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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. FlutteringDweamz

    The Great and Powerful Trixie Fan Club

    I'm glad Trixie as Starlight as a friend now. I remember when they were amazed they had so much in common first meeting xD They look quite cute together too~~ o.o
  3. FlutteringDweamz

    Sunset Shimmer Fan Club

    Sunset's song "My Past Is Not Today" is an awesome song. I've listened to it to help me let go of my regrets about my childhood in the past :) Also, Sunset's style is.....awesome :P
  4. Hello :3 I hope you are doing well. Your post in the fluttershy club was very nice^^

    1. FlutterGuy999


      Thanks.  Which post in particular?

  5. FlutteringDweamz

    Fluttershy Fan Club

    Here's a Fluttershy blingee I made :) I may post in other pony clubs too. And I really liked FlutterGuy999's post :)
  6. Hi :3 Its nice to meet you.

    I don't know if I really feel like being active on ponyverse again, I do have social anxiety (likely its a part of my aspergers), but posting in the fluttershy club was fun. Nice rarity av too.

    1. Alexshy



      Why shan't thou be active hither? Tis the most friendly herd around thou can mayhap find. Many ponies hither would be happy to chat and share common interests, in the earnest.

      Tis not Rarity *giggles* Tis my human counterpart ponified: Alexshy, MLP fanfiction writer. The whole image:


      Nice to meet thee likewise, mine friend!

  7. FlutteringDweamz

    Fluttershy Fan Club

    Very cute Fluttershy pictures everyone :) I have been more of a Fluttershy fan lately. A lot more of one. For awhile, I didn't like her so much, since I thought she wouldn't be a helpful character for my 'insecurity issues', however I don't think that now. Fluttershy's a timid pony who tries her hardest to be braver and more assertive in a lot of episodes. I find that very admirable. :) I also like that she's a cute, innocent, girly character. She's girly like Rarity is, but I find she's probably more the type of girly girl I see myself as now than Rarity is. I'm not really into fashion or looking pretty as much as Rarity would be. I'm more the type of girly girl that likes cute animals, and the color pink A lot like Fluttershy, really. Also like Fluttershy I can feel like I want my space from other people to 'do my own thing' pretty often. That could be related to the fact I have aspergers, though.....people with aspergers do find social situations unnerving and unappealing a lot of the time, i've read. I wonder how many people on the spectrum will find they like fluttershy for this reason? :3 Also, I support FlutterDash (FluttershyXRainbow Dash). And anyone who's against that couple for being same sex is not someone I wish to be friend with. I think Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash seem like they're good for each other; to me, gender doesn't matter. Just love :)
  8. FlutteringDweamz

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned cuz I wanna snuggle my avatar so much X3;
  9. FlutteringDweamz

    What Do You Like About The Above User's Avatar?

    Men dressed as girls are cool^^
  10. FlutteringDweamz

    re-name the user above based on his/her avatar

    PrincessMario xD Awwwww...
  11. FlutteringDweamz

    re-name the user above based on his/her avatar

  12. FlutteringDweamz

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned cuz I got GLITTER! 8D
  13. FlutteringDweamz

    What Do You Like About The Above User's Avatar?

    White and pink!!! PRETTY :D
  14. FlutteringDweamz

    Mega Thread Last Poster Wins

    *snuggle's korrina while dressed head to toe in adorable pink and light yellow sweet lolita* Yay for cuteness!!!! :D *gigglegiggle* And hi everyone~*play's some pokemon now xD*