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  1. What?

    1. Heasol


      Ah, the name. :fluttershy: Is there a story behind this?

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      Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      It’s a reference to Stone Cold Steve Austin!


  2. I really like Fallout New Vegas's world. Not a lot of people appreciate the game scenery and I think it's kind of a shame they don't. To be honest I liked it better than both Fallout 3 and 4's shit colored everything. I also really loved the countryside in GTA V. Red Dead Redemption's world was also a lot of fun to explore. Now I miss my 360.
  3. To be honest it looks stupid. For me it's just to futuristic. My god the trailer I saw for it had them go into space. They fight in outer F'n space now. Don't get me wrong I don't hate it because it's futuristic. I loved the MW series and BO2. They both took place in the future but they were still down to Earth you know. IW however is just to out there.
  4. BACKGROUND It's been over a year since the infection hit. At first it just seemed like another flu outbreak but then the news reports of ponies going mad and attacking others started rolling in. A mass panic soon started taking over. FEMA started getting involved when the infection started spreading more rapidly and when they couldn't handle it the military took over. They shot anypony who was showing signs of infections. They threw carriers into camps. They did anything they could to contain the situation. But it still wasn't enough. FEMA was to soft the military was to brutal. Eventually the public turned hostile on them. They revolted against them which just made everything mych worse. Eventually food started running thin and shortages started happening. Power outs started becoming commonplace. The government could no longer hold the situation anymore and the very fabric of Equestria's government collapsed. There was no longer any police, any military, any law or order what so ever. At first ponies started bamding together but eventually they to turned on one another. The world now has gone to shit. Groups of bandits run wild and the world is filled with crazed, ravenous ponies who developed a hunger for flesh after becoming infected. Ponies kill one another over cans of beans and a bottle of water nowadays. It's a tough world to live now. But you must do whatever it takes to survive even if it means killing one of your own kind. WELCOME TO YEAR ONE. A zombie survival horror rp with ponies. Yippie. Good times. The world of Equestria as you know it has been hit by a plague that causes normal ponies to die and then reanimate as a ravenous flesh eating monster. You know, a zombie. But in this world, much like the walking dead, the zombie craze never caught on so the word zombie will not be used. In this RP you start off in Fillydelphia. You are allowed to pick your own weapon( max of 3 or below) your own gear from the gear section (max of 5), your own fighting style (brute, ninja, spy, cowboy, long range, leadhead, MMA, caretaker, bow specialist, rambo, mechanic, or chemist). You can roleplay as multiple characters, with a max of up to 3, they don't have to be ponies. They can be griffons, zebras, changelings, whatever. You can be a dog for all I care. Everyone's character will start off with the same gear. A handheld radio, a backpack, a rucksack, your weapons, a holster/sheath, a bottle of painkillers, and 2 bottles of water along with 2 cans of corn. Any information you might want to know about your character can be found in the Character Sheet section. If not then feel free to ask me. GEAR Your character can assign themselves up to 5 pieces of gear. Your weapons and backpack do not count as gear. SWAT Armor-Protect yourself from bullets but slows you down Ammunition Bandolier-Carry twice as much ammo Holster: Have the option to carry 2 secondary weapons. However the second weapon counts as gear. Letting you only have 4 spots. Gun Cleaning Kit-Keep your gun clean and it won't blow up in your face. Silencer-The infected are attracted to loud noises. Unfortunately guns are loud. This solves that problem. Canteen: Have a source to keep water in while on the road. Water bottles sometimes make noise. Blade Sharpener: A dull blade makes ya dead. Map: It's always good to know where you're going. Doomsday Survival Guide: Maybe buying this wasn't such a bad idea. Offers a few helpful tips to help you out in your situation. Lockpick: Locked doors suck right. Use this to resolve that. Hoofheld Flashlight: Without a doubt you'll get this. First Aid Kit: Get hurt? Having one of these will help. Caretaker class automatically get one of these. Portable Stove: Fire is bright. Wanna remain hidden use a portable stove. Duct Tape: Fixes everything. Cept an infected bite. (for blunt weapons only) Bleach: Don't drink it alone. Use it purify the water. Canvas: Use it to pitch a tent. Can Opener: Using a knife to open a can will cause it to spill. A can opener will be your best option. (Reduces spill to 0) FIGHTING STYLE Brute: Your character is proficient in using blunt and heavy melee weapons. Ninja: Your character is very agile with a blade and is extremely good with using edged weapons. Spy: You can remain hidden and are extremely good at sneaking. Cowboy: You really know how to use a gun that requires one hoof. Your character is excellent with revolvers and pistols. Long Range: Your character is an excellent with a rifle. You prefer to stay out of sight and snipe your enemies. Your character excells with most scoped rifles. Leadhead: Your character loves guns. You excell with most rifles and shotguns. MMA: You know how to lay down the weapons and use your hooves to settle your problems. Your character is trained in many forms of martial arts and as such excells at knocking punks out. Caretaker: Your character is a lover not a fighter. They