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  1. Ed Lyons

    [New] Looking for Voice Actors

    I have a Samson microphone, excellent sound; virtually no noise. This any help?
  2. Ed Lyons

    Am I the only person that hates parties?

    Last time I went to a big party, I hid under the table and read Dragonball until it was taken off me. Apparently, you need to socialise at them, what a joke! The music was loud, the people were loud, and unbelievably crowded, it was basically hell on Earth. Ever since then, I've declined if it's more than 10 people
  3. Ed Lyons

    [New] Looking for Voice Actors

    I can do a deep British voice (my voice) in a variety of accents. Even American if necessary. I'd totally be up for helping out with this, any roles that fit?
  4. Ed Lyons

    Pringles fanclub

    Anyone tried paprika Pringles? They're amazing! Still no match for sour cream and onion in my opinion.
  5. Ed Lyons

    Gaming Who's you favourite Super Mario Character?

    Yoshi or Luigi, I think he needs more attention
  6. Ed Lyons

    The reasons why alicorn OCs are bad and hated

    I can see why they're liked; magic and flying, what's not to love? I can see why they are hated, though; that makes them 'overpowered'.
  7. Ed Lyons

    Private An Adventure in Manehattan

    I'm still interested, just I noticed only Alex and lil posting, so I didn't know really when to get back in, since my character left the café. What happened to the others in the planning thread? (I need to bring the post to a higher level of characters, hence why I'm writing this pointless extra sentence)
  8. Ed Lyons

    Private An Adventure in Manehattan

    @@Lil' Lovebug, The stallion replied. "Please, call me Alexi" he replied. "I'm actually just a columnist, not those gastly gossip reporters" he added, adamant that wasn't the paparazzi. "Though, I haven't got anything yet, I'm hoping some coffee will do that". However, sensing slight bitterness, he calls it a day and decides to leave and work on the next day's issue. He still made plans to come back the next day, as the ponies he encountered were very interesting, plus those hay fries were outstanding!
  9. Ed Lyons

    Private An Adventure in Manehattan

    @@Lil' Lovebug, After noticing a couple of ponies uncomfortable around him, presumably because of his 'reporter' look, he decides to take the hat and satchel off an orders a mug of hot breakfast tea and a side of spicy hay fries with a smile on his face. "something to warm up my spirits" ​​he said to the bartender as he finished the last of his juice. As he settled over some hay fries, he noticed Satin in the corner and decided to talk to her, feeling he sent the wrong message a while ago. "H...hi" he stuttered.
  10. Ed Lyons

    Private An Adventure in Manehattan

    Meanwhile, a very pale orange stallion with a two tone red mane enters. His hat filled to the brim with notes that one day could see some use. His eyes are unnaturally wide open yet look very tired. Despite this, he remains cheerful and orders a simple glass of water and begins to scribble on his notepad at the bar. A mild yet audible mumble begins and an ever increasing expression of frustration appears on his face. Sensing his anger getting worse, he puts his notepad away and orders an apple juice while browsing the local paper. His smile starts to return and begins to talk with the bartender about the upcoming equestria games, though stumbles a some of the sports terms.
  11. My OC is my profile picture pictured. His name is Alexi Quill. He's an earth pony born and raised in Maenhattan, and knows the city like the back of his hoof. He is sociable and friendly but is unfamiliar with rural areas, and is a bit intimidated by them. His job is a columnist for the paper, but is often frustrated that his works have become boring and uninspired. Mane events in his life: Moves out early to focus on his studies. Publishes book on the story of the two sisters to pay for rent. Graduated school with exceptionally high grades in history, but due to lack of careers in the subject, takes a job at the local paper, as he's passionate about writing. After moons of intermittent columns, he finally gets a daily spot in the main paper of Manehattan. Finally gathers enough money to buy a nice apartment in the heart of the city. Loses creative spark that made his column famous.
  12. I'd love to help. I can only really do male voices, though. I'd be much more helpful writing. EDIT: I just realised I posted here ages ago. Never mind.
  13. I have a very unpopular opinion: speed and speed 2 cruise control. I love the sequel, sure the writing had a few rough edges, but the story and drama give it a brilliant action packed tone. This is not a troll post, this is actually my opinion.
  14. Ed Lyons

    Movies/TV Anyone Here Like Robot Wars?

    Well, they've decided to focus on battlebots fully now for the time being. They didn't enter the latest series of robot wars because of warhead
  15. Ed Lyons

    Movies/TV Anyone Here Like Robot Wars?

    I grew up with the extreme series always being on, so those are the ones I most remembered. Well, those and wheely big cheese