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  1. Urgh, nevermind, I'm leaving again. I much prefer the Bell Tree community, bye.

  2. I feel like it would be. Hay, some even said it would end with Season 5! It couldn't be the end of MLP forever though, it's been running for years!
  3. I've not been on MLP forums for a while, and I subscribed to sooo many threads when I used to go on. My email gets spammed, ehe. I want to unsubscribe from these threads, but I don't want to have to go through every single board and see what I have subscribed too. Is there any way to remove all subscriptions? Thanks!
  4. I've returned! No idea how long for...

    1. Button Feri

      Button Feri

      Yay, welcome back! ^^

  5. @@crispy fries,@@Mesme Rize, Thanks guys, appreciate it
  6. So, I'm an English pegasister and Discovery Family isn't a channel you can view in England. Does anyone know where else I can watch it? I preferably want to watch it when it is showing in the US, but I'm fine with seeing it a bit later. Thanks! Sorry if this is in the wrong section, no clue where to put it.
  7. I really don't like FlutterDash.. Whoops..

  8. Currently trying to discover my special talent- my cutie mark. Literally, I have no talents

  9. Hi, if you care about me and are my friend, check my About Me page for an update on my depression

  10. I hate the way the smallest things make me depressed and wanting too be invisible.

  11. Re-watching Season 5, just got to Slice of Life, hype! xP

  12. I would do all I can too save @, any Brony is a friend of mine
  13. NyanLuna

    Guess That Episode!

    That's correct! And yes, you do! Haha, thanks! And yup!
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