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  1. Scare Effect

    Private Home amongst the Stars

    @Raven Rawne (Ooc:sorry for not replying sooner) Magicka was about to have a panic attack from the sudden departure, but now she is almost hypnotized by the gorgeous veiw. She looked at Crystal and realized she asked a question. "No it doesn't look like home but this veiw is absolutely amazing," She answered as she looked out the window.
  2. Scare Effect

    Private Home amongst the Stars

    @Raven Rawne "Yes Crystal, I am sending it to you know." Magicka said as she sent the flight path data to the pilot. "As for final words, I shall quote the great llama king Koosko," She said before simply saying."Bring it on," She said seriously before laughing a little.
  3. Scare Effect

    Private Defenders of Equestria (RP)

    @Jedishy @Emperor Blu Traincrown @Pr0m4NV14 @Happy Yoshi (OOC:sorry I guess I should make what you guys do next more obvious) "Ok to start this Test all five of you will make your way to the entrance over there," Dawn said pointing to a staircase. "Now there are some rules you need to know, well two precisely one no attacking your fellow students, the second the last one through the gate gets extra homework for a month. now go get ready your test starts in ten minutes." and with that the three mentors disappeared into the arena. "well seems we could work together since it isn't a rule," Dawn told the group leaning back. "but if you want to try it solo thats your call," she added with a yawn.
  4. Scare Effect

    Ask Scare Effect and friends

    *sigh* I knew that question would come up eventually and I am obligated to answer so here goes. My Husbands name was Corn Seed(he was a farmer as you can tell) and our Daughters name is Sacred Seed.
  5. Scare Effect

    Private Home amongst the Stars

    @Raven Rawne Magicka quickly disengaged the power feed, and removed some leftover straps. After that she looked at the turret and saw it moving as if by itself but of course it is being controlled by Crystal. Magicka quickly scanned the area for anything that wasn't secured to the landing bay in doing so she found some tools which she put in the ship. Once inside double checked the sensors making sure they were secure. she then sealed the door to the cargo hold and entered the Cockpit. "Ok Crystal everything is clear out there," Magicka said grabbing her helmet and slipping it on the HUD giving her a layout of the ship and the integrity of the hull which was at 100%. "Is there anything else we need to do or check Crystal?"
  6. Scare Effect

    Ask Scare Effect and friends

    No, not really they are rather reclusive and shy so they very rarely do something to attract my attention. Well i like to play pranks on my friends especially Scare she is so easy to prank.
  7. Hey everyone I been thinking of doing this rp for a while and I thought that in the spirit of halloween now might be a good time to try and start it. summary: When the inhabitants of an Island off the coast of Manehatten vanish, wanting to figure out what happened Celestia forms a team to find out what happened. but when the team arrives they become targets of things that now roam the island. Ok so if it wasnt obvious it is an Island overrun by monsters(varying kinds). it has three goals(though they are extremely vague so they can be rather flexible) 1.Survive(easy enough right) 2.figure out what happened to the Inhabitants(optional it is not necessary unless you want it to be) 3. Leave the Island RP rules ok so the basic rules apply here as any other rp.(this rp despite its premise is not gonna be a gore fest at most pg13 gore even that is a stretch) other than the basics there are little rules of interaction between characters in rp but keep it realistic please. now onto the joining phase of this is rather simple. this is gonna be a massive survival rp so limit on number of Players is nonexistant at the moment. ok so the players joining at first will be a part of the team Celestia sends to the Island, everyone after that is a survivor. next regarding characters, they cannot have any special powers(i know there are a few out there) if your character does they are just ordinary in this rp ok. also don't be afraid to ask if you have a question or even a suggestion this is supposed to be fun so if there is a problem let me know ok. now I am gonna list the types of monsters here when they appear:
  8. Scare Effect

    OOC Defenders of Equestria (ooc)

    we can just skip to the test then.
  9. Scare Effect

    OOC Defenders of Equestria (ooc)

    well depends do you want to do. we can go straight to the first part of the test or we can do the safety thing?
  10. Scare Effect

    OOC Defenders of Equestria (ooc)

    @Happy Yoshi @Pr0m4NV14 @Jedishy @Emperor Blu Traincrown Ok so if your confused by my last post lemme explain ok, Rarity and pinkie (as well as the others) founded the School and act as mentors when they aren't busy with their duties. also if you dont like them being there let me know ok and I'll change it.
  11. Scare Effect

    Private Defenders of Equestria (RP)

    @Happy Yoshi @Emperor Blu Traincrown @Jedishy @Pr0m4NV14 "Ok to answer your questions in one sentence," The Teacher said sitting on her desk. "No this is to test your singular skills in combat so not teams today and your test will be explained at the arena." The sound of Glasstu breaking returned the students finding themselves in a large arena like stadium. "But since we're here I'll tell you," the teacher said smiling. "your first task is to get to the other side of the arena, while avoiding me and two defenders." "That doesn't sound too bad?" Dawn commented confidently. "Well it doesnt but you will be trying to avoid no ordinary Defenders," Moon said as two women appeared. one of them had a large happy grin on her face with wild pink hair she wore a pink tshirt and blue jeans. the other was a beautiful pale woman with long purple hair that seemed to be perfectly brushed she wore a dress made of somekind of white gemstones. "These two probably dont need any introductions, but I would like you to meet two of the six Knights of Harmony Pinkie Pie and Rarity." "Is it too late to change what I said?" Dawn said now not very confident.
  12. Scare Effect

    Private Home amongst the Stars

    @Raven Rawne Ok captain, The Unicorn replied as she left the ship heading toward the locker room. once inside she grabbed the jumpsuit and got suited up with a flash of magic. "I'm happy I taught myself how to do that otherwise I would be here too long." As the purple unicorn headed back to the ship she began to feel nervous it was gonna be her first flight ever, I hope I dont mess this up, She said to herself as she got back to the ship.
  13. Scare Effect

    OOC Defenders of Equestria (ooc)

    @Jedishy @Pr0m4NV14 @Happy Yoshi @Emperor Blu Traincrown Oh my gosh im sorry for tthe delayed reply my computer broke. if you guys still want to continue this rp i will respond asap, ok
  14. Scare Effect

    Ask Scare Effect and friends

    Well if you must know I hunt vampires, Werewolves, and basically anything that wants to kill and/or eat you. I do it cuz my husband and Daughter were killed by a vampire who I have been hunting down for a long time. Well first off there are four of us but I guess i didnt make that clear aw well. Well I am a female earth pony who is kinda odd. sigh my personality is kinda hard to put into words. Well I'm a female spirit who usually appears as a small yellow pegasus. I am known for my playful behavior and up beat attitude. Well I, the great destroyer of worlds, am currently a Female Earth pony and i hate every minute of it. as for personality I am often told im a bit full of myself and have a bad superiority complex but i dont know what their talking about, oh yes you do Metus, anyway I am sorry it took so long to reply but our computer broke. hopefully we can reply more often.
  15. Scare Effect

    Request Shop Scare Effect's OC request shop (closed for now)

    Hey everyone sorry I been going through somethings and been very busy. I will get these done as soon as I can.