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  1. Open The Island Of Doom

    @Drago Ryder, @Pr0m4NV14 Magicka looked at the dragon as she flew off. once out of sight she turned to Mike, "I think we should follow her just in case she gets in trouble," She suggested to Mike. *** The lizal let out a sad squeak as Gale flew off.
  2. Private Guardian(subject to change)(1x1 with SummerHaven)

    @SummerHaven Scare awoke from her dreams of the desert when she felt something wet hit her face. Jumping up she realized she was soaked her long white hair stuck to her head like a wet shirt. "Wow I am a heavy sleeper right Summer," She asked the unicorn who fell asleep under a tree which would explain why she wasn't as wet as Scare.
  3. I am sorry to all may roleplays For some reason I cannot reply to any of them and it is pissing me off something fierce. So sorry for the delay I will try again in a bit

  4. Private Guardian(subject to change)(1x1 with SummerHaven)

    @SummerHaven "Yes it could draw attention to the camp but it will keep the ones that will most likely attack away," Scare answered before stretching and closing her eyes. "anyway i suggest we get some sleep it semms we have a long walk ahead of us."
  5. OOC Redemption

    @SmokeSong feel free to post whenever I kinda don't reply unless everyone has posted a reply.
  6. OOC Redemption

    to the eating
  7. OOC Redemption

    @SmokeSong okay i was just making sure.
  8. Private Guardian(subject to change)(1x1 with SummerHaven)

    @SummerHaven "A more i will know when I see it," Scare answered looking at Summer who was looking at her map. "so how much further till we find who your looking for?" she asked before she let out a sleepy yawn.
  9. OOC Redemption

    @SmokeSong Sure, we have one spot left so welcome. now I do want to emphasize that you should read all the replies before you post. @Sinusoid Are ya gonna post soon? @SummerHaven thats alright @BloodDrops not necessary but thanks for the offer
  10. Private Guardian(subject to change)(1x1 with SummerHaven)

    @SummerHaven "Oh I am from a very very far away place," Scare vagualy answered before sighing. "I currently live in Manehattan and I find the hussle and busle of the city calming compared to the silence of my old home." she added sadly before she looked at Summer and smiled. "And I just love meeting ponies there you never know who your gonna meet."
  11. OOC Redemption

    Oh no The metal creatures closing in on the town are the machines i mentioned. also Alpha in inside the crater and next time please specify where ypu are okay since there was more than one crater okay.
  12. Open The Island Of Doom

    @Drago Ryder, @Pr0m4NV14 "That sounds like a good Idea," Magicka agreed with Gale before she turned to look at Mike who was leaning over her. "Well considering that massive spider thing went in that direction when it ran off, I would think something important is up there," Magicka answered before putting the map back into her bag. "But I must make sure that you two still want to help stop that monster, if not we can find a way to leave." the Lizal was confused by what she heard mostly due to her not knowing the language but it seemed they wanted to go up the mountain. The Lizal knew what was up there and it sent a shiver down her spine but she stayed calm if her new chief was going so would she.
  13. OOC Redemption

    Yes jinx is a housecat, and cruiser has yet to meet Jinx. Jinx is the closest character to glory and oak. And how is she going to eat a metal machine?
  14. OOC Redemption

    @MiragetheChangeling I guess their maybe closer to the town than Bood Drops, and are closer to both Cruiser and Jinx who is watching them
  15. Private Guardian(subject to change)(1x1 with SummerHaven)

    @SummerHaven "nah I only got a bit dirty," Scare answered with a smile before she laid down on the dirt with her hooves behind her head and began to look at the stars. "So where are you from originally?" She asked curious about her traveling companion.