aren't much good in a fight but they know how to patch themselves up afterwards. Your character knows how to properly adminster first aid. Bow Specialist: You're no Daryl but you can still handle a bow with efficiency. Whether it be a longbow or a crossbow you know what you're doing when you fire it. Rambo: Your character knows how to use a heavy guns. They excell with MGs. Mechanic: You're character knows how to handle a wrench. They may not be as good in fight but they sure as hell know how to build stuff. Your character can create traps, explosives, repair armor much better, and repair almost anything. Chemist: So you know how to make prescription drugs eh? Your character can craft painkillers and other forms of medicine. RP ELEMENTS This is a survival rp so your character will need food to survive. Your character has three options as a source of food. Scavenging, farming, and hunting/fishing. You'll need the right equipment in order to do any of these. You're character will also have to scavenge in order to make it. I entrust you guys to list what you find. But remember resources are scarce so sometimes you won't anything. Also if you find ammo and grenades at every medicine cabinet you find I'll politely ask you to fix your post and to stop doing that. Your character is also able to set up their own safe zones which you can then upgrade to settlements by building facilities and attracting other uninfected ponies by sending out a signal over the radio. Below is information about the infection. VIRUS The newest plauge dubbed the Black Virus is a virus unlike anything anypony has ever seen. When a pony is infected with the virus they will suffer from increased body temperature. The hosts body temperature will increase causing them to suffer from frequent fevers. The host will also soon begin to suffer from compulsive vomiting, feeling of weakness, dizziness as the virus slowly takes over the host's body. Eventually after taking over the host will die. The virus then takes control of the brain causing the host to reanimate. For some reason the virus causes the host to develop a hunger for flesh. It is unknown what causes this. After the virus takes over and the host is reanimated they lose eveb the most basic motor skills such as opening a door or jumping. Documented cases of infection in unicorns and pegasi have shown that they lose their ability to perform magic or fly. However infected griffons have shown to retain their ability to fly. This has been shown to be due to a different gene structure in the griffons DNA causing them to retain much more complicated motor skills such as flight. RULES Now the rules -)No Godmodding -)This rp has a search function. I entrust you guys to list what you find. But be responsible. -)Be serious. Don't post dumb stuff. -)No fourth wall breaking -)No mention of the word of zombies. Walking Dead logic applies to this RP. -)If you sign up. You better post. If you sign up and don't post than why sign up in the first place. CHARACTER SHEET Name: Your character's name Race: Your character's race Age: The age of your character Sex: Your gender Description: What do they look like Job: Their former job 3 Personality Traits: Describe their personality in 3 short words Clothing: What are they wearing? (No over the top stuff) Fighting Style: Weapons: Up to 3. You do not have to have 3. Companions: If you're character is traveling with somepony post them here and fill out a character sheet unless it's an animal like a dog Gear: What is the gear they are using Former Interests: What are some things your character did in their past life. Hobbies/likes/any key things about them basically. And now I present to you Year One. SURVIVORS LIST Name: Storm Line Race: Pegasus Sex: Male Age: 27 Description: White coat, green mane, emerald eyes, storm cloud with a lightning bolt cutie mark Job: Former Royal Equestrian soldier 3 Personality Traits: Born leader, Fun Loving, Charismatic Clothing: REA MARPAT Camo pattern blouse, Cloudsdale Eagles hoofball hat (backwards) Fighting Style: Leadhead Weapons: Springfield Armory, M1911, nightstick Companions: Max (his dog) Gear: Can Opener, Ammunition bandolier, Gun cleaning kit, lockpick, canvas Former Interests: Loved tailgating, military training, gym enthusiast, excellent flyer
  5. I've been a wrestling fan since I was kid but I've only since recently gotten back into watching the WWE. I've always loved watching the old matches from the attitude era because it's, ya know, the attitude era. I also enjoy matches from the old, original ECW. NJPW and basically any Japanese promotion is also pretty good.
  6. Red Sage isn't the fastest pony but he for sure isn't slow. Storm Line however is an excellent flyer and is very energetic and has a lot of stamina meaning he's fast on both land and in air.
  7. I actually agree with this. I to would like to see more of Equestria. It's been 6 years since the first episode and yet we've barely scratched the surface of anything out of Ponyville or Manehattan.
  8. It's provided me with tons of entertainment since I first watched it. It also lead me here, so that's good too, I guess.
  9. I love your name, so cool.

    1. Stone Cold Applejack

      Stone Cold Applejack

      Thank you. That's very kind you'd say that.

  10. Well if describe it that way it seems like it would be to much of a hassle for many ranchers and farmers to handle. They would have to discipline a horse on how to control magic and how to train a pegasus not to fly. All the while, they still have other responsibilities that a rancher would have to tend to. To be honest, it sounds like most of them wouldn't really survive long as they would, you know, be put down.
  11. Red Sage is pretty strong. He's a marine which means he's gone through training and he tries to stay in shape. Storm Line is a little above average. He stays fit but not on the line of Sage.