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  1. @Drago Ryder Midnight seemed quite pleased that Gale had agreed to come with him, though he wasn't sure exactly why. Sure he had enjoyed company before, but this felt different somehow. He nodded with a wide smile before turning his attention to the sky, "If we make a good pace, we can likely get a dozen or so miles behind us before nightfall. Speaking of which, I know it's day now and we're both about, but are you usually day-oriented? or do you prefer to travel at night? It's the same to me either way, but I'd like to make you comfortable in our travels." He'd shake himself off, sweeping off any stray grass that had clung to his cloak before stretching a bit in place, preparing to move again as he waited for her reply.
  2. @Blitz Boom Thankfully they were far enough away from the others that none of them saw Null spitting on the memorial, even if it was for the Grey who knows how they might react. It was about the same time that Null was wandering off and Void after her that the Consul would come to them, "I hope this has been meaningful to you two, but it is time for us to depart." The others were each making their way back to the ship, the pegasi strapping each other back in to their control harnesses. The Consul would nearly make it to the ship when he froze, his expression turned serious as his head jerked towards the north, his eyes fixed on some point on the horizon. "Noooo," he didn't sound sorrowful, but incredulous at whatever he had noticed. He redoubled his pace, calling out to the reindeer, "Commander! Radio Delta Flight, have them prepare for a trip north and pick me up here." The reindeer looked a bit incredulous as he prepared to send the message. "A bit odd timing to be giving your friend a visit sir..." The Consul laughed shortly, "No, I don't intend to go to Blackwater, I need to get to the Crystal Empire." All eyes turned to him as the reindeer fumbled with the radio before hurrying to send the message. The Consul stepped off the ship as the two earth ponies got ready to spin up the turbines. The Consul would bow to the sisters. "This is where we part ways, though I hope our paths cross again soon. If what I felt means what I hope it does, we'll have two things to celebrate come morning." With that he would signal the ship and it would lift off, heading straight for the gates of Tartarus. (I'll give you a response here before we enter the next scene. If they wanted to ask Illiad anything do have them do that and I'll add his answers before the ship leaves.)
  3. @Blitz Boom I don't think Null's going to like what I have planned in regards to the Grey. Also, planning a fight scene up ahead where she's really going to get mad I'm sure of it. You thought Heavy was bad? Wait till his old comrade comes in.
  4. @Critical-Hit Hard would nod, looking her over again as she changed back. "I suppose if the princesses know, your kind should be safe enough." He would smile at her compliment, "As a private investigator I do try to know as much as I can about everything, never know when it may come in handy. I wonder if anyone ive investigated previously was secretly a human?" He chuckled, though it petered out quickly, "Its almost like the changeling hunts again, I suppose that's why your kind aren't well known, too keep a repeat of the hunts from happening again."
  5. @Critical-Hit Hard would set down the notepad and look her over with an appraising eye. "An interesting form, not too different from a pony's" (Given they were anthro to begin with a human doesn't look too different.) "That charm though, is that... changeling magic? Though there was no fire, an illusory charm then. A very good one if I didn't notice it." He would look like he was pondering something, then he would shrug, "Maybe later," he'd turn his attention back to Enigma, "So, outside of visual differences, how do humans differ from ponies? I would guess you're omnivores, are there more of your kind here in secret?" he'd chuckle, "Almost like changelings, hidden in plain sight."
  6. @Critical-Hit Hard's expression would shift to one that was somewhere between incredulous, concerned, and deeply intrigued. "By other realms I understand other lands, but I've heard of the concept of other worlds spoken as such. As to huemens" he was unfamiliar with the pronunciation "I've been told of them only in stories, myths frankly, hardly believed by the one who told me." He'd take a seat and pull out his note pad, he was sure this would be interesting. "So, how does this relate to you and my questions?"
  7. @Critical-Hit Hard would continue with his intrigued expression, but would wait until she had finished ordering to speak, "And yet still you surprise me. I guess it goes to show I shouldn't assume too much about someone. By before you came here... are you referring to that past life thing? Or before you came to Canterlot? Or yet still, before you came to Equestria?" His intrigued smile grew ans his interest was fully piqued, "I hope it's the first or the last, those sound the most interesting to hear about."
  8. @Drago Ryder (I was just wondering about you) Midnight nodded with a look of comprehension, "That does make sense, the lands down south don't get nearly as cold so hibernation was not as much of a factor, I can see why that would make the northern country a bit more difficult for you. Perhaps your type is more suited to the temperate climate?" He shrugged, "Regardless, we've got a few months yet before winter returns, making it perfect to explore without fear of freezing to death. Though the griffons seem quite suited for it given their many feathers." He sighed as he stood from the ground. "It pains me to say it, but my hooves will not allow me to rest longer, I simply must continue to travel." He paused for a moment as if contemplating something, "If... if you would like I wouldn't mind the company."
  9. @Critical-Hit Hard would look somewhat surprised, "Oh? I hadn't pegged you for a meat-eater, most Equestrians being vegetarian, especially in Canterlot." He shrugged, "I prefer cheese mostly, if you're looking at the place I'm thinking of they've got an excellent five cheese pizza, they put cream cheese in the crust."
