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  3. Knack 2. There is no competition.
  4. I'm not sure if it's just me or if there's some way to change this; but the character counter (since the recent Ponyverse upgrade), has been nothing but an annoyance by obstructing the view and disabling right-click (spellcheck) on any pieces of text underneath it. Is there anyway to move the counter back to the margin around the text editor as it was in the previous version? Thank you. -Rebus
  5. Yeah, I have to agree with ya there. I don't really find myself rushing to Saturdays anymore and I've been really hesitant about rewatching any episodes. Personally, I think it's because I HAVEN'T BEEN BUYING ANY MERCHANDISE LATELY. (A sin on its own) Addictions and interests usually wear off overtime, so I'm genuinely surprised I've lasted this long in the fandom. My involvement in the fandom has died down drastically and been reduced to me merely watching a television show. It's sad, really. (but no worries, because I am going to be travelling all over God's green earth looking for that exclusive Wonderbolts Derpy set only from Target. Never fear, Hasbro, I will find thee!)
  6. I wear a pair of warm, winter gloves every day in the middle of the hot Texas summer along with a thick, orange mountain jacket that is inflated to the size of modern pillows. I don't know why I do it, but I suppose individuality has become my special talent. (maybe they think I'm gay, but I couldn't say. The common introverted, computer-loving, mare-adoring, fanfic-writing Silver III is an easy oversight. plz call)
  7. I wanted today's blog entry to be a little different and more on the personal side. I recommend you read through it, but keep in mind, it's merely opinion; and as with all preference, it can always be argued against. Feel free to make your own interjections. The internet is a platform for belief, you needn't hide it. This entry in particular is talking about Season 7 -- and considering I make up everything as I go along -- it may contain light spoilers. I think about this a lot, but it's never really bothered me or made me recollect as much as I have now. I speak, of course, of the new Season 7. I watched the new episodes Live on Brony.Tv as I always do; but during my viewing, I noticed something rather odd. Peculiar, really. It wasn't something I was expected. What came out of me were cheers of excitement, but it sounded dull and lifeless. It was a cautious cry, something I'd been meaning to let out, but was waiting for the right evidence as a signal to sound. The odd detail that caught my eye was the new logo hastily plastered across my screen. Its dull purple colors stained across that beautifully painted, pink canvas created so many seasons ago. It felt out of place; it didn't feel the same. To be honest, I like the new logo and I believe it matched the "Guardians of Harmony" toy line perfectly; but staring at this new face felt wrong. It seemed as though the MLP I had grown to love had been defiled, dishonored, and disgraced. I know for a fact Hasbro shows little to no respect for their toy line or their mainstream franchises as proven through some of their older works. To them, it's no more than a name with a pricey dollar sign tagged along its ear. However, I figured there was still a heart hidden somewhere in that machine they've built themselves out of. It appears I stand corrected. To see this new logo pasted upon the title card made me cry a little on the inside (I'm not afraid to admit it). It felt like a sign of moving on; this wasn't the same show anymore. The simple characters who once had wishful goals were gone. The humble ponies I could relate to had evolved into "superstars" of their time. It was a devolution introduced at the end of Season 3; I failed to see it. (then again, I didn't discover the show until second-half Season 5). I'm not sure if these are her final breaths; but it is clear, MLP has changed drastically and the logo was a stamp to seal the deal. To take a step back, I know the show began to decline when the writers started to leave. It's hard for a show to stay afloat when newer creators try to shape the show in their own image. It's difficult trading hands as it changed the original point of view; but, based on memory, many of the writers left because they were either offered better opportunities (understandable), or because of their lack of control over the show's direction (variables controlled only by Hasbro Co.). The fandom has been at war with Hasbro since the dawn of our existence, yet here we stand. It's hard to believe we've made it this far in FiM and still have another season to go; that's incredible, but is it still worth it? I never thought I'd find myself to loving ponies, it wasn't, nor ever will be, a norm. However, just as the show has, ideas change. The show has become my curse: I love it so dearly, but I hate seeing what it's become; regardless, I follow it for its legacy and continue to smile upon the community. I like to see how things end and where they stop. I have a habit of not giving up on abandoned ideas. Still, even with all that in mind, the glowing button of departure glows more brightly than before. Seeing the fandom's past works of joy and celebration appear today as lowly tearjerkers. Time moves on, but looking to the future is futile. I know about twenty of these show up on the blogs/topics list daily and it's been a concern prevalent since the end of S2. I get it, it's a logo; but before you interject, allow me to wrap this up with one more quote: "Progress isn't always a good thing" Thanks for tuning into the Archives, -RealityPublishing
  8. Huh, that is pretty strange. You'd think at least one episode would come from that conversation, but I guess not. Maybe the creators wanted to stop shipping. (It's probably too late though [I haven't checked for FlutterSpike]. Nowadays, if a character talks with anyone, they're automatically shipped with them.)
  9. Hmm . . . personally, there aren't too many things to hate in the fandom. Depending on your point of view, everything is spot on. Music is great, community is well-woven over half the time, and fandom has existing material from which content creators based their concepts and ideas, creating more pleasurable entertainment for members of the congregation (I mention this because the Furry fandom [no offense to anyone] has no specific show or idea that revolve around "furries"; it's rather untamed 90% of the time and, as the years have shown, have gotten out of paw). I can see how "extremist" bronies can be annoying with the pleasure of shoving their ideas and beliefs down the throats of others, but nearly all of religion does the same thing, so I give that a pass as it could be worse. The only few activities that really get on my back come from the artist side of the fandom. We have some excellent artists, but those who are stuck in those first few steps can be downright aching to look at. Of course, everyone gets better at their craft with practice, but recolors and ponifications are the absolute worst. A few other fandoms have the problem (Furries, again), but Bronies rank up at a close number 2 for the number of bad recolors in a fandom. They're usually lazily done and awful to look at. Ponifications are good when well done (or canon like the "Link" in S6Ep11), but other times are pitiful and are easy to frown upon. I realize I just over-complicated my submission when I could've simply put, "Recolors and Ponifications are pretty bad", but meh. -RePub
  10. New "Archives" blog entry coming tomorrow at 12:30PM! Be sure to read it and share a few opinions about current events regarding MLP!

