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  1. Well, Smash bros Wii U comes out tomorrow for me, and the amiibo's as well, I'm going to get a Link amiibo, I REGRET NOTHING!!!!!. Hope you Americans are having fun, I envy you guys.
  2. (I can't post a link because all of them don't seem to be working, so I will say it in my own words) Before people start, Nintendo isn't replacing the Wii U with a new system like what SEGA did, don't go there please. Nintendo are looking to hire a person to be the Lead Graphic engineer, but what excites me the most is that Nintendo are looking for an American Lead Graphic Engineer, not a Japanese one, an American one. Looks like Nintendo are following in Sony's footsteps, Sony did this with the Ps4, they got an American Lead Graphic Engineer. What I want this console to have is. -Better hardware, matching the Ps5/Xbone2 (by the sounds of it they are trying to do that) -Better online -No stupid names like Wii -No pointless gimmicks, give us a real controller -THIRD PARTY SUPPORT!!!!! -Good launch titles and a lot of them (Zelda, Mario, Metroid, Starfox etc...) So, what do you guys think?
  3. Well, my main has always been Mario, and I think he is staying as my main this time around.
  4. Super smash bros Wii U direct Thursday, 50 Must see things. My Body is Ready.
  5. Hey, who knows, maybe they will change things up a little. Aonuma said he would like to make a motorbike for Link in his future games, you know that motorbike that link is going to have in Mario kart 8, and also,this game (Zelda U) is going to be Open world! (Non-liner), so you will be able to explore the overworld, that sounds interesting, this may be the industrialized world of Zelda for this game, more futuristic, and you will be able to explore everything. Maybe that will make you like it. You know a lot about Zelda for a Nintendo hater. But, I bet you will still hate the new Zelda anyway. This new Zelda has made me interested in the series again, Aonuma promises that he won't overdue it with the tutorials this time, and he also want's to bring in Multiplayer. I still find Nintendo games interesting, but that's just me. and I am sorry that I even wrote this thread and started all this arguing, I do want Nintendo to carry on making consoles and I do want them to stay first party, I believe they can make a comeback, also, they are making a few new IPs, the team that created Splatoon (the team garage, lead by miyamoto) are making a few new projects as well, looks like Nintendo is making some new IPs then.
  6. Okay, fine, that's your opinion. But Every Zelda is different, you can call me a fanboy all you want, they are very different each instalment , the reason why they are kind of the same Is because it has Link in it. and also, you are wrong about their upcoming games, very wrong.
  7. Oh yeah, forgot about that one, thanks If Nintendo do go third party, We will only see Mario and Zelda games, sure, the trolls will say, "But Nintendo only make legend of Zelda and Mario games", but anyway. Mario and Zelda are the only franchises that really sell well on Nintendo platforms, all those other beloved niche franchises like Kid Icarus, Metroid, Star fox etc, will no longer be made, they will Rely on Mario and Link to keep them alive.
  8. Yeah, not really interested in Sonic Boom myself, but I will still buy it, because it's sonic, and I grew up with Sonic, maybe it might be good, who knows.
  9. Honestly, People that want Nintendo to go third party are living a fantasy, thinking everything will be just fine, that sounds like a fan-boys wet dream more than anything. Dude, all those title you listed are on the Wii, not Wii U, lets make a list of upcoming games. -Splatoon -Devil's third -Star fox U -Legend of Zelda U -Mario maker -Sonic boom -Yoshi's woolly world -Kirby and the rainbow curse -Super smash bros Wii U -bayonetta 2 -Captain toad treasure tracker there, that's much better.
  10. LOL, you actually think Nintendo going third party is just going to magically fix all Nintendo's problems?, how did that work out for Sega? Nobody cares about Nintendo's games on the other consoles, the other consoles are filled with people that only buy shooters and won't buy anything that isn't in a first person point of view. Nintendo will have to make massive lay-offs because after all, Nintendo will no longer have any need for producing hardware. also, don't forget the royalty fees, as a third party, Nintendo will have to split their profit between Microsoft and Sony, cutting the companies profits significantly. speaking of cutting hardware, Nintendo will not be familiar with the hardware sony and Microsoft are making, and will cost a lot of money to hire a bunch of new talent, the former takes time, and the latter requires money, and also, let's not forget, that Nintendo's on the clock here, so if they are not making games, they are not making money, in fact, Nintendo will lose money, and shareholders will not be pleased. Nintendo will have to focus on Mario and Zelda only, those are their big sellers, because their other franchises are not huge sellers, pikmin, Metroid, rhythm heaven etc..., Nintendo will stick to what sells, yep, Mario and Zelda, they will rely on those franchises to survive. If Nintendo went third party, they will not be as risky.
  11. What sold 1 million word wide on it's first weekend?
  12. Well Sony might go out of business, but Microsoft won't, but I heard they are trying to sell off the Xbox devision because it isn't profitable, and since the Xbone is selling badly, it is hurting their devision even more, Nintendo has seen companies come and go, maybe Sony and Microsoft are next, unless they make a comeback somehow. I just over reacted. Well I hope Nintendo make a comeback with their next console, but I don't really see that happening, PlayStation is what everyone cares about these days. also, I think commenters on youtube are in the minority. Yeah, I guess Nintendo has a few fans left, but not as much as they used to.
  13. Okay, okay, I did go a little over-board, I apologize for not acting my age, I'm just very disappointed in Nintendo these days, but they are fixing a few things, they are actually marketing their games now, like commercials and what not, like Bayonetta 2 is getting commercials, that's really cool, so yeah, they are fixing problems, slowly but surely, and again, I apologize