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  1. RealityPublishing

    Mega Thread How are you feeling right now?

    I just beat Thunderblight Ganon in the Imagitory Realm with Three hearts in total. I feel invisible.
  2. RealityPublishing

    Will the mane 6 all become alicorns?

    *Season 7. Yeah, I just finished watching it and I see what you're saying. Still, it feels more like they're trying to fix everything that's happened in the past few seasons, therefore, I highly doubt they'd want to destroy it by making everyone an Alicorn. If anything, I'm worried now, more than ever, that Starlight will become an Alicorn. The finale ended kind of abruptly, making me more and more itchy about what Season 8 will hold. Either way, if MLP continues this path of trying to resurrect old season morals, we may be seeing a 9th and maybe a 10th season.
  3. RealityPublishing

    General What flaws does your pony OC have?

    I think my OC is a little too generic. I think he looks good, but I met someone on Pony.Town with the same exact looking OC. I guess that should've been a good sign to make some changes.
  4. RealityPublishing

    Most Awkward Moment As A Brony?

    Jumping into a CS:GO match just to find out all your teammates are haters.
  5. RealityPublishing

    The Nintendo Switch

    The Switch is a masterpiece and a true reclaiming of the old Nintendo throne (if you care or remember any of that). It has a very bright future and it has definitely won a place in my heart! I recommend it to everyone these days!
  6. Posted my artwork upon finding my printer! I'm going to retire for the night and maybe doodle something new tomorrow :P





  7. RealityPublishing

    Trying a new pony art style

    Still working with it, but I like the way it looks now -Rebus
  8. For the first time in a good month or so, I finally made some pony design sketches. It's a new, improved, and definitely a more satisfying pony design than some of my older works. I'll be taking pictures in a day or two. (I'm still moving in to my house; I can't find anything!)

  9. RealityPublishing

    General Hey, remember Thanksgiving?

    What's that? I can't hear you over the sounds of a Skrillex rendition of Jingle Bells.
  10. RealityPublishing

    Will the mane 6 all become alicorns?

    I feel like this question was more relevant during the end of Season 4 while the Mane 6 were still saving Equestria rather than pandering to Twilight and Starlight. Since the Mane6's overall traction has kind of disappeared with the S6 Finale, for them to all become alicorns isn't really relevant anymore. In the meantime . . .
  11. Just saw the My Little Pony Movie! (The 2017 one, not the others :P ) I'll certainly be writing about this one ;) 


    Thanks for the birthday wishes! It means a lot :) 

  12. Happy Birthday to owner one of the cutest avatars on this forum!:P


  14. hey thanks for being a person