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    What I do when I get home from work after these past two weeks.

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    Maybe preping for the new restaurant as well as my normal one is a bit to hard.

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      Wow. Sometimes I feel like my one job takes so much time that I have barely any time left in the day but two jobs? That's just hardcore. 

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    @Dark Horse @Raven Rawne Peony was spooked at every little noise she heard walking through a street she had no clue about. Several whistles and calls got her even more on edge. She simple kept close to Saffron as she could. Once they entered the tavern inn, her nose was the most assaulted. The smells and aromas she never once smelled in upper Canterlot. "I pray we might find a guide here dear. I am so nervous hearing all this commotion without any sight." Saffron sat her down at a cleanish table before he left her to start asking around. After a few moments, a few of the patrons started to take more of an interest in the blindfolded mare in rich attire. A few stallions made their way over to sit down or stand next to the helpless mare. "Hey purty. Might I offer you a drink?" One of the stallions spoke up. "Oh umm, Pardon me gents. My companion and myself, we seek the aid of a guide to the Everfree forest." The group was quickly understood to not be there to offer assistance to her. By the time Saffron noticed the group with the mare, They were getting pushy to get her to go with them. As he tried to twist and weave his way to her, a mare actually stepped in to silence the trouble makers.
  5. Private

    @Raven Rawne Peony was happy about the string to tie her hair and mane up with. The wind once again blew her flowers out that was used to hold her hair up off the ground. As Natural was showing her the new route, Peony was tying her mane and tail up. Though her style was the worst That Natural has seen this whole trip. After Natural stored the map they headed for the train station. The trip this time was far easier. The farther they got away from the gorge, the less wind that was pounding them. The wind all but died by the time they entered the rocky terrain. There was a path it seemed placed there a long time ago. So pulling the wagon was not to difficult for the nature loving pony. Peony simply followed behind the wagon not really talking. When the train tracks at the foot of the mountain came into view, the sun was getting low and night fast approaching. Natural found a nice area among an outcropping of rocks to pull into. The dinner was what was left among the left over provisions. Though Peony seemed to be getting use to adequate meals. Natural spent some time before the sun fully set to gather logs for future fires and try and find some food. Peony decided to turn in early. During the middle of the night Peony woke up from yet another nightmare about the pony pursuing them. Peony looked over to her companion and saw she was still asleep. Peony quietly left the wagon to regain her composer. For several hours she just looked out across the mountains and down at the train station. Sleep would not find her again this night. Sometime before the first hint of light, Peony saw the train pull into the station. "My stars. At least one thing is look'n up for us. NATURAL! HEY Natural. Wake up, come look at this love. The train." The mare came out of the wagon rubbing her eyes. "Think we might make it down in time to get a ride?" The two mares, as fast as they could, packed up the wagon and started down the path. Half way down, Peony froze in front of Natural causing her to stop. Her coat went almost white. As Natural looked around her, she saw just what made her freeze. Richly Fabulous. He had just gotten off the train and his wagon from the jungle was unloaded. He and his goons were headed for Griffonstone. Natural had to push Peony into some bushes so as to not be seen. When the wagon was finally out of sight, did Natural return to the road. Peony came out shaking like a leaf in autumn winds. The two mares did manage to get to the train before it departed. As Natural was overseeing the loading of her wagon, Peony was at the counter purchasing their tickets. Two for Grittish Isles. Though she had bought the tickets to the Crystal Empire with a stop in the isles. Hoping it would throw him off once he found out she boarded this train. The first class coach was a welcome sight for both mares. They had the whole section at the back of the train to themselves. With real beds. It would take a couple of days to get to the isles.
  6. Welp! Got my thirty first year out of the way. Lets hope thirty two is better.

  7. Happy birthday dude. I Sure hope you had a great day today.


    Also, I just noticed you replied to our RP so, I'll whip a reply tomorrow.

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      Nightmare Season

      Okay and thank you.

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    @Raven Rawne The flower spoke up at Natural's frustration of Peony falling asleep. "I do apologize, I was asleep. As for Miss Peony. She will wake with the dawn. Sadly till then nothing we do may wake her." After Natural lugged Peony to her bed. The flower thanked her before she disappeared with her pipe. As Natural was finishing up her pipe weed,she could hear a commotion inside the wagon. After getting the door open, she saw Peony was once again in a deep nightmare being chased by Richly. Try as she might, Peony did not wake up. "Sorry Peony. There is no way we can help you to wake up. You must dream that till dawn." In fact, Peony tossed and turned all night making poor Natural sleep out under the stars that night. The next morning as soon as Natural started to wake, she heard the door opened and looked at Peony coming out. And by the looks of her, She had gotten in a fight with a predator and almost lost. "Morning dear........I don't think I will be sleep'n any time soon I fear. I look simply dreadful and awful." Her first stop was the stream to try and untangle her mane and tail. Even having Natural hear a grumbling stomach which alerted her companion to fix up food. Peony did after all Skip several meals yesterday from the sleep spell. After the two ate up, Peony went and collected her gardening supplies to dig up a flower. Using her magic made the job relatively easy. And a shield spell on the flower made sure the pollen would not get to either pony again. Peony was very quiet during this time, like she was either embarrassed she had fallen asleep like that, or because she had to suffer through a nightmare that long. The trip out of the valley was far easier than coming in. The wind was now pushing the wagon along so Natural had less struggles pulling it. Getting it up the small trail to the top was a bit harder. Peony even gave a hoof to help push it up. Once to the top, Natural pulled out her map and found there was a shorter route to the train station just North of Griffenstone they could traverse without going through the mountain pass again.
  10. @Raven Rawne I am about the same way. I think after this flower we can head to the train station and head to Grittish Isles for the next flower. On the way there Richly Fabulous just misses us heading to the valley. As for obstacles, just throw them in whenever. I feel that Richly is better suited to latter find out about the Eternal Bloom and how it can give eternal life and then will try and get it before Peony to use and to use it as a means to get Peony to marry him. The organization that protects the flower can be somepony else.
  11. Private

