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  1. EddG

    The 2000s Nostalgia Thread

    2000's Nostalgia for me in 3 images
  2. So this is my first attempt using autodesk sketchbook :3 What do you guys think? (derp attached wrong image)
  3. xD Huh that's cool that the background I use as a habit looks somewhat fitting. Thank you *hugs*
  4. EddG

    Anyone here a teenager?

    I'm 16 in a week or two. My hobbies are designing games, playing games, sleeping and sailing >w< And I learnt about this fandom from a Sonic fan forum.
  5. EddG

    For a special Friend. Sunlight

    Oh my God >w< It is amazing thank you *hugs*
  6. The green background is still a habit from my Pokémon ROM hacking days.
  7. EddG

    Do you have a special somepony?

    Single. I doubt I will find anyone but hey ^w^ Datalife
  8. EddG

    Twilight Sparkle

    Oh my God! This is so fucking adorable o.o
  9. EddG

    Visual Art Quick sketch of the grim reaper

    Nyeh He-Man! (It reminds me of Skeletor so much)
  10. EddG

    What color underwear to you wear?

    I most often wear black and/or dark blue ^w^ I preger those the most
  11. EddG

    Why The Member Above You Is Awesome

    Because you are Senpai. Hi Senpai *blushes like animu girl*
  12. Procrasinating from doing studying for my Mock exams
  13. Would like to join if I wasn't busy as hell this year (Thanks GCSEs -w-) Although don't get sued by the Fine Bros xD
  14. Sports games as a whole and really I'll never buy one because they have 0 resale value in the future and because they are boring as hell to me. Call of duty as a franchise. It's all meh to me.
  15. EddG

    General How do you sleep?

    Very infrequently, about 4am (have to wake up at 6am most days. Annd curled up in a ball in the corner of my bed because I am too lazy to move things off it xD