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  1. Eeyup people on this website... For the 99999999th time Skrillex is not dubstep. Dubstep is stuff like Burial, brostep is a different breed of animal.
  2. Sometimes... this website...

  3. This is like, album of the year IMO. And here's another great band. I like to spam these guys to death. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IsGC4yaIsj8 And a recent favorite of mine. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUJScmvFmSM If I don't prove you wrong, then I shall be denied the right to life.
  4. I can give you an entire list of modern bands that blow all that grandpa rock out of the water. I mean come on guys, if anything music has gotten more and more aggressive with time :V Why??? Just tell me.
  5. No, there would be a massive gaping whole in the music world. But don't you ever just kick back and listen to some N.W.A or Public Enemy? Post-grunge isn't metal, it's what stuff like Nickelback and Creed are. IMO, symphonic metal and Nu metal are garbage but that's just me. By stoner you do mean, stoner doom and sludge? By post-metal do you mean post-black metal or atmospheric sludge? Only untrve people get headaches from metal. I listen to music in foreign languages all the time, it's no big deal really. So is he a weeboe or something?
  6. I downloaded this a while back and I haven't listened to the full album yet. I'm gonna listen to it later today. It ain't DSBM unless the band name starts with "Woods". My fascination with war metal is a recent phenomenon. plz stahp
  7. Dang, what is it with all the hatred for metal and hip-hop on here? Liek hou can u call urselv a muzik phan witout lieking da metul and hippity hopz? J-pop is gud stoof ah tell ya hwut. Why? Depends >Talking smack about metal and liking Nickelback u dun rustled mah jimmiez m8 Linkin Park was always bad But there are many great covers out there.
  8. War metal is a legitimate genre, it's a subgenre of black metal with elements of death metal and thrash metal in it. And no, Sabaton is NOT war metal ffs.
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    2. Le Kvlt Dawn

      Le Kvlt Dawn

      But I'm referring to the 80's. In the 90's they would play stuff like Death and CC along with grunge stuff like AiC and SG.

    3. Moog the Kvlt

      Moog the Kvlt

      I have no idea what HB is in the first place, though I didn't know that they played Death Metal on TV, and they probably didn't play 80's Death Metal bands because not many people gave a fuck about Death Metal in the 80's

    4. Le Kvlt Dawn

      Le Kvlt Dawn

      Same with black metal, they might've played Mercyful Fate though.

  9. Just continuing with NBBMN like a trve playa. Guyz, stop bringing up my past, I was such a pleb back then ;-; What happened in the past stays in the past.
  10. I dislike the whole concept of "sinning". I can understand how killing or stealing is bad, but how exactly is Homosexuality a sin? What kind of God cares so much over what you decide to pleasure yourself over? And why is lust a sin? Lust is pretty much harmless.
  11. Just wrapping stuff up for today with some brutal shit. Gee, like TesseracT has never been posted on here before -.- My parents have pleb taste. Actually, everyone in my family does. :/ #OMGSOPAINFUL #CUT4DAWN
  12. I don't even have a turntable so what's the use? Baka. BTW, they should make a computer that reads vinyl, like for reals though. And one that plays cassettes too. Isn't it like 4 discs on vinyl? Still ain't worth it IMO. It's not like it's a rare first pressing of Bathory's self-titled.