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  1. I'm streaming Ponies: the Anthology tonight at 6PM Central, catch it on my rabbit page for 5 and a half hours of pony nonsense!


  2. [Spoilers] Hello and welcome to Edgelord Academy™ where we talk about condiluted backstories, overly emotional ideals, psychotic behaviors, and sibling rivalries. Today's topic: self-inflicting injuries. If you're reading this, it probably means you've been accepted into Edgelord Academy™ by means of mistake or tampering. We only have one rule on our establishment: To type in blood red to express our innermost emotion. Without further ado, strap on your headphones and prepare to blare TDG or anything Linkin Park for maximum p l e a s u r e. As I mentioned above, today we're talking about the Queen of ALL EDGE. The one, the only, Tempest Caramel Chip Cherry Pie Shadow. Y'know, that one mare with the broken horn. Because bones don't regrow on your face, apparently. I have a bone (ha) to pick with the people who write these backstories. While I don't really know what to expect from a well-developed backstory, something about Tempest's and Starlight's backstories prove to be really underwhelming motivation. Cutie marks take Starlight's friends, ok? What did you do for the rest of your life? Tempest breaks her face and her dreams of going to be a princess are spoiled, ok? While that's certainly a more realistic motivation when compared to Starlight Glimmer's evil plot, someone would figure she'd get over the fact her face is broken. For those who haven't read the book and don't mind spoilers for something that won't be explained in the movie (at least, I doubt in detail), let me explain why Tempest has temper. A long time ago, Tempest Shadow fell and broke her face while fighting a bear. Simple enough? The book explains they live somewhere in a village within the plains beneath Canterlot (so, around Ponyville), but my question is, didn't they have a hospital or someone who was proficient in medicine at the time? Couldn't Tempest have collected her broken horn AFTER it fell off and brought it to someone who could've fixed it? IT'S BONE; BONE GROWS BACK. While full regeneration isn't possible, I'm certain they could've bandaged it back together and let it heal after a good few months. Of course, that'd defeat the purpose of a villain, so she's gotta go venture to the desert for some odd reason and strike deals with the Storm King who, in the trailer, does not look very menacing. I managed to blow through the book in a good 40 minutes or so. It's an interesting story and it's nice to get a more complete version of a character we have yet to be introduced to. (I wish I could've read the comics instead. . .) However, the book itself seemed a bit incomplete. If you plan on reading the MLP Movie Prequel novel, read it an hour before you go to see the movie. At least then it'd make more sense and feel like a sound timeline. Seriously, the book ends the second the movie begins. It was an enjoyable read, but it seemed very empathetic and monotone throughout. It was nice to see Tempest explore some of the lower regions of Equestria and the book even introduced some new cities and towns never seen before. Other than that, I read it merely because Barnes and Nobles had it and I was interested in seeing more from the movie. I doubt the book is necessary to understand the villain. If it is, I'll let you know whenever the movie comes around. Short story even shorter, Tempest Shadow wants to be Celestia's student and become an alicorn but breaks her face and is forced to travel Equestria because she doesn't want to be embarrassed about her disability. She's also got some kind of PTSD? But it's more of an allergy to whenever somepony asks about her face (which only happens twice in the book). All you have to say is, "It broke in an accident", and no one would bother you again. Jeez, gotta make everything so dramatic, Tempest. If you want to read this book, try reading the comics instead (assuming they tell the same story). -Rebus I'm streaming a marathon of Ponies the Anthology on my room on AUGUST 18th, 2017 at 6PM Cent, 7PM East. It's a Friday evening, so try to make it! As all Anthology movies, there's a bit of profanity that won't be censored; don't go if you're offended by f-bombs or whatever Anthology Team presents. Either way, thanks for reading and I'll be back with more eekwestreea grills tomorrow or the following afternoon.
