garden. "It feels positively strange seeing other ponies working with my flowers. Normally it would just be myself."
  3. Private

    @Raven Rawne Dodge City was very different than what Peony was use to seeing. Hardly any decorative pieces, and a whole lot of sand. The ponies were all wearing similar outfits that were plan. Peony mostly just followed Natural around as she led her to the different stores. Listening and watching her, Peony tried to take in as much as she could. Her first adventure away from the comforts of home. She did not want to look to bad. After Peony was given a proper lecture on the proper attire for going off into the unknown, she eventually picked a better pair of "duds". Though she did not like the fashion of them. The store pony even offered her to buy her old dress for three times what she would pay for her new outfit. Peony however refused and simply paid for the outfit. She stored the fancy dress away in the wagon. The inn took her even more by surprise. The food was hardly flavored, the plate arrangement was not there at all. And the large room they rented for the night was even more outlandish. Peony mostly remained quiet. Seeing as how her guide was perfectly fine with their accommodation. When the two mare were getting ready to turn in for the night, Peony finally spoke up for a question. "All of this is just so strange to me love. Though I will trust that you know best. What might be our next plans from the morn'n?" She listened as Natural gave her a heads up on what to expect from this point onward. Some of it gave her a shiver, but she will just grin and bear it best she could. She had her heart and mind set on finding the Eternal Bloom.
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    @Raven Rawne, Peony looked around at the scorched land. She did not like it one bit. "I do not like this place one bit. The land is to dry. Also there is no good soil around. I feel bad for any flowers that tries to grow out here." After the train had filled up on the water, the whistle blew to announce they would be leaving soon, and for all ponies to return. The rest of the trip was uneventful. Just sand and a few cactus out the window so Peony did not care for the view. upon arriving in Dodge city, the two mares got off and unloaded the wagon that would be their home for the next few days. Natural's fist thought was for them to head into town for the rest of their shopping. She also wanted to make sure her employer was properly dressed and not wearing such a silly dress that tried to make adventure look like a fashion. Peony agreed and listened to her about her attire. She did know best Peony thought, so she just followed her to the city stores.
  5. OOC Thread @@Raven Rawne, Within the walls of the royal library at Canterlot. A young mare was looking through old scrolls and books. She was slightly smaller than the average mare her age. Her coat was a tannish-pink and her mane and tail was done up in the current fashion of the rich. Flowers decorated her pink mane while her fancy dress covered the rest of her body. She had a single potted flower next to her. Other than that, she was alone. Peony Spring had heard a rumor lately about an extremely rare and magical flower. One that the petals could cure any ailments. She had requested permission to look for it in the oldest section of the library that was usually closed off to the rest of the citizens. Months had went by for her reply to enter. She had finally gotten the permission she asked for and now was pouring through all the tomes about mythical flowers. After the twentieth dusty book, she discovered a clue to the origin of the fairy tail about the flower. It seemed that the rumors were mostly true. Though she discovered another secret about this flower. One she knew she had to keep secret. The name of the flower she learned was called, the eternal bloom. The story of the flower was passed down from pony to pony who calls themselves, The Order of the Flower. Keepers of the only known source where they grow. Looking through the maps, Peony discovered the area the book spoke of. With a grin, she knew she could discover it. Bring seeds back and breed them. Her flowers could become useful to ailing ponies, and those needing medicine. She decided that it was something she had to do. With her penmanship, she wrote an advertisement. Looking for a pony that could escort her to the edge of Equestria. To the last know location of the temple of the flower. She left out most of the detail. Just mentioned a large sum of bits to help escort her to retrieve a flower for medical study. The most important part of the story, she decided to keep a secret. Trouble could be found if it was known. She hung a few copies of the ad in a few locations around Canterlot that sees many adventurers hang out. Hopefully one would answer it and come to her parents mansion in the rich part of the city. She packed a lacy saddle bag with things she figured she would need for a trip to the temple. She had to keep it a secret from her folks as well. They would never allow her to leave on a trip. Especially not for a simple flower. She waited a few days for one who could take her there.
  6. OOC thread for RP between Nightmare Season and Raven Rawne IC Thread @@Raven Rawne, So what kind of adventure will you like to see these two mares get themselves into?
  7. Link to the OOC thread @@Dark Horse, @@Raven Rawne, Case #1, Part 1 The Blue Rose It was a fresh morning within Canterlot. The upper class ponies were all waking up to their servants bringing them their breakfast and newspapers. Several had started to head off to their businesses. The streets were still some what quiet. A young mare in one of these rich adobes had been woken up to another mare opening wide the curtains. "Wake up now. Your parents will be leaving soon to open up their shop. They expect you to be up and dressed by the time they leave." The servant said as she walked out of the well furnished bedroom. Peony Spring opened her eyes and looked out the window. "Wish I could have had just five more minutes sugar." She rolled over and looked at the strange flower that sat in a pot next to her bed on the vanity table. "And a good morning to you flower." She stretched and sat up. Once she got out of bed, her mane and tail flowed down to the floor and trailed behind her. First things first, get the hair in a proper state. As she finished up her mane and tail, she levitated some flowers she had turned into hair ties and placed in her hair. Next was her dress. She pulled over her a fancy dress in a rich red and lots of frills. "There we go dear, all nice and proper." She said to herself in the mirror. As she went down to the hall, her parents were just about ready to leave. "Good mor'n mother. Good mor'n father." She said as she reached the last landing. Her parents turned to her and smiled. They both replied a good morning to her as well. Her mother then spoke up, "Dear Poeny, please be mindful, if you go play in that ther flowerbed of yours today, make sure to be a dear and make sure to be presentable for this even'n. We are bringing home a young stallion to introduce you to." "I will indeed mother." She replied, though she did not enjoy that bit of news one bit. They were rich sure, but they were not a part of the really wealthy, and they wished their only daughter marry into a richer family. As soon as her parents left, Peony went to the kitchen where she snagged a muffin from one of the servants preparing for lunch latter in the day. "Your muffins are as wonderful as always love." She told the cook. "You best not ruin your apatite again young miss." The servant told her. With muffin in a magical hold, Peony went to her prized flower garden. Some of the rarest flowers ever seen in Canterlot made their home there. As Peony went around the corner where she expected to see the wonderful colors she had bred and grown, she instead came across a disaster zone. Some pony in the night had wrecked havoc to it. "Oh my stars! What devil has done such a dastardly thing?" Her eyes darted around in utter shock at the destruction until her eyes fell upon a hole in the soil. Knowing what was there Peony let out a frantic scream. Her hoof went up to her forehead and she feinted where she stood.
  8. Nightmare Season