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  1. Somewhat of a deliberate choice actually; didn't want to confuse anyone . Completely unrelated to pony, but have something I made on a whim.
  2. My first down-vote on my channel! Yay! I am unsure if this is something to be proud of or not....
  3. I review an advent calendar. It get's weird. PG-13 for dark humour and some swears.
  4. I have thoroughly annoying hair that curls, but doesn't curl enough to work - I end up looking like Tim Burton if he'd been dragged through a hedge. I usually get it cut every two months with an 8 and 6.
  5. Anyone else notice how the party cannon is used a lot at the beginning of the episode but doesn't feature as much until the swap happens? Chekhov's Gun. Genius.
  6. Considering I have neither a smartphone or laptop and my area at work doesn't have computers; Home desktop.
  7. Pint of beer. Slightly aged, malty and probably not very good for you.
  8. As far as I know, very few people here in the UK don't drink tap water. If they don't then it's usually tap water filtered to remove any limescale (a lot of chalk areas here).
  9. The deli counter often puts stuff out around 4-4:30. I chop it up and freeze it to use in pasta or baked beans. Alas I seem to buy more than I eat, so my freezer is mostly full of chorizo, roast chicken/pork/beef, sausage, salami and now corned beef. Though I've eaten a bit, here's what nearly 3 lbs of the stuff looks like. Keep me going for months! Proper Job!
  10. Finding 1.3kg of corned beef in the reduced section in Tescos for half price.
  11. DJW

    General Liberal or Conservative?

    I'm certainly more of a proscriber to the 'Cartesian' expression of political thought that the rather ham-fisted and decidedly tribal 'left vs right' mechanic (as easy as that makes things for many). Here in the UK 'liberal' is generally meant in the classic sense; so more akin to 'libertarian' in other places. Though this is somewhat confused by the Liberal Democrat Party being more on the economic 'left'. I'd probably describe myself as something along the lines of a 'practical socio-economic liberal/libertarian'. Personal responsibility, self-determination, yadda yadda, though I fin
  12. Indeed. Also, another issue that YT has is it's success; The number of videos uploaded makes it impossible to manually check each video (even just those that get flagged by the Content ID system or are issued with a complaint) without bankrupting the company or forcing them to charge ad fees that everyone would laugh at. YT is also not a public space. It's not Speaker's Corner, or protected under any right to protest law or equivalent. By joining it you agree to a legally binding contract. And even without one, you have no right to insist your video(s) be immune from being refused mone
  13. Driving my car back from the garage after having a radiator pipe replaced.
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