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  1. sorry if Im posting in the wrong section I'm looking for a friend, the reason why I'm posting this is because I have trouble with making friends on my own Anyways, I'm looking for someone who I can be really close to and have lots of fun with. Someone I can talk to everyday! I am a 16 year old female, I love anime, music, reading and writing, Sherlock, and I play an MMO called Toram Online. I'm also a Flutist I'm currently learning how to drive. My favorite pony is Rarity and I've been apart of the fandom for years, can't do the math right now XD Anyways so that's me, tell me about yourself. ^^
  2. ~Kitty~

    Anyone into BBC Sherlock?

    Definitely!!!! I absolutely love Sherlock!!! They need to create their episodes faster, haha.
  3. ~Kitty~

    Mega Thread How are you feeling

    Depressed beyond words
  4. ~Kitty~

    Mega Thread How are you feeling

    Wishing... Wishing for love
  5. ~Kitty~

    my first two!

    I think they are amazing! I really like the second! c:
  6. I love this thread XD I use to be a big fan of Sonic X myself when I was younger. Here I am! I'm surprised to see someone got the same result as it did =) I love the cape cx
  7. ~Kitty~

    I Lost My Mom on Sunday.

    That must be so tough to go through ='C I'm sure your mother is in a better place too and she will always live on in your heart <3 *hugs* You sound so strong for being able to push through this, losing someone you care about can sometimes feel like the worst thing in the world. I lost my friend to cancer and it felt like I'd never make another true friend again but as time went on I found other wonderful new friends, yet I'll always have a special place in my heart for him. Cancer is really difficult for the ones battling it and the ones staying by their side. Best wishes to you and your family <3
  8. ~Kitty~

    What have you done embarrassing lately?

    My life is an embarrassment ._. JK
  9. ~Kitty~

    Who's Your Favorite Woman?

    Me My bff c: She is really nice and fun to be around, she has changed my life is wonderful ways I wouldn't want to know what life would be like without meh bestie! =DDD
  10. ~Kitty~


  11. ~Kitty~

    Mega Thread How are you feeling

    I want to say happy but I feel empty. I keep thinking about my dreams and feeling like it will be impossible for me to achieve them. Depressed because I can't make Skype calls with a group chat anymore yet my boyfriend gets to be in them. Practically wishing that he'd end up with one of his friends to stop this feeling of unrealistic jealousy. Wanting to post in life advice but feeling I've posted enough there. Hurting because I'm a terrible terrible friend. Feeling like an attention seeker and wanting to die because of it. Feeling lonely, completely unloved and I feel that I bother everyone. Wishing someone would understand. Honestly, just feeling like abandoning everyone I know so they would never have to deal with me again.
  12. I have never ever cared for Pokémon, and honestly, I'd like to know where it gets all this hype I have played three Pokémon games I believe, and all three were boring. Honestly, every two steps you have to fight other Pokémon off and it gets old fast. If you're not fighting off other Pokémon, you are being tortured with all the talking that happens in the game. I played Pokémon white, and for me all it was was walking around, fighting Pokémon, and having to keep tapping because there was so much dialogue in the game. I never could understand why everyone liked it so much XD Was it just Pokémon white that sucked? Or are they all that way? I hate to put it so coldly, because I'm sure a bunch of Pokémon lovers will kill me for saying this, but I won't deny anything.
  13. ~Kitty~

    Technology Why all the Apple hate?

    For some reason, I was expecting this to be a topic about Apple Jack I think that both sides are pretty balanced as far as hate goes. It appears to me that the boat doesn't lean too much on one side. I have android as well as apple products c: I've heard many good and bad views on both. To me though, technology is technology, and I'm not going to hate on companies, I think they're all pretty well-balanced.