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  1. Brony Mata

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Unbanned for blowing my mind with a triple ban which gives me the idea for a quadruple ban
  2. I have had the same problem with most social media I join. I go in thinking I can make friends, get followers, or be more involved in whatever social circles that use it but then I find it isn't easy to just make friends anonymously over the internet even if you share the same fandom; it takes too much commitment to get so much so as a thousand followers for little reward; and if I am not close with someone in the flesh following them on the force known as "the internet" does not make us any closer... and then you just sit there remembering the reason you made the account while aimlessly looki
  3. Brony Mata

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned for not telling me I can double ban people
  4. Man, you're right. Who am I kidding? She's not a pirate. The only time there was ever a boat was in Pony Point of View and although they gloss over the fact that pirates are cannon by having AJ act like one - Well that and pinkie told Twi that she looked like a pirate that one time she gave her that eyepatch - I wouldn't call it conclusive evidence. Edit: Also, the time that one Filly was dressed as a pirate for Nightmare Night, so it is a little closer to being conclusive evidence Although... I do remember there was the one IDW Comic with a story revolving around a pirate and his merm
  5. Status-quo. You are trying to say that SImpsons has a status quo for every season whereas MLP breaks the status quo multiple times a season making it incapable of lasting too long. I remember this whole argument when the crusaders got their marks... which is bs because like everyone else has said the main point of MLP is for the toy line - it's starting to feel like the only reason they are exploring new areas and breaking status quo is just to have a bigger toy line to make the bronies buy because we all now the children are not going to remember that background character from one episode but
  6. If she ever starts singing this or this I'll be fully convinced she is a pirate. Seriously, though. I'm not a doctor either but it looks like wearing an eye-patch for so long COULD give her lazy eye(http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/164512.php )
  7. I barely have to think for this one. There is no "Other Sunset" Some things are just different in this universe, it's not a perfect mirror copy if they were humans. (HA! Mirror Copy! Get it!?) Sci-Twi goes to a different school, the crusaders may have a different reason for being friends, Filthy Rich is evil, a castle guard is reduced to a high-school-aged student. Not everyone gets a mirror copy of themselves, there were no human world Sirens, no sign of Sombra (I'd like to see them explain that one. Magic existing a thousand years before that school.) No discord, unless you count the plu
  8. I only have four things to Criticize. 1) Filthy Rich: Already mentioned, should not be evil 2) Quality: Honestly the whole thing was not that great. I did not like it as much as I do the other three, let alone the one I liked the least before this one came out. It feels like the writers had something good planned but the greed of those in charge said "Hurry" and the whole thing was rushed. 3) Flash... Okay... a lot to talk about here. I ain't really one of those who ship... so I'm only going to gloss over Timber by saying his name once. However I do think his corny one-liners were
  9. I'm also upset they didn't make it into the film. I'm even more upset that I did not notice. But honestly the only thing on my mind is that tent system, only had two people per tent, one of the three would have had to either share the tent with their sister or some other student... then again Flutters did end up with Vinyl, so the latter does not seem completely out of the question.
  10. It has to do with what the bronies call "soccer moms" thinking the Equestria Girls being "too sexy." (Why do they always call them "soccer moms", I may never know) Or maybe something to do with Flash and the flirtyness and the "cock-block" and all that stuff At least that is what I think...
  11. Brony Mata

    LoE tear count!

    You want to track how many people cried during the song? I have to hide my tears every time I feel like crying for,,, personal reasons. However, during those real touching. emotional, spiritual, Friendship-is-Magic, I did feel a familiar coldness fall upon me - sorta a wave through my body, a wave of suppressed tears... Consider that a time I'd cry. Cry Count: 2 (assuming you did)
  12. I recall the song in the beginning, Legend you were meant to be, the one Gloriosa sung, and then the credits if you count that - or if it wasn't Legend you were meant to be extended. for me, it was really easy to overlook Midnight in me, Gloriosa's song, and the credits, but I just did not like the movie as much as I expected myself to.
  13. She WAS born in Cloudsdale, but she fell off a cloud one day and safely glided her way down to Ponyville. Was it not obvious?
  14. "Lazy ass": Got up at least 4 hours past the time you set your alarm
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