    @Raven Rawne Peony woke up the next morning and looked around. Natural had already seemed to be up and about. To Peony, she felt like she did not sleep at all last night. Vivid dreams kept coming to her and kept her from a good rest. She laid in her bed for some time till Flower spoke to her. "Yes yes deary. I am alright, Just a frightful dream is all." Responding back to the flower, she finally raised up. Her mane was suffering a bad case of bed head. Before she left to look for Natural, she made sure to give her mane and tail a good brushing before stepping outside looking like -that-. As soon as she opened the door and stepped out, Natural had greeted her with pipe. "Morning love. And no, I fear that I had a rough sleep." As Natural started to get some food prepared, Peony went around the valley and magically picked a few of the local flowers. She needed to get her extremely long mane and tail under control. The walk was even worse than before. Peony kept Flower inside safe from the blowing winds and her mane and tail did not stay long in the fashion she did it in. The flowers she used to tie it up with was gone within the first hour. Now her mane and tail was blowing every direction freely. Thankfully the next hour found them nearing the location of the flowers. As soon as Peony saw the flowers, she ran past Natural straight the the flowers. "We did it love. We found the flowers." Peony called out as she ran right into the middle of the patch. Natural heard Flower scream out. "Stay out of them They are not safe." Though sadly it was too late. Peony with one sniff of them closed her eyes and collapsed in the middle of the flowers. She had fallen instantly to sleep. "Silly pony. Those flowers puts things to sleep with their pollen. Natural, Might you pull her out of there please? Remember not to smell them at all."
  12. Private

    @Raven Rawne Peony was all too happy to back away from the edge of the cliff at a crawl. Once she could no longer see the bottom did she finally stand back up. The wind was howling over the valley like a storm was approaching. Yet no clouds were on the horizon yet. Natural called a lunch break inside the wagon to allow the wind to die down, but it did not. Peony decided to leave Flower inside of the wagon with the wind blowing so hard. As the two started to follow what was left of some trail, Peony walked along side the wagon to avoid the wind. Sadly, no matter where she was, the wind seemed to find her and blow her mane and tail loose. Peony noticed after two hours of the strong wind, She had lost all but a couple of her hair tied flowers. She cried but stayed out of sight of her companion till she got hold of herself again. Another hour saw the last two gone and her extremely long mane and tail were blowing freely everywhere. Sometimes even in her line of sight and she bumped into the wagon's side a couple of times. When Natural finally came to a stop, she was looking at an overpass to the other side where the road cut into the cliff side going down into the valley. "Do you think it's safe love?" Peony asked before Natural went to test the strength. The two managed to secure the wagon and get over it. Then the two started to head down. Peony took the rear with a rope to the wagon to help hold it off of Natural. Though all she could see was the edge of the path and the long way down. The wind was still ripping her mane and tail every-which-way and was freaking Peony out even more of not being able to see the edge to well. By the time the two reach the bottom, Peony's nerves were all but shot. Natural saw the stream and announced a bath and camp. When Natural finally looked back, Peony was on the ground rolled up in a ball. At first, Natural thought she was some kind of fluffy creature because all she saw was fluff of mane and tail and not the pony it belong too. When Natural brushed hair out of Peony's Face, she could clearly see how shaken up she was by the tears in her eyes. After Peony settled down some. Natural escorted her to the stream for a well deserved bath. Her tail dragging along the ground needed it the most. Before Peony got in however, she went to her bag in the wagon and brought back a bottle of shampoo and conditioner. "I think you deserve a treatment of my fabulous flower shampoo love. Made it myself from my flower bed back home." Peony then joined Natural in the stream. The water was cool, clean and refreshing. Natural also enjoyed the fragrance of the flowers in the shampoo she was offered to use. Peony once again stayed in longer to really clean herself up. By the time Peony got out, Natural had the cooking going. Afterwards the two of them went to bed. Sometime in the middle of the night, Natural woke up with Peony tossing and turning next to her screaming. She immediately woke Peony up to find out what happened. Peony jumped awake screaming..."STAY AWAY RICHLY!" She then looked around and came to her senses. "Oh dear....I am truly sorry love. I was having a nightmare."
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