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  1. Just to make sure no one's confused by the change, it's me, Miss Reaper! I just, uh, decided to change my display name for personal reasons that might be understandable to at least a few people :adorkable:

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      I remember you!! It's been ages omg! I was still on Skype when I talked to you I think, and I've moved on to Discord a long while back! :D

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      Same here.  Most of Skype just went kinda dead and had friends move there so I fully moved there too (had an account for a while but never used until I fully moved  Kuyon #4012

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      Yeah, Skype's pretty much totally dead at this point lol. Can I add you on there?? My tag is River #0111!

  2. Heck, I almost forgot this existed I did love it while I was part of it, though! But I think if we ever pick this up again, we might have to reboot the reboot haha....
  3. ReverieRiver

    General Why Does Autism Get So Much Flak?

    It's a basic misunderstanding of autism rooted in ableism. Because autistic people think differently and approach situations differently than what is considered "normal", oftentimes autism is related to stupidity by those that don't know anything about how our brains actually work. I'm autistic, and I've gotten a lot of flak from my own grandmother from failing to understand what she thinks is "common sense", but it isn't to me because I process information differently than she does. So yeah, there's people out there that use "autistic" and "r*tarded" as insults because they think autistic people are dumb, and it's a trend that I wish would stop
  4. ReverieRiver

    Private The Odd One Out

    Of all the things that Lunar Symphony might have expected out of this trip, a dragon attack certainly was the last thing on her mind. But, just as the batpony was about to turn in for the night, her keen hearing picked up the sounds of ponies' screams and the roaring of some mighty, angry creature. The acrid smell of smoke and flames along with the cacophony was what drew her out to see what was going on. By the time she arrived, the dragon - that's what it was, her echolocation gave her enough of a sense of its retreating silhouette that she knew - was already fleeing the scene. She carefully walked among ashen debris, issuing a few clicks from the back of her throat every couple of seconds to check for any possible survivors hiding or perhaps trapped within the ruins. Nothing; it seemed that all the ponies here had either fled or were taken by the dragon. With her attention so focused on the debris, though, it was surprising to say the least when she heard a scuffle going on not too far away. Her ears twitched, the mare froze in place. What did she find herself in the middle of? (OOC: Sorry for the delay, folks! Hope this works alright, but if not just lemme know :))
  5. ReverieRiver

    Planning The Odd One Out (OOC)

    I can work with that! It might take me some time to get a reply out cause I really am pretty tired, but if not tonight, first thing tomorrow!
  6. ReverieRiver

    Planning The Odd One Out (OOC)

    Hi, I'll post just as soon as I figure out how to insert Lunar into the action.... Suggestions are welcome, I'm very tired at the moment so it's hard for me to come up with ideas right now
  7. ReverieRiver

    Planning The Odd One Out (OOC)

    It's been a while since I've tossed my hat into the RP ring, but this caught my interest! I was thinking perhaps about my batpony, Lunar Symphony? She's blind (but would still recognize Marcus as something unfamiliar and strange) and an albino, so she can relate to being different to an extent. I dunno, just figure it might be an interesting angle to play, all things considered Also I need to make her a character page soon buuut y'know
  8. ReverieRiver

    General The "I admit it" Thread

    Sure thing! I won't claim to be an expert on the subject, but I'm sure I could offer a little advice
  9. ReverieRiver

    General The "I admit it" Thread

    This really is such a good topic, I love the idea behind it I admit it, I struggle with a lot more issues than I tend to let on because I don't want to worry anyone. I find it hard to talk about my problems, I've been conditioned to bottle my feelings up rather than express them. I'm working on getting better at that, though. I admit it, I put other people before me because, relating to the point above, I'd rather help others than confront my own problems. Gotta remind myself from time to time that I can't make everyone happy, and I should try thinking about what makes me happy occasionally. I admit it, sometimes I forget, sometimes I'm oblivious. I get spaced out and distracted, but know that I could focus if I made more of an effort. And I admit it... I'm polyamorous. I'm currently in a loving relationship with two people right now, and I love the both of them dearly. I know some people look down on that as cheating or being greedy or whatever but it's a healthy relationship, I love them both, and they both love me and I'm happy
  10. ReverieRiver

    oc My first oc! Pls comment.

