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  1. @Catpone Cerberus Ætheron thought a moment, then nodded, "Once we get to Ponyville we can stay a day, even three if you want, no go anywhere if you don't want to. I could use a rest now that I think about it." He thought back, wondering when exactly he had last taken a break from the Express, it had certainly been quite some time, even when he did it typically wasn't even a whole day, he seldom stayed in the cities overnight as they often lacked properly sized accommodations. To stay in Ponyville, or at least near it, would be something new for him, maybe he'd finally get the chance
  2. Illiad Easle

    Open Winter Roleplay

    @flurry Vale looked very happy, getting a bit showy with her dodges, until Bright was finally able to catch her in the flank with a lucky shot, which surprised Vale greatly. She sat down once she landed, catching her breath, "As long as I followed the path you couldn't hit me, but I got prideful and left the path." She looked back at Bright, "What else do ponies do for fun?"
  3. @Sherem (I wonder what you plan with Luna and Sherem. We can switch locations whenever you're ready.) Moondancer looked surprised to find Sherem inside the archives when she came in, "The guard says you haven't left all day, is that true?" She shook her head with a chuckle, "I know better than most how enthralling these books can be, but you mustn't starve yourself. Can I get you anything from the chefs? A drink maybe?"
  4. @Califorum "This wasn't part of the plan, pin her to the bucking table!" Blu sat watching the fight via specter, he had underestimated Princess Sparkle's ability to get under Cali's skin, which he recognized he should have foreseen given how hot headed Cali had proven to be thusfar. If Princess Sparkle lost her horn the magical backlash would be devastating to the area, and that did not conform with his plan. Twilight once again formed a shield around herself, harder this time than before, if anything she seemed stronger now that the sun had set. She was able to stop Cali
  5. @Kujamih You'll find the answer to Light's question in the second paragraph of what I wrote directed at you. Feel free to edit your post accordingly.
  6. @Blitz Boom (NP) Arcade waited until she was done getting out everything she needed to say, he rubbed the back of his neck as he tried to think of how to respond, the blush apparent on his face. "I, er... I can't say I'm any more experienced in that department. Literally lived under a rock until a few days ago, spent my whole life being told I wasn't a real pony, didn't deserve anything more than they gave me. I never thought anyone would care about me the way... well, the way you have. I probably pushed too hard, teased you as you said, because I don't know what's appropriate, wh
  7. Illiad Easle

    Open Winter Roleplay

    @flurry Vale was practically bounding with excitement already, "Alright, hit me if you can!" She would start to bound about, zig-zaging as she did, and alternating her high jumps with low ones to further try and throw off Bright's aim. Each time a near miss happened she would giggle, she almost seemed to know where Bright would through before she even threw it.
  8. @Sherem The zebra nodded, "I'll leave you as you were then, I've got work to do preparing accords for Equestria's newfound cooperation. We've got to lay out trade regulation a system of passports and visas, very exciting stuff I assure you." The latter half said with a heavy note of sarcasm. With that she would leave, leaving Sherem to his own devices once again.
  9. @Califorum Twilight dodged backward almost before Cali spun to try and attack her, "The sun eh? No reason why I should let that continue to advantage you." With a great flash Twilight disappeared, then the sun somewhat dramatically set very quickly. Once the sun had set Twilight returned, appearing a good distance away from where she had left in case Cali had trapped her return. "Now then, where were we?" Blu cringed as he watched the sun set, "Ooh, that's going to be an issue. Maybe. Maybe not."
  10. Illiad Easle

    Private The Æther Project

    @C. Thunder Dash The buck didn't look over as Thundy talked, still adjusting things on the machine, "Magic lightning you say? Very Interesting." He pressed a button and was silent for a moment, he would hold up a hoof if Thundy attempted to speak before the machine beeped, "So you weren't always a griffon. You demonstrate proficiency in transmutation, elemental magic, and shapeshifting. Are you limited to those spells? Or do you have the ability to cast outside of that?" The buck finally looked over at him, "And what were you before being a griffon?" @Windy Breeze Th
  11. @Catpone Cerberus Ætheron thought on what she said, it was certainly different from what he had expected. When centaurs formed a family, they typically stayed together as they traveled. He could see that that style likely wouldn't make Ædriga happy, and he didn't know if he would be happy staying in one place for the rest of his life. Besides, it would likely be years before he would have enough money to not need to work, and he'd have to give up the protection being part of the Pony Express afforded him. He looked over the map, "Well, there are a number of good caves here in the for
  12. Illiad Easle

    Open Winter Roleplay

    @flurry Vale would watch Bright demonstrate, before sighing "Sure it's easy with big hooves like that, you've got a scoop built right in! These little things," she waved one of her hooves, "Like trying to scoop with a stick." She thought a moment, "I, um, I have an idea though... I'm pretty fast even in the snow, I bet you couldn't hit me with one!"
  13. @Califorum Twilight teleported away when the stairs were thrown at her, appearing behind Cali, though she didn't press the advantage, instead she just hovered there, "All those transformations, must be pretty tiring. I wonder how long you can keep it up?" She cast a shield of her own around Cali, shrinking it to make contact with Cali's shield, the two magics opposing violently. Blu was quick to don his disguise when Cali brought the fight back to the castle. He quickly sent another message through the book, "Try not to damage the castle, I would like it as intact as poss
  14. @Blitz Boom (NP) Arcade snorted, "Unless I also dreamt you accepting then rejecting my company, then ambushing me with a kiss as I was leaving... No I don't think you dreamt it." He looked away and spoke with a bit of hesitation, "What's more important is what you meant, and what you regret." He passed the bag he had with him so it sat between them, "I'm not good with these things, but it smelled nice and the baker recommended it, so..." (Troy) Ardee nodded with a smile, "He's a cute little guy really, I just guess these past few years have really put me off th
  15. Illiad Easle

    Request Shop Lazy Ferret's Request Shop (Redux)

    @Lazy Ferret Well shoot if that isn't some of the highest quality work I've seen in a good long while! If it's not too much to ask, I would love to see an interaction similar to the one you've shone in your third example for feral pony between a character of mine and one of Randimaxis (Not tagged so as to surprise him) My character is as shown in my avatar, (Unicorn stallion) reference included. Randimaxis' character is Silver Studs, (Unicorn mare), reference included. Thanks in advance! Love your work!
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