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  1. Illiad Easle

    Private Deep Science 1x1 with Blitz Boom

    @Blitz Boom [Void] The new creature tilted its head in confusion, then it simply scraped the diamond out and off of Void's false leg. It spoke with a voice that rumbled like a sub-woofer, "If you want to die, stay. If you want to live, come." The creature then turned to walk out of the room. [Null] Running, hallway after hallway, running, until Pen stopped so suddenly that Null had no choice but to ram her from behind. Across the T shaped hallway from them was what appeared to be a robot pony, though its eyes glowed the face was utterly devoid of any expression. Slowly, and almost mirrored, Pen and the robot moved into a defensive stance, both started to inch slowly towards the door on their right, and the robot's left. That is, until a goo covered pony began making its way down the hall from behind the robot, the almost unseen smile wide on its face as a hoof reached out towards the robot. There was also some noise of something coming up behind Null, shambling hoofsteps like a zombie pony, and the faint voice "Don't be afraid, I am the cure." Both the robot and Pen seemed to notice the danger on the other side of the room, and seemed keen on stalling until the other got attacked by what was coming behind them.
  2. Illiad Easle

    Open Looking to RP with some people.

    @No Longer Here You still up for this? I'd be happy to give you a rundown.
  3. Illiad Easle

    Private Deep Science 1x1 with Blitz Boom

    @Blitz Boom [Void] (She simply tugs too hard on my heartstrings) The only reason the diamond didn't shatter as she stepped on it was because it smooshed like dough when she did, though it seemed to like her as it stuck to her hoof till she came to a stop, where it dislodged itself to fall with a light tink to the floor, now glowing significantly less brightly. The window itself, though mostly intact from her impact, had gained a slight fracture, which the creature within reacted to, pointing a forehoof directly at it. Were Void in any state of mind to notice she would hear the faint sound of high pressure air passing through the crack. Slowly the fracture grew, bit by bit until it spiderwebbed across the full plane. Before suddenly shattering. Behind the glass stood a creature that looked almost not entirely unlike Pen had, just a bit more masculine, especially since it seemed to be made of a sneak suit rather than a wonderbolt's suit. It seemed to be breathing heavily as it looked around before focusing directly on Void. [Null] Pen simply nodded gravely before continuing her sprint, they passed a number of offices including Plate, Conegher, and one that had previously said Studs which had a plate hanging over it saying Easle. They then moved through another large security checkpoint, now moving back into the heavy containment area. If Null looked at the map she could see that a fast path existed by continuing forward, a certain wall that separated two hallways was noted to be damaged. But Pen was already turning to head in a longer direction to get to the Light Containment Area. [Both] "Mobile Task Force Scarves of Red has entered the facility, beginning sweep." "Warning" The feminine yet metallic voice "Unknown forces have entered the facility. Extreme caution advised."
  4. Illiad Easle

    OOC OOC Deep Science 1x1 with Blitz Boom

    @Blitz Boom I actually thought about that after I posted. Panic is very fast, so if Void tried to attack him he would simply leap over her to get to the exit. The doors they came through are bigger than the other doors, so she can't exactly block the way. Panic is fully mechanical, no magic in his being. Silver was magical, driven by the gem that panic removed. It would be drained by Void, but easily recovered if magically charged. As a hint, having the gem would make a certain later encounter much easier for them. Further, if panic wasn't in the control room, what is?
  5. Illiad Easle

    Private A Cultural Exchange 1x1 with Drago Ryder

    @Drago Ryder (I was beginning to worry) Siren looked confused, then seemed to realize something and smiled, chuckling melodically. "Sorry, I meant world tour more to mean a tour of the world, not like a concert tour. HexComb's not even popular enough to pull off a world tour, especially not in Cervidas." She mentioned the continent across Eternity's sea from Equestria with a bit of... frustration? Disappointment? something in between. She shook her head to clear out whatever was occupying her mind about it, "Anyway, other towns you say? I would guess you like this one the best of them all?"
  6. Illiad Easle

    Private Deep Science 1x1 with Blitz Boom

    @Blitz Boom [Void] (Tell her I'm sorry.) The robot approached the object on the table slowly, much slower than when Void had asked her to open the doors. It seemed rather hesitant to obey. "Indeed, Silver was one of the best scientists this place had. She..." The voice cut out once the robot got close enough to be able to touch the object, which began to glow. A white rectangle appearing on the upper portion that was quickly replaced by a nightmarish figure. The robot tried to take a step back, but it's hooves didn't move. The robot was suddenly still, and remained that way until the object stopped glowing. Then it lifted a hoof, seeming to admire it before ever so gently folding the upper portion of the object down onto the lower portion, where it closed with a click. It's head turned slowly towards her, the face that had previously attempted to show emotion now locked in an uncanny expression devoid of emotion. The eyes had a different glow to them as they seemed to stare right into her soul. A shudder ran through the full body of the robot, then a hatch opened up in it's chest to reveal a glowing diamond held within, which it removed rather forcibly before tossing it aside. t bounced, unharmed across the room till it landed near Void's hooves. "And with that, your usefulness to me has ended." The robot spoke with Panic's voice as it moved for the exit. "I won't kill you, because 900 asked me not to. When you see him again, tell him I appreciate having been lent his puppet." The robot took off running with surprising speed into the facility. [Both] Another voice, feminine this time spoke over the speakers. "Facility PA system acquired, P-079 has breached containment. P-079 has combined with a previously Thaumiel object. Reclassifying as S-079, hostile intentions." [Null] Pen