  3. i sopell gud. Well, I'm officially back from my month-long vacation. Not a lot happened, but I've got a few topics I've thought of while gone; sorry for the spontaneous disappearance. Regardless, today is my first day back into my own bed. My laptop has been freezing without my endless CS:GO overclock (now back at it!). Now, if there are a few things I'm really looking forward in the upcoming week, it's definitely gotta be the new, second half of the MLP season (which has, surprisingly, not been leaked), 4everfreebrony's new album, and the official launch of Legends of Equestria, ALL ON THE SAME DAY, August 19th, 2017. Seriously, this Saturday is going to be the best in pony (let me know if I forgot anything). However, one thing that had slipped my mind were the Equestria Girls: Summer Shorts released a while back in Russian (or was it Spanish?). Unfortunately, my Russian speech is limited to a childish comprehension of their alphabet, no way am I going to be able to decipher that. I did hear there was a youtube who did the first reaction to the shorts and his copies were in English. I wonder if he's a Dedsec member. . . One thing I will say before I start, is that the next few entries (including this one) are going to be more of reviews. I'll probably throw in a story in-between to add a bit more interest, but for now (considering my vacation resulted in me sitting on a coach for a month playing BoTW and Black Ops: Zombies) I'll be sticking with what I have. I have a love-hate relationship with the Equestria Girls spin-off series. On one hand, they're fun and still somewhat related to pony. The characters still have some kind of relationship with their pony-counterparts and it's something to pass the time during the 5 month hiatuses we all seem to be getting. On the other hand, however, their recent movies, in my opinion, have been abysmal. Friendship Games was okay, but it felt too much like the first movie and please, I beg of you, don't get me started on Legends of Everfree. Something about it really didn't click with me and the ending was awful. The last thing we need in EQG is MORE SUPERPOWERS, trust me on that. I digress, but only because I blame most of these catastrophes on the writer, Josh Haber (even if he didn't write LoEF, Season 6 was his fault, sorry, Josh). I'm going to split this review into three parts because I need more entries. Just an fyi, k thx bye --- The Equestria Girls Summer Shirts [2017] are a collection of 3 episode-sized animations created to break the ice while Hasbro counts money and makes another EQG Abomination to surpass the last. All three of these episodes feature Sunset Glimmer and her band of cronies finding new ways to infect the earth with their new strain of immortally impenetrable friendship. The first episode starts off with everyone's favorite, but not quite famous yet, Femband washing cars so Twilight can afford an extra dose of VRAM for use with her Bitcoin mining project. However, as it turns out, Twilight's motherboard isn't able handle the new GPU so she asks Rarity to fork over an extra 10,000 dollars for a completely new system. "Rarity_give_me_your_money_now," She says. Rarity is reluctant toward doing so, but caves in as she realizes her superpowers are completely useless when compared to the alihuman telekinesis. "Good_I_don't_want_to_resort_to_dogecoin_again_those_are_worthless." After Rarity's consultation with her greedy fiends, Rarity finds herself wandering the empty corridors of the local mall like any good teenager with nothing to do on their spare time but Snapchat and drink Mountain Dew or Monster while still trying to make skinny jeans look good (it's not possible). However, while window shopping, Rarity discovers the wonders of "modern fashion" and realizes that she's going to have to ditch the fancy skinny jeans and wear something shiny; i.e., she found a dress in a store and declared to the entire establishment that as Celestia is her witness (the principal?), she would don that outfit. The only problem was that the gown cost exactly the same amount as Twilight's GPU, what a coincidence. Rarity then tries to meet up with her friends at the high school (because going home is for nerds!) and does her best to bargain with Twilight under terms that, "it would be a most profitable endeavor". "Rarity_what_makes_this_"endeavor"_profitable.jpg?" That's the part when Rarity says the word, "Dresses" and everyone caves in because Piemations did a funny (if anyone remembers). So Rarity, with her money, goes to the store and buys the dress, realizing that she had just blown all of Twilight's money. However! Hope is not lost as she remembers COMPUTERS exist in Not-Equestria! So Rarity goes to the library and makes a youtube video of her dancing to Redbone. That was the lesson of the episode. If you wanted a real lesson that wasn't a rehash of the same thing, you should've watched "Rarity Takes Manehattan" (Season 4, Episode 8). -RePub Just a little side-note, I'm doing a full marathon stream of Ponies the Anthology, including all 6 "films" on August 18th @ 6PM Cent, 7PM East. Hope to see you there! Link to my room down below: I hear it can be accessed on mobile, but I would recommend being on a computer just in case ;P
  4. Holy crap, the "Black Cauldron"? I used to watch that as a kid because I always thought it was in some way related to Legend of Zelda. I'll definitely try to catch this one!
