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    Strategy games,40k,MTG,anything to do with computer's and just thinking outside the box usually by making and breaking theories (constructively of course) but most importantly just getting people to like them-self or feel a little less sh*t

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  1. Christmas ninetales wishes you happy thanksgiving.

  2. right time to dream me up a new manventure, night everyone and pleasant dreams ¦)
    Tsuria (Animated) by Rodrigues404
    "by Rodrigues404"

    1. The_Gobo


      Hawt o3o


  3. Granted. you have @Trottermare Galamane but you have to put up with his incessant Picture posting :3 Same =w=
  4. well I got to be up at 7am so night all ¦)
    Luna daki by freeedon
    "by freeedon"

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    2. The_Gobo


      That's one of the most SFW dakimakura's I've ever seen o3o


    3. Leere
    4. Bloosume Harmeny

      Bloosume Harmeny

      alright thanks ^^


  5. does anyone remember this song?


  6. Well I better go to bed now so night ¦)
    Flutternap by Alasou
    "by Alasou"

  7. Ice pokemon says hi

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    2. Fennekin




      I think ill just stick alolan ninetales. (Speaking of which, a ninetales can live for 1,000 years!)

    3. Trottermare Galamane

      Trottermare Galamane

      well I guess the god of all time Ninetales knows when she's not wanted ¦S
      Ninetales X Shiny Dialga [closed] by Seoxys6
      "by Seoxys6"

    4. Fennekin


      But im a he.

  8. you get "Dash" and the "shadow bolts" "by Tsitra360" Inserts @Mesme Rize
  9. gets @Totally Lyra "protection mode" "by TheShadowscale" Inserts a @Yellow Diamond
  10. Hope you're having a happy birthday!

  11. Happy Birthday pal!


    1. Trottermare Galamane

      Trottermare Galamane

      Cheers pal and that's one hell of a picture you have there ‡D

    2. Leere


      I knew you would like it

  12. Boop. Happy birthday.

  13. Happy Birthday, friend. 

    Tell me: who's your favorite MLP character? 

    1. Trottermare Galamane

      Trottermare Galamane

      thanks pal

      and probably AJ ¦)