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  1. Just as I get on my PC ... I have to go to bed :( *hugs*

    1. DashYoshi


      Sleep well and sweet dreams. *hugs*

    2. Alpharius


      Goodnight pink one sleep well

    3. Kiwi95


      Good night and sleep awesome ^^ *hugs* ... I SAID AWESOME NOT OK ^^


  2. Goodnight everypony *hugs* (and just for you Lunar Echo:) Thugs.

  3. Information from the doctors on my first 'cosmetic' surgery (I say cosmetic but if I don't have it I would have to live with 1 cm overbite ... AKA bite ino the roof of my mouth everytime I close my mouth) ... I really don't want cosmetic surgery ... any advice ... ?

  4. I'm tired ... goodnight *hugs*

    1. Lady Diana
    2. Kiwi95


      Good night :D and sleep well ^^


    3. Lunar Echo

      Lunar Echo

      Edgyness would have increased if you said "Thugs" at the end.

  5. Did you know? to this day no-one actually knows what Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen was written about. As Freddie Mercury (who wrote it) never released the detials.

    1. Show previous comments  13 more
    2. The Pink One

      The Pink One

      but did you know?

    3. Joker Q

      Joker Q

      It was obvious

    4. The Pink One

      The Pink One

      Its amazing how the song still remains relevant today ... it has surpassed the test of time in my opinion.

  6. *hug attack!*

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    2. The Pink One

      The Pink One

      yaaa-ees this is happening!*hug attack*

    3. Lunar Echo
    4. The Pink One

      The Pink One

      Ok! ... I need to fangirl (is that possible as a guy?) over Queen anyway as I listen to them ...

  7. I bid thee all Good-Night! (and *hugs*)

    1. DashYoshi


      Goodnight! Sleep well. *hugs*

  8. How many necks does a guitar need?

  9. Hello everypony! *hugs*

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    2. The Pink One

      The Pink One

      It's very sweet! and tastes like berries! (really?... i never knew berry cider tasted of berries)

    3. DashYoshi


      I love the taste of fruits and berries. =)

    4. The Pink One
  10. Goodnight everypony *hugs*

    1. DashYoshi


      Goodnight! *hugs*

    2. Kiwi95


      Good night :3 *hugs*

  11. Hello everypony! *hugs*

    1. DashYoshi
    2. The Pink One

      The Pink One


      Don't have long tonight :(


    3. DashYoshi


      I'm sorry to hear that. *hugs* :(

  12. Goodnight all ... have a good week if I'm not on (I get more work in college so I have less time for the forums :( ) so if I don't see the forums for a while *hugs* for all of you ...

    1. DashYoshi


      Goodnight. See you soon. *hugs*

  13. I'm back and with more homework :(

  14. If anyone knows where this comes from ... well done: And the shark, it has tears

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    2. Joker Q
    3. The Pink One

      The Pink One

      See I can't german ... but I found those lyrics so ... peotic I had to do something with them.

    4. Jeremiah
  15. I'm back ... from a break I took ... but I hvae a ton of homework to do ...

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    2. The Pink One
    3. Kiwi95


      then you better start working :P welcome back <3


    4. The Pink One

      The Pink One

      I'm at college now ... so If I spend less time on here ... then you know where I am ...