  10. @Blitz Boom Foe Hammer stood near the Trojan Civilian memorial, which was a pillar of polished white sandstone with gold accents. The cites that had fallen were shown like they were in the Equestrian memorial, if they cared to look they'd see that Dodge JCT was also on this memorial, as well as Appaloosa and Las Pegasus. The grave markers here were in the Trojan style, being whatever weapon the designated favored stabbed into the ground wrapped with their robe and rank sash, usually pinned together with a pin emblazoned with their mark. Foe stood near to one grave that had a hammer like hers, and the ranking sash was a red scarf like the one she wore. She wouldn't react to their presence unless spoken to. She was the only one in the Trojan graves for The Event. The sign had also mentioned private burial plots near the oasis itself, and one was designated as the Grey family. If Void went there she'd find a single large stone about a meter square emblazoned with the symbol Phi (The Greek letter, capital) A closer inspection would yield that the mark was made up of smaller symbols written in a strange language, but around the symbol were names and dates, most either Grey Mane or Grey Mare, with few notable exceptions. One being the first name: The Oracle Del Phi. (I don't know who else they'd be after in the Troy memorial.)
  11. @Blitz Boom The Consul looked like he might say something, but Void's resolve came before his own. Once she had said her piece, "While very few are buried there, we also honored all the Equestrians that fell in the conflicts. This includes both the Summer War and The Event." He gave a slight look of concern, "It might do you some good, to remember what was lost and what stands left to be saved by your efforts." Unless they stopped him with another question he would turn away to move back to the front of the ship. It wouldn't take long before the oasis would come into view, for about a full mile around there was no damage nor sign of any of the Tartarus beings. The wind died down. The oasis itself had a greenish color, unlike the clear blue color of the one in Troy and Deltrot. There were even, concentric rings around the oasis for the most part, interspersed among them was the occasional obelisk and in one case what looked like a large plate of metal that looked like a doorway had been melted out of it. There was an amber glow inside it. As the ship got closer the rings grew more distinct, there were three of them, and they were made up of dozens of individual tombstones. Given the apparent lack of threats the ship set down a dozen paces away from the outermost ring, a nearby sign labeled the rings and where each nation was to be found in each. The outer ring was The Event, and little distinction was made to nation, there were designated obelisks for civilian casualties by nation, Equestria was nearby. If they looked they'd see it was the one made of white marble with obsidian accents. The middle ring was the Summer War, divided into seven sections among Troy, Equestria, Cervidas, West Cervidas, Zebrica, the Griffon Kingdoms, and the Crystal Empire. The Equestrian section was in line with the Equestrian obelisk from The Event. The inner ring was the Trojan Independence, divided in half between Troy and Equestria, Equestria on the far side of the oasis. The sign also pointed out the large melted plate served as a shelter for the Changeling memorial candles of the latter two conflicts. The individual crew members each went to different national obelisks from The Event. The Consul headed to the Changeling memorial. (I assume they'd be most interested in the Equestrian Memorial.) If they approached the Equestrian Memorial they'd find that the surrounding grave markers were in faithful Equestrian style, each bearing the name and service rank of some pony. The obelisk itself instead of names bore cities, each with a date, presumably when it was destroyed. Border towns like Dodge Jct were among the first to fall, but Canterlot was also high on the list, preceding even Ponyville in the list. At the base of the Obelisk it bore the names of both princesses, and each of the elements of harmony.
  12. @Randimaxis Mystic, overall, was impressed by Slapper. It seemed that Illiad's depiction of him had been quite accurate. She was however caught off guard by the nickname, and blushed as it was used, but she quickly regained control of herself at Slapper's compliment. She nodded back at Slapper, "Thank you, I'd rather not be as formal as my mother, but some level of class is a big help." As Slapper was about to leave she would call out, "May we meet again soon, enjoy your excursion." Slapper now departed she would return her attentions to Dax. Mystic would look inquisitive, "Oh? He struck me as quite the charmer, it surprises me that his going on a date would be so unusual. Though if he's not often to leave here I could see why. Still..." She started pulling Dax along their original route, "Weren't we headed somewhere?" She seemed excited, her earlier nervousness fading now that she had another favorable encounter at the quarry.
  13. @Critical Hit Hard would think for a moment after dropping his bags off in his room, "Well, there's a few good pizza places around here, a couple of pasta places, even a place with griffon cuisine if that's your taste. As to delivery... I think they've got a few options." As in most motels in Manehatten, there'd be paper with a list of restaurants offering delivery and their numbers next to the old phone the room had. There would also be a few takeout menus next to the list. Hard would pass over a few of the menus, "You can take your pick, they all look good to me, but if I had to pick, pizza's the easiest."
  14. @Critical-Hit Hard would take a moment, yawning largely before rising out of his chair. "So soon? Ah I guess it has been a while, Haven't had much experience sleeping in a car, I'm surprised how easy it was." He would get out and start retrieving his bags, there being one more than he had initially loaded in Canterlot, the extra being the one he acquired in Ponyville. "Now, according to what Service told me, she's the cousin that booked the rooms, we've got a room with separate bedrooms and a seating area/kitchen that connects to both rooms, separate full bath too." He chuckled, "She really spoils me. Anyway, I hope there's enough space there for whatever you need to setup."