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  1. Hey. Roleplay? Do you have a google or Skype account?

  2. One series that I used to be crazy about was Bleach. I watched everything up until Azien was defeated, which felt let the biggest letdown I'd ever experienced.Then I didn't really watch anything else for a while. After my friend told me everything that happens, I gave up and declared that in my eyes, Bleach ended after Azien's defeat Another one would have to be Epic Mickey. As disappointing as the first game was, delivering almost nothing that it promised to, I still found it to be relatively decent and enjoyable. Epic Mickey 2, I couldn't play for more than an hour before I hated it
  3. Anyone else think that Riot should make an RTS game based off the world they've created for League? I for one would love to see a story based game
  4. How about we all have a test call tomorrow, to see if there isn't any problems?
  5. Yeah, should we do a test to see if we can actually get it working?
  6. Should we set a time and date for us to start this?
  7. So, should we come up for some questing/story ideas?
  8. @ But we're not talking about the toys, we're talking about the show.
  9. @@Gearhart Are you there? Everypony but you has made their character sheet. If you're still interested in this, please head to this link and fill out the character sheet so the DM will have it. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1J3RNpPiilFoMuIyd5KZOajORIvVWj1F2GrXdpMVSMrM/edit#gid=1410206331
  10. Lighting Star

    Gaming Best FPS Game?

    Team Fortress 2 definitely. Both Borderlands games, but play them with a friend or else they won't nearly as fun
  11. Well, when i started liking MLP, I just mentioned it every now and again around my brother. Before I knew it, Luna was his favorite princess
  12. Wait we'll have to be using cameras? 0-0
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