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      Raven Drakeaurd

      I don't know what "New archives blog entry" is but I check it out anyways.

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      Oh, I actually run two blogs! My main (where I've posted 94% of the time): Repub's whatever and whatever, and my secondary where I've only added maybe 2 or three entries, "The Archives". 

  11. My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic, is your atypical MLP fighting video game. (I say "atypical" because it's one of the few that are actually GOOD and not run by greedy cooperate business men who actually tempt me into buying into their cheap antics). Personally, I'm not a fan of the fighting genre. Based on opinion and observation, I find the fighting community to be full of toxic competition and many sore losers who are shown to the front door long before a round is over. The games for me are too complex with thousands of mediocre combos and silly statistics that are practically pointless the second you realize spamming buttons works just as well. I have a copy of Fighting is Magic because I found it in the very early entries of Equestria Daily's "news". It still works and runs in its "Tribute Version" which I've discovered to be the most stable version out there (others are filled to the brim with bad OCs, sprites, and terrible animations). But what was I doing with a fighting game? I honestly don't know; I was bored. Nonetheless, I wanted to change things up and hopefully have a good time. Yeah, something like that. Now, at the time I downloaded this game, I was on my original laptop. Desktop 1.0, the "Big Blue"; I've wrote about it many times before (see my "Eulogy"). However, I only played for about 5 minutes before realizing I don't play fighting games and I really should go back to playing Assassin's Creed I or something else to my speed. One (or two) years later, I found myself digging through my external and discovered it had been collecting dust along with Stranded Deep 0.01 and FNAFWorld 1.0. So, for old times sake, I decided to boot it up and give it another shot. Around this time, I was on my second laptop, Desktop 6.0 (Black Chromium), but after a night of falling through floors in Ubisoft's, "Assassin's Creed: Unity", my laptop was exhausted and needed a few days off. Gladly, I gave it; so in turn, I looked to Desktop 4.0 (The Typewriter) for help. The Typewriter has been my essential writing computer for the last year and had been the birthplace of many fanfictions and art alike. The downside, (it used to be called, "the Brick") is that it runs on the horrendous Windows XP and is capped by its extremely under-powered hardware. So I had to find a game (that was still on my external) that was able to run on a pocket calculator. Most of the games I had on me were from the 7th generation of consoles and still don't run quite right on my regular computer, so those were immediately out of the query. FNAFWorld had resolution issues and I really didn't feel like playing Scott Cawthon's, "There is No Pause Button" for the sake of beating it at least a hundred times. That left Fighting is Magic; and, to my surprise, it ran rather nicely on "the fossil" with the exceptions of continuous lag issues and the occasional crash because of its simple stupidity. --- Fighting is Magic: Tribute Edition, is probably the only game I know that can be both GOOD and BAD at the same time. It's well made, and that's good; but it's also really punishing and extremely frustrating for the smallest imperfections (and that's bad). The bots in the game are so incredibly hard at first, there is literally no reason to push any further. Like most fighting games (even of this era), once you get trapped in a corner, you might as well give up. Spamming buttons won't break you free and trying to grab the enemy won't do anything (not that it's a feature in Fighting is Magic). I'm seriously still stuck on what to do and I've finally been blessed with finishing the game. Characters are difficult to use and the only well-balanced ponies to choose from is Rainbow Dash. Yeah, there's only one. There's no reason to bother with any of the other characters because they're either next to impossible to master or so incredibly ridiculous that even the bots don't know how to use them (Pinkie Pie). To my understanding, there are unlock-able characters like Derpy and Gilda, but I'm not too keen on replaying the game until my keys fall off. Many of the fighting styles for each character is actually rather similar. Rainbow Dash feels like the first character implemented in the game as she has the most well-rounded move set around. Everypony else feels like some sort of clone that've been tweaked just enough to be unique. Some ponies have to be taken down up close and others have to be kicked around from afar, but they still maintain a similarity that rings throughout the roster. --- Overall, it's a fun little game with a lot of cool little kicks in it to keep it alive. It'd be really nice to see if they still use it for competitive use at BronyCon (although, by now, I'm sure they're using the more recently published, "Them's Fighting Herd" for a more stable experience). If you intend on experiencing this game for yourself, be sure to use a controller or something similar. Pressing Diagonally on a keyboard is difficult in tense situations (you'll probably be spamming keys anyway). Link to the EQD page down below (hopefully it's still up). (^^vv<><>BA) -RealityPublishing EQD Page:
  12. New MLP episode in 30 minutes. This is not a drill; repeat, this is not a drill.

