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  1. The Pink One

    Hello, Im New

    Welcome to the forums, I hope that you have a great time here. *brohoof*
  2. The Pink One

    Health How often do you shower ( or bath )?

    About two or three times a day (I pick tomatoes for a living and come home from work smelling of tomato plant) so once before work, once after work, and if I still smell of tomatoes (it penetrates everything after a while) like today, I'll have another shower before bed ... The stuff is impossible to get out of you fingernails ...
  3. The Pink One

    Favorite Color?

    Pink. Black as well if you include shades/tones.
  4. I know I promised to upload my art here ... especially the piece I was working on ... however ... I have too much to justify flooding this board ... so you can find the aforementioned promised art here: Sorry for not posting here. From now on all non pony artwork of mine will be located there ...
  5. The Pink One

    Visual Art five minute landscape picture.

    Thanks for the encouragement, everybody ... I'm getting DeviantArt now though so no more will be uploaded here.
  6. The Pink One

    Visual Art five minute landscape picture.

    Thanks for the positive feedback ... I'm working on a totally different piece now ... much more detail is required. And in response to this ... I know many idiots then, any interest outside of sports for boys is frowned upon ...
  7. The Pink One

    Offering OC help!

    Thanks for the critique ... I'll make the changes when I get the time, thanks again.
  8. The Pink One

    Ask The Pink One

    Hewwo ... Yes, silly ... You! *kisses*
  9. The Pink One

    Confession Time!

    Thanks ... It just brings up bad memories ...
  10. The Pink One

    Which mane 6 pony has the prettiest tail =)?

    I really like Rarity's tail ... sorry Pinkie ...
  11. The Pink One

    Confession Time!

    I'm ... mentally unstable ... with wild mood changes and often suicidal thoughts ... with depression being the most common mood ... I have problems accepting reality. ~the last two are confessions as no one knows about them ... I have a fear of relationships as I would either be too clingy/ignore the other person. I can be a very clingy person. Due to the first two ... the REAL confession here (please don't hate me) is that ... I almost killed someone ... I didn't ... but it left me mentally scarred for life ... and made the first confession much worse. Don't worry the person forgave me and I'm not a psycho or anything ...Please don't hate me EDIT: that was about ten years ago ... but still effects me 2nd EDIT: This was hard to post for it bought a lot of bad memories up.
  12. The Pink One

    Skype/Discord/PSN/XBL/etc Exchange Masterthread

    My Skype account is: the_pink_0ne The display name is: The Pink One and the picture is the same as this site I do not often do video calls and My mic is terrible, though ... so I guess you could message me still. And please only add me if you know me here ...
  13. The Pink One

    if you ponified yourself

    I would be a dark grey unicorn mare. With a mane that is sort of like my hair cut (think 80/90s metal band) and matching tail (black with pink highlights) ... I would be professionally unemployed, or working in art (unlikely) ... my cutie mark would probably be a pencil (4B ... my favorite kind ...) and I would probably wear sunglasses all the time as I would probably still have sensitive eyes ... still a brilliant light blue though.
  14. I'm with anarchy. Whatever side that is on ...
  15. The Pink One

    Which labels would you put on yourself?

    I suffer a lot from being labelled ... they hardly ever get anything right ... Anyway these are the labels I'd use to describe myself: PC Gamer Nintendo fan Anime/Manga fan DM (as in D&D Dungeon Master) Heavy Metal enthusiast BRONY!!! (Really ... a Brony on an MLP forum ...) RPG enthusiast Avid fanfiction reader ... There are probably more but I can't think of them right now ...