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  1. Sapphire started to relax after she had eatin a daisy sanvich. Now she could rest a little, and think things over. Her life had just been smacked upside the face. She had met the pony who had killed her dad, then gone and massicured a camp. (Sorry for not posting! i was away...)
  2. Sapphire walked in, glaring at striker the hole time "I know what happend back there" Sapphire wisperd into strikers ear. Sapphire kept walking. "Ok, so lets go get something to eat!" Sapphire walked to the mess halls, and got a salid. She started to smile
  3. Sapphire glared at striker "Yeah, were all done here..." Sapphire picked up a dropped knife, and put it into her backpack. She started walking towards the place were they had been going before "We should get there soon, thats nice, hopefully we can find out what were doing."
  4. "No...its..." Sapphire looked around "Iv never seen thease ponys befor in my life..." Sapphire looked around "well, no point in staying here, lets get moving, we need to go to basecamp" Sapphire started walking "So, how much you know about this misshon?" Sapphire asked
  5. Sapphire smiled, but she was still thinking hard "Im good... And about the ghost...." Sapphire trailed off. She was thinking hard. The way her dad had been killed was just like the dead ponys here "Yeah, i think i know who di-" Sapphire rememberd that she and striker were the only ponys to know that he had killed her dad
  6. Sapphire looked at him "Why do you wanna get out of here so fast?" Sapphire wasnt stuipid, she could tell something was up "Come on, lets see if they have any supplys..." Sapphire looked throug the rubble, she found the same pony that striker had found. She looked at him, it was the same way that her dad had been killed "wait...."
  7. Sapphire chuckled "You DO know that theres no such thing as "evil spirits"" Sapphire looked around "Well, this looks like its been done by another pony, so unless that pony has no head or somthin, i dont get it" Sapphire looked around "Well, atleast WERE not dead yet"
  8. Sapphire looked at him "What? Evil... Spirits?.... BAHAHHAHAHA" Sapphire broke out, tears coming from his eyes "heheheh, you DO know that it now sounds like your a little kid" Sapphire rememberd that he had killed her dad. She stoped. "But come on, theres nothing EVIL about this place."
  9. Sapphire looked around "wh-what kind of horrible thing did this? this is horrible..." Sapphire looked at the bodys "I dont know who would be monsteris enuff to do that.." Sapphire looked around "Or maybe i do..." Sapphire mumbled. Sapphire could walk on her 4 legs, so she didnt need help
  10. Sapphire looked up "Uh...yeah....You..Ok? S-sorry for runing, it looks like i almost got you killed" Sapphire stared at her hooves, there were coverd in tears and blood "S-sorry..." Sapphire got up "Er..." She looked at the bodys around her "Dang nab it..." (Yeah, me also,...Well, oh well)
  11. Sapphire couldnt do anything, she just lay there. She had failed her dad. "You...dont save me... save your self...." Sapphire was blacking out "Just...Go" Sapphire pointed to a path "Go...ill be...f-fine" Sapphire couldnt speak, she started to move, but couldnt. She looked to the stars @@jdor11
  12. Sapphire tried febily to shove striker back "No no no noooo." Her eyes were geting cloged with tears and blood "i....i...Im sorry" More tears then blood fell out of her eyes, she was about to black out, but she kept herself awake "This is all my...im sorry...." Sapphire looked up
  13. Sapphire ran. She ran as fast as her legs could carry her. She ran through sticks and thorns, leaving a blood trail behind her. The moon was also out, making the blood trail shimmer. Sapphire was losing blood to fast, she fell on her face "no no no..." she mudderd. She looked at the stars
  14. Gone for the night

  15. Sapphire looked at him "Y-yo-you....YOU KILLED HIM?!? HOW COULD YOU!" Sapphire jumped forward in a blind rage "HOW.... WHAT KIND OF SCUMB ARE YOU?!" Sapphire smacked him hard, she still couldnt see him, but he could see his out line "YOU COLD KILLER! I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU!" Sapphire turn and ran, crying all the way @