    Very pretty! I love the colors
  11. ReverieRiver

    Private USS Luna

    Lunar nodded, walking with the captain and the security officer to the turbo lifts. Then, as they headed towards the shuttle bay, the thestral's ears twitched up at the question, and she paused to consider her answer. "The captain? Seems... amicable enough, given the circumstance," she mused. It was a little harder to read others when she had only voice to go by; reading body language was easier when meeting in person. She didn't have much reason to distrust the Romulans so far, however. @Raven Rawne When the delegation arrived, she stood there with Mentis and Indicus as the welcoming party, though for the moment elected to listen rather than speak. At least, until her captain spoke first. This was the time to make observations about those gathered before them: the older, wizened general; and then the younger officer that appeared quite astonished by the species yet unfamiliar to him. She turned her clouded eyes towards the junior officer, and for a moment it appeared as though she was making eye contact - an uncanny ability for a blind individual. After a few moments, attention was returned to the ambassador. At least she could sense that he was sincere, thus far. { Nooot my greatest post, but I just wanted to get something out >.< }
  12. ReverieRiver

    OOC OOC USS Luna

    @Mentis Soliloquy Ack, sorry! Between schoolwork and other IRL things, I've gotten distracted from my RPs... again I'll get a post out sometime today, promise! Just gotta finish this assignment...
  13. ReverieRiver

    feedback How can I improve my female drawings? (PG-13)

    It's basically what those above me said: They don't look very natural. And no matter how seductive a pose, it's not very appealing if it looks unnatural. Try to study female anatomy, look at real life references and draw from them to get the hang of how anatomy works. But don't give up! When you learn where you went wrong, you can learn to improve from it!
  14. ReverieRiver

    Undermined Miners [Private RP]

    Sounds, so many sounds. It was a lot for Lunar to process, when sound was all but her entire world with lack of sight. Sensitive ears picked up every noise, twitched at the sound of the bell ringing out. The harsher noise had the thestral stiffening if only for a few moments, loud enough to startle her. Well, at least that shook off whatever sleepiness or tiredness she might have felt for failing to sleep that night. She turned her head towards the general direction of the source, dulled ruby eyes wide and alert for once. One ear swiveled towards another sound that came not long after, far more soothing to delicate hearing: a fiddle, sweet melodies coaxed out by whomever was playing it. Music was something Lunar appreciated wholeheartedly, if only partly because it was some sort of beauty she could enjoy without sight. But it didn't last long, for the steps that soon approached were indeed unmistakable. A strong, confident stride; it was most certainly a leader, and the logical assumption followed that this was the one in charge of this operation. Positioned at a window near the door, the thestral had only moments to sidle out of the way before the door swung wide open, two sets of footfalls entering the longhouse. The voice that called out was loud, authoritative. She knew exactly how to take charge, though perhaps had a habit of pushing her workers around. That much Lunar could gather at least on first impressions. A few soft chirps sounded from the back of her throat, and she turned her head again to fix her eyes on the matron. Her gaze was unfocused, but she somehow seemed to have a pretty good idea of where the matron's eyes generally were. The 'Starswirl,' huh? Well, Lunar certainly didn't have any experience with machinery. She wasn't sure how much help she'd be, unless her echolocation abilities could be put to use. That was a possibility, she supposed. With a brief, irritated glance cast towards the one who decided popping their joints at this moment was a good idea - ugh, that was another noise she didn't like - she shook her head and turned back towards the sisters. She was intent on finding out who would be chosen, if only for mere curiosity's sake.
  15. ReverieRiver

    Questions about pony body types

    Okay, let's tackle this one at a time! The general rule is that male ponies have square faces and the female ponies have round ones. Zecora and the alicorns are largely exceptions to the rule (Zecora's not a pony, and the alicorns are just different). As for colts having round faces, well... Think about how young boys usually have round faces, but then they usually gain a more square or chiseled look as they grow older, hit puberty, etc. I would gander a guess that it is, indeed, because she is an alicorn. Maybe she'll grow into them? It's strange to think about, because we've never seen an alicorn foal before. Bulk Biceps is... an odd one. It just basically looks like he developed the rest of his body, but not his wings. I don't know, I think his design is meant to be more jokey than anything else. Because they're alicorns. It seems that alicorns are generally just bigger than most ponies, perhaps because they're more powerful or the fact that they're said to have traits of all three races combined. I feel like eventually (and I mean yeeeeears down the road), Twilight's build may change. She already seems a bit taller than her friends. Well, Big Mac and Shining Armor are just big, strong ponies. That's just the way they are. Same goes for the others you mentioned, it's just the way they are. If anything, I'd love to see more variation in body types like this, gives them more character - but that would be an absolute pain to animate so many unique shapes, lol. That is... actually an interesting question. Huh. Never noticed that.