  5. Finally back after the longest vacation in my life (about 1 month, but still). Sorry for the big delay; definitely expect some blog posts soon! 

    1. Snow


      Well howdy stranger, I haven't seen you around in quite some time, welcome back :P 

  6. So. . . I saw the new MLP Movie Trailer. I must say, it looks good. Other than a few continuity errors (which I thought was really nice of ACRacebest to point out), that new “Grubber” character (the one who looks like a Gen 4 Pokemon crossed with Stitch) + = Yeah, that one. He, and a lot of the other new characters, really don’t fit in Equestria. Perhaps it adds on to the whole new, “Creatures from beyond Equestria” (Which, if they do it, I hope to see the map of Equestria expanded. Also, what’s with Tempest’s horn problem? I really hope they don’t burn runtime with a 20 minute exposition talking about it. [I swear, if they pull another Starlight Glimmer and make a really underdeveloped villain motivation that could be fixed in a few mere minutes, I’m turning in.]) The trailer itself had a few “cringy” moments, but that’s kind of expected considering this is a movie for girls the age of 6 or something. But really, is it necessary to say, “Oh, I love pie” after an already juvenile intimidation? (Don’t forget the whole, “he just got dropped”. Seriously writers, you’re not winning any fans by giving the actors silly punch lines) That one really ticked me off a bit; and the other new character really didn’t have anything intellectual to say either. Uh . . . “The Storm King”, yeah, that was his name. He seemed kinda dumb in the trailer too. Wait. If Tempest is the leader, why is he the “King”? Why should he follower her orders? What makes him special? I guess I’ll have to wait and find out. No Celestia intervention in the trailer; we didn’t even get to see her. That makes me worried. On the positive side though, the new art style looked really nice! I’m rather fond of what they did with the place. The ponies are a bit more expressive with the exception of the mouth feeling stiff from time to time; but still, no real complaints here. I heard a bit of criticism from a friend (FRIENDS?) that was turned off by the “seapony” part. Personally, I’m not too bothered as it’s nothing new to the franchise. But if they don’t sing a song about being seaponies, I’m tapping out. There’s no way I’m going to sit through an hour and a half without a seapony song. The best moment of the trailer, for me, had to be the Starlight Glimmer cameo. I haven’t exactly been the biggest fan of the new pupil; but as time went on, I really came to “appreciate” (I saw some good artwork, okay?) [fluttershyblush]. But why was that the best part? Well, I’ll let the cover photo take care of that. On a side note, however, a lot of fans were wondering if she was going to be in the movie at all. While she may not play that big a part, it’s nice to see she’s still a part of the world even on a bigger screen. Nice to see Hasbro has taken a few notes after all. One thing that has kept me on my toes, however, is the new writer. Ever since the departure of M.A. Larson and Megan McCarthy, DHX and Hasbro have been juggling new writers (I’m so glad they took Josh Haber off the writer’s roster. Two good episodes doesn’t not make you Mark Twain.) As of now, there’re only a handful of good writers I really trust (Joanna Lewis, Kristine Songco, and the Fox Brothers). Regardless of my close-mindedness, this new writer seems competent and it looks as if he really cares about holding the franchise on his shoulders. Not to mention, giving a bit more “bite” to Tempest has already won me over to seeing the movie in theaters this October. It’s always nice to see the show stepping outside its boundaries (still won’t be better than S4 Finale. Although, I did get the same amount of chills during the MLP Movie trailers, so I think it’s fair to say they will be along the same level [assuming it’s actually a good movie]) My only complaint is that they used by far the crappiest 3D model to represent the Tempest’s aircraft. I mean, seriously? Is that the best you can do? It looks like a cardboard shoe with sails; something you’d find in a Nintendo DS game (dare I say late GBA?). I’m not the best 3D modeler, but if I can do better, there’s something wrong. I think the movie will be good; I’ll definitely bring the herd to see this one. Thanks for reading! -RealityPublishing (Sleeping with fantastical mares and writing underrated abominations since October 3rd, 2015.) Speaking of mares . . .
  7. Not sure, but I think I know what I'd do XD (buy them all)
  8. Well, he certainly encourages me more than playing with ponies, if that's any for comparison
  9. Welcome back (again)! I’ll pick up where I left off. I received my case a week later and sold it at the lowly price of 5 dollars. I tried to keep a bright face as two new keys was better than none. Except, it might as well been none since the only thing I seemed to get out of it was a dumb UMP. However, I remained sharp and instead of buying two glove cases, I only bought one, leaving the rest of the money invested in a shiny new, Spectrum Case. Yeah, I sold the case for the price of its key. Now all I had to do was wait for the case to drop and BOOM, Redit’s new front page would be littered with, “Dirtbag Kid Unboxes 800,000 dollar knife OMG!1!!” (I can dream big, can’t I?) Fast forward a few weeks and the unspeakable happens. I meet another kid at least 5 years younger than me on an official Deathmatch server. For some unknown reason, he friends me and I magically scam him (Skin Insanity Level 5 Achieved) into giving me his Spectrum Case. I knew he had one because I got bored one night and started surfing all my CS:GO Friends’ profiles. (That’s how you know it’s extreme insanity.) Now, because of my Dad’s support (not financially, of course. I never get financial support for some reason), he liked to watch my unboxings in hope I get something stupid. I don’t know why, but I stopped inviting him because of it. That night, however, was different. I had that key aging in my inventory for at least 2 weeks and I was desperate to open it. With a blurt of my words, I accidentally invited my father to watch the unboxing, he did not decline. He stood behind me, peering over my shoulder as he scanned the contents of the box, finally pointing toward the blue columns across the top. I pointed at the gold token. “See Dad?” I smirked, “I’m going to get a kneiv.” He scanned the screen, quoting the small piece of text at the bottom, “Items you COULD get in this box. You’re gonna get a blue.” “yeah, but I COULD get a 20,000 dollar knife. And that’s better.” I unboxed the case, watching the choppy spinner lag through each token (like I said, Soccer-Mom laptop) finally reaching at its destination with the bright pink, “AWP | Fever Dream” in Minimal Wear. I screamed. Never before had I gotten a pink skin, so that was pretty exciting. I quickly looked up the price and read the one I preferred best. “It’s 80 dollars!” My father wore a face of true astonish; I wasn’t surprised. When I’d calmed down, I checked to see how much the community market was offering. 20 Dollars. “Wha-?” Turns out, it’s 80 dollars, even in Minimal wear . . . assuming you have a StatTrak. Mine was regular. Rest in pepperonis hopes and dreams of being one-step closer to that low-budget gaming rig of 700 dollars. I kept the AWP for a month, showing it off to many people in matchmaking before letting it go in exchange for 4 more keys. After that, I realized Valve really hates me and CS:GO was never made to make money off of. The best I got out of that “Fever Dream” was a “P90 | Shallow Grave” for the lowly price of 5 dollars (later to be 3 dollars as price fluctuation slowed). Now I live under a rock with my AWP | Safari Mesh (I'm going to call her Dmitri after last night's gameplay. Very much hunting guaranteed) . If you see my Fever Dream anywhere, tell him to come home. We all miss him. -RealityPublishing (Thank you MLPForums for creating scheduled release times. We all love you for that )
  10. Writing. What could be better than sharing your own little world with others?
  11. WELCOME BACK! I hast returned after my longest (and genuinely my most boring) hiatus! Do I regret taking such a long break after “promising” to write more? Yeah. I do. Am I ditching the corporate episode style to the blog? Yes. Why? Because being the owner of an episodic webseries without payment or any kind of royalties and copyrights is dumb and decreases my motivation toward producing content with outstandingly high effort put into it when I can write anything and make it worth reading regardless. Another reason for that being I finally picked up writing again and would like a fresh start without the aim of being the most popular brony within vicinity of a dying fandom (I hate to admit it, but yes, I had priorities). Regardless, it’s nice to be back and try to keep this ship afloat for at least a little bit longer. I’ve been spending more time with “Le Brick”, so let’s see what this baby can do. (not to mention, I’ve done a few stupid stuff over the past few months and it would be nice to share them for a change ) Let’s get started, shall we? It should come as no surprise that I am the poorest kid on the block. Even without knowing the others in my neighborhood, you could automatically point me out from the crowd just by the number of hours I spent this summer tirelessly racking up hours on steam for the sake of a sick meme. By now you’re probably wondering, “What does being poor have to do with hours on Steam?” Well, at first, this wouldn’t come up as a surprise. But like any aspiring teen who is one-year shy of getting access from the biggest supply of minimum wage job applications, I liked to abuse any and all systems to find a way to get profit. To be clear and honest, this habit started back when I started playing TF2 (y’know, when it wasn’t dead. Well, it’s still not dead; but back then it wasn’t as dead as it is today) and learned of Community Marketplace. There, I learned you could sell Virtual Items for Real Cash. That got my little gears grinding as I suddenly discovered random drops would populate my inventory after only an hour of gameplay. How cool is that? Returning to my current dilemma. Little did I know the 10 dollar game I purchased on sale (with the rare occasion of 33% off or something like that) could grant me more profit than any other game. To my unknowing, Counter Strike: Global Offense has some of the most profitable in-game items ever acquired in history (with some prices ranging up to a rumored 10k!). Once again, I had those little instincts clicking again. What if I could get those items and buy something more worthwhile? Like . . . I turned to my cheesy 200 dollar Soccer-Mom Laptop, “A GAMING PC” It’d be done before, of course. After that very moment (and getting the courage to convince my Dad this was a good investment), I started to collect every case I could get my hands on; and, after watching enough Anomaly vids to realize that, “YES, IT IS POSSIBLE TO GET TWO KNIVES IN THE FIRST 15 CASES”, I started converting every penny I had into the digital currency known simply as, “keys”. I only had 20 dollars, but any money is good money! Especially if you had the chance to make a 300 dollar profit from it! At the time, the Glove Case had truly lost its moment as the brand new Spectrum Case was revealed just a shy two days ago with its peak price being a total of about 15 dollars. I would wait a while before I could open those; and even if I got one, I’d sell it right away to buy more keys for Glove Cases. (‘Cause a good pair of gloves looked really swanky!) A 20 dollar bill gives you about 8 keys. Out of those 8 keys, the best I got was an “AK-47 | Elite Build” with Minimal Wear float (Condition). I was distraught, but refused to give up on such an American dream. “Capitalism will prevail! I will gamble more!” I’d scream in my small two bedroom apartment. Shortly after my disappointing unboxing a friend whom I hadn’t seen (wait, Rebus has friends?) in over a year came online. We were friends IRL, so I invited him to play on the new map, Canals. We had a blast and I was still in Silver II. Figures. (I’m about Silver Elite now, so HA) Still, in those final moments of the map being reassigned, the little icon for the “SPECTRUM CASE” shone my friend’s name beneath it shone in the right pane next to the leaderboards. I was screamed as though my friend had won the lottery. It was late at night, so we both logged off. Regardless, I convinced him to give me his case for no real price in return. He didn’t play CS:GO often, so he didn’t keep up with the “politics”. I was one step closer to getting that “2 Knives in 15 Cases” unboxing experience. Unfortunately, Steam Authorizer is that one jerk you don’t invite to parties. I know two-part-ers are undesirable, but stay tuned anyway! The next part will be released tomorrow at 7:00AM Cent! I’ll see you there!

  14. Knack 2. There is no competition.
  15. I'm not sure if it's just me or if there's some way to change this; but the character counter (since the recent Ponyverse upgrade), has been nothing but an annoyance by obstructing the view and disabling right-click (spellcheck) on any pieces of text underneath it. Is there anyway to move the counter back to the margin around the text editor as it was in the previous version? Thank you. -Rebus