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  1. Give me some time, and I will have a proposal ready for you.
  2. How about a RP with Gale. But I would like to ask a few questions: Human or Pony? You okay with an action, adventure RP? Can Gale talk? No, none of your answers will effect if I want to do the RP or not.
  3. Nameless Knight


    makes sense... Gems would be impossible to digest.
  4. I apparently have gotten a good reputation on the Youtube comment section, because I said I was a Christian that believed in Evolution... its almost like wizardry.

  5. If I ever won a Razzie, I would accept it and say "Yes! I finally one something at life! I succeeded at being a failure! In your face Leonardo DiCaprio, boo ya!" and then leave while laugh.

  6. 13 is an unlucky number... Same reason why there is no 4th floor or 4th row in Asia. Because 4 is unlucky, because it sounds like the word for Death.
  7. Quick Question: Is it wrong that I extremely dislike people who try to spread the word of Christ by stuffing it down people's throats, and just being an all around Hatemonger?
  8. .... *adds wood to the fire* Keep the fire lit if you want to stay alive *goes to sleep*
  9. I was reading the Fullmetal Alchemist manga and got to the part where hughes dies... I am now in so much emotional pain, I cannot describe it.

  10. Last night I looked up that Free Palestine thing, and I have this to say: I usually support Israel but God did not bestow that land to the Jews to oppress the populous and to technically attempt genocide.

  11. Remember when MTV played music, and when the History Channel was about History? Good times...

    1. Jaxsie (Inactive)

      Jaxsie (Inactive)

      Oh how times have changed... :P