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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Jailed for trying to reclaim the holy land and killing sever government officials
  3. Ehhh I think this is really creepy and it kinda throws some Power Puff Girls vibes at me
  4. Well logically horses aren't supposed to have twins. But I really don't know/care who was born first. I am still gonna say Pound Cake though
  5. You @NightWing until I find another to love! What was your first kiss like?
  6. Your welcomes are never just the same are they Jeric?
  7. I don't know how many times more I am going to be making new welcome posts for myself... But hi! My name is Kivil I have been on here for a long time. I leave then return then leave again. I am not sure why I keep doing this to myself. I guess it is because school sucks and it is a continual cycle of horse crap. Either which way. Hi. I hath returned
  8. Oooooh well I'd hate to see you not so active and still good luck where ever the winds take you
  9. I'd hate to see you go but its always good to see people finally set their sails to go somewhere new! Good luck wherever the winds take you
  10. Welcome! Its rare for me to hear that someone is new to the fandom itself! Have fun here in the forums and in the fandom~
  11. Eeeeeyyyyy That is waaay better than the way I came out. I was laying on the couch and my mother walked in. It was super awkward! GOOD ON YOU FOR BEING YOURSELF!!!
  12. Its not alcohol its love and that good apple family sweat. Just kiddin'! Yeah I am pretty sure its alcohol. BUT! Since it is a kids' show they will never admit to it
  13. There's more art on my DeviantArt and Tumblr now. If anyone wants to check it out :3

  14. It is really hard to like an episode when you don't really like the characters in it. I don't really like Flurry Heart for a multitude of reasons not only is she basically a Mary Sue. She is literally the first alicorn born into existence. Also, I don't really like Twilight either. So I have this a 3/5