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    I like to draw, play guitar, sing when I can lol I enjoy a lot of things and if I can share it and make someone's day, then its all worth it :3

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  1. Request Shop

    @Off-Kilter I do apologize for the wait, and I hope you like the end result! Sorry about the long wait, I'd be glad to draw another one for you! just drop a reference for me to look at.
  2. hiss hiss congratssssss to your promotion. :)

  3. Staff

    I'm glad to be here and I look forward to working with you all :3 it's certainly been a while since I first put in for the job, but I'm ecstatic to finally be a part of the team!
  4. Welcome to the forums! Glad to see you joined us :3 hope you you enjoy your time as a member!
  5. hmm... starlight?.. why not? lol I wouldn't mind X3
  6. You know it! lol
  7. hmm.... well helloooo luna
  8. Because I am a pringle and texas heat SUCKS
  9. Don't really know, I might just roll with it! After all, who doesn't like luna? even if she gives you that kind of look XD
  10. Welcome to MLPForums! If you were looking for a big community you certainly came to the right place :3 I'm sure you'll enjoy your time here!
  11. Flirtatious...... X3
  12. Devious.......
  13. Well welcome to MLPForums! I'm sure you'll love your time here and make plenty of new friends :3 Feel free to ask around for directions and such, we are all happy to have you here!
  14. Lightning is a general heterosexual, He is busy a majority of the time either working at the weather factory or singing in his hometown in manehattan. So he really isn't in a relationship right now
  15. planning

    As far as plot goes, I don't have anything super crazy in mind and it would probably start out something along the lines of "Our story begins at a rather worn establishment "The Tipsy Stallion", The night is steadily making its way across downtown manehattan and the dull blue neon sign of the tavern can be heard busily buzzing away, casting its light across a small patch of sidewalk." I traditionally like to start at a common ground and this place happens to be a second home to my OC, plus if anyone has ever played D&D, you know most campaigns start in a bar XP @Pripyat Pony I hope this narrows down your list some lol