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  13. he was disappointed
  14. New blog post! We're covering the MLP Movie!

  15. Welcome back! And I see I'm not the only one who's changed. MLPForums is looking snazzy at best. I like a few of the features they added (like live notifications), but I see they've misplaced a few things (why get rid of the blog covers???). Ah well, I suppose there's nothing to change there. So what exactly did I do over my break? Nothing much, but I did get to play through the entire "Stranger than Fanfiction" event on the MLP Gameloft game. I managed to make it to 101st place, missing Dr. Cabellaron by 6 tokens. Disappointment hurts. (I couldn't even get QuibblePants because I fell asleep on the last night.) Other than that, I've been working Blender 3D like an underappreciated farming tool and trying to make something presentable of myself. I've been trying to work with the visual arts, but I eventually found myself running back into writing and starting yet another fiction. I simply love inspiration, never fails to hit you when you're the most busy. So what is this entry about? Why the clickbait title? (The hype for the movie has gotten to the point where the very mention of a "MLP Movie" draws attention) Well, for the sake of the movie, my dearest Scribe (the man who wrote the notes on the original Ponycrush experience entry) and I were lucky enough to get a hold of the original MLP Movie from 1986 and boy, what a trip. Before I start digging into the story and whatnot, let me just say: the movie isn't bad. It was gutsy for a girls' show at the time and it's still rather fun to watch. The animation is good and (with a pinch of delusional zest) can be rather humorous. So without further ado, let's jump into the original moments that created the phenomenon none of us can seem to get out of (not that we'd want to, of course). The MLP Movie, believe it or not, begins with singing. Who would've known? Personally, I think the songs in the movie weren't too much to gloat over. Some of them were easy to listen to while others made me want to crawl under my bed until the Smooze blew over (but you know, nothing can stop the Smooze [except the fluttershy]). Many of the songs were there for the sake of time while others were placed to progress the plot, whatever that means. They were all extremely forgettable and I'm not going to be buying the soundtrack anytime soon. --- The basis of the MLP Movie was about two (or three) witches who don't like ponies and they try to flood the land with their steamy ooze and turn the "little" ponies into toys for marketing. But of course, the ponies don't like that because they are secretly allergic to type-2 plastic and are afraid of being recycled. The witches try to calm the little ponies down by encasing them in some other kind of plastic that I don't know the name (they hang them upside down with their legs all oozed up), but the ponies still don't like it so they retaliate and try to involve the humans. Soon enough, "Big MAmMA" witch comes in and says to the other two witches, "Nothing can stop the DMCA". And so the humans were placed in a forest in the middle of nowhere and remained useless for the remainder of the movie. But that last remark wasn't entirely true as the humans run into a communistic utopia filled with glitter-loving butterflies (breezies?) who want nothing other than to indoctrinate the humans. The leader of the humans, some 6 year old girl design to represent the target demographic, says, "Okay; but first, you gotta help us dissolve the DMCA". Plot twist, the communistic society (run by Starglimmer Lightshimmer) was actually the world's number one law firm and was determined to help anyone in need of settling copyright violations. So with hooves in hooves, the Sohooviets marched to the three witches and gave them a lot of white powder and they were never seen again. The ponies sang a plethora of instant-hit songs such as: -"Nothing can stop the Hasbro" -"Fundle my Grundle" -"Keep Calm, Flutter On, and Quit Stalin" -"I Get Smoozed" -"The Foreign Far-East Song (They Can Do the Dirty Work)" And of course, the all-time favorite! -"My Little Pony: Payday is Here at Last" --- If you're in for some pre-hype MLP Movie [2017] fun, feel free to watch the movie (for old time's sake). It's not bad, not at all. It's good to be back (again). -RealityPublishing FiMFiction: