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  1. Luna is best pony. She lives in SPACE.

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  2. Hey. Hey Lady. Let's go to Space.

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  4. SPAAAACE!!!!!!

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  5. Um... Skyslash... This is a One on One... It's in the title... space filler: asddashkgadsfkhdfjasadsjbdjbchbaewiwfuibfajksbdfiaubewiucboabusrfhsjdfh jasdhfkahew jae fhjlhksa hjfahskhe k hjfaks kfkas hash hf ashfas lh flas f askl fksa klfkf uiei and everybody died this sis asspsppace filler andanadnadnanadndnakaaAaaaaaaaaaaaadjkdsn asdfnasd fsda da df ds sdf awnd weeri oam
  6. "If you're going to hit a wall, hit it hard!" is the correct spelling... @ForeverFrozen...

  7. Silver Star weakly said. "Hey, Thanks!" She hobbled over to the edge. "Ow!" She blacked out from pain. addadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadaada asfasas dfaf dasdfas dfasdfas dfas dfas ds dfasdas fdas dfas dfas dfas dfasdas das das dfas dfsafadas fdas fdas fdas dfas dfasdas dfasd asf dfas das das dfas
  8. Heh heh... I bet someone has made a Cheese Pie ship already... 0_0
  9. Silver Star looked back at Embers, and said "Could you please take me to Ponyville Hospital? I would really appreciate it." She tried to limp towards it, and pain shot up her hoof again. "Ow!" She exclaimed. "Could I read that book sometime?" She asked. "I've only heard the scary campfire story version of it, not straight facts." She continued to limp that way, and even more pain came. "Ow!"
  10. Silver Star laughed. "Rainbow Dash? You must be old! My mom broke the record last year! Rainbow Dash is an old grannymare now..." She inquired. "What's that book? Something for school, or what?" She tripped, because of her now sprained ankle. "Ow! That hurts!" A single tear escaped her eye...
  11. "Y-yeah..." Silver Star diffidently said. Silver Star slowly started to get up, and she brushed herself off with her hooves. When she had gotten up, she thanked him for all the help. "Thanks," She inquired, "What's your name, sir? My name is Silver Star, son of Shooting Star, the fastest flyer of our age!"
  12. Silver Star is practicing her flying up in Cloudsdale, with her new wing monitor which measures her speed, when her wing monitor starts to weigh her down, and she starts spiraling in to Ponyville Park. "My wing," She said. "Somebody help, I'm gonna crash!"
  13. What's up? Hope you enjoy the forums!
  14. What's up? Hope you enjoy the forums!