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  1. Open Heroes of old (reboot)

    @reader8363@Pripyat Pony "Literally but maybe figuratively," Live Wire answered her gaze falling upon a strange looking unicorn stallion who made a pile of taffy which confused the earth pony mare greatly. "well hey stranger why are you making so much taffy?" *** The Masked king looked at his second in command who remained silent.
  2. Open The Island Of Doom

    @Drago Ryder The Lizal calmed down a little noticing the bigger dragon seemed to not have any ill intentions toward the reptile. Curious about what happened she walked toward the rocks covering the exit. she tried to move one but it wouldn't budge, letting out a defeated chirp. *** @Pr0m4NV14 Magicka awoke with a start. did I hear Mike yelling? The dark purple unicorn thought hopping to her hooves she ran out of her cave and nearly ran into three Lizal who seemed different. confused by this the three reptiles who waved for Magicka to follow
  3. Open Heroes of old (reboot)

    @reader8363 @Pripyat Pony Live Wire looked at the strange looking pony with a smile that seemed a little off putting. "heya stranger I ain't doing much just trying to figure the best way to get to that island in the middle of the lake," She answered cheerfully *** The king looked at his second in command. "Jinx I need you to make the preparations for war, seems we have a few heroes to eliminate," He said to the red eyed unicorn.
  4. OOC Heroes of old (reboot)

    link to rp in top post
  5. OOC The Island Of Doom(open)

    that is a good question
  6. Open The Island Of Doom

    hearing the dragoness the Lizal got off of the dragon quickly before trying to run off deeper into the cave to only find it didn't lead anywhere except to a dead end. Now trapped the lizal turned to look at the dragon with fear.
  7. Open The Island Of Doom

    the lizals followed the stallion closely but not too close they knew well enough to avoid getting too close for they have orders to keep him alive until sunrise. *** the female Lizal heard the dragoness callout whose there, She was tempted to say something but a firm claw grabbed her and threw her into the cave where she landed on the dragoness before the a loud bang that started a cave in that blocked the entrance.
  8. Open Heroes of old (reboot)

    ooc In a forest next to a large lake was a small orchard underneath the largest tree sat a pink earth pony with a neon blue mane. Lost in thought was Live Wire who stared at the lake thinking how to find a way to the island in the middle. *** The Masked king sat on his throne of bones his cloak, his glowing eyes seemed to stare at a small group of soldiers all injured, all his own soldiers. "Who did this to you?: He demanded. "A-a hero did this my lord," one spoke up and as he did so all of the injured soldiers were vaporized. "So it seems that the first strike has fell and the game has begun."
  9. OOC Heroes of old (reboot)

    welcome aboard @Pripyat Pony, Your characters seem to fit with the theme and will make this more fun. And with that I will be starting the rp soon and if there is anyone else who wants to join can let me know. the RP Link will be in the first post okay.
  10. OOC Redemption

    Well don't worry I don't mind waiting. And I will not bail.
  11. OOC The Island Of Doom(open)

    @mellifluous great and I have a wonderful idea for her, I think it would be fun that your character would know Magicka (my character) since they are kinda similar in a way though you can choose how they know each other. if you need info on Magicka there is a link in the first post. but this is only a suggestion so you don't have to do it if you don't want to.
  12. OOC The Island Of Doom(open)

    @mellifluous sure The more the merrier but I suggest you read the older posts in the rp before jumping in a lot of crazy stuff is happening at the moment also please link the character you will be using okay
  13. Open The Island Of Doom

    @Drago Ryder The lizal backed away from the dragoness and spoke something to the other three who moved away from the entrance and stood guard outside. the one in the cave looked at the dragoness one last time before walking out and joining the others.
  14. Open The Island Of Doom

    at the cave opening where Gale slept four pairs of eyes looked at the dragoness as she slept. after what appears to be hours one stepped closer hesitant to approach the dragon, this unlucky creature was slimmer and smaller than the others it seemed to be a different gender than the ones seen before. the female Lizal looked over Gale with curiosity, though jumping back every time the bigger creature moved. *** Magicka slept in the cave surrounded by her invisibility ward she drawn in the dirty cave floor. *** Temptra watched Mike as he ran off with a smile before vanishing with the wind.