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  1. Happy Birthday!!! =D

  2. happy birthday =)=)=)=)

  3. Happy birthday! :) Hope you have a lovely time~ ^w^

  4. Your OC is so huggable

    1. lazyloll


      Thank you: D

  5. Can you turn my cat into a pony ?: ) Mane style; (parted in the middle)(very long) Mane and tail color ? It can be whatever you think will fit the colors ! nothing too bright though ! She also has a giant black bow at the base of her tail. Pose...It can be any pose you wish ! just not standing ! Maybe sitting and cuddling a panda bear ? OR something, your choise !
  6. When will this be open again Dj ?!; o
  7. You might want to check Your messagebox xD

  8. Looking for people to draw me and my pony friends together. o3o

  9. This OSW was real fun !

  10. I'll be on the server "Lavade" tonight on Legends of Equestria !

    1. lazyloll


      If they still have that server up !

  11. 'Love making new friends and chatting about nonsense.' Instant friend request. :3

  12. Hello ! I was wondering if you could do a signature with my OC ? I have photos if you want of her. That only is if you do custom ones ! Just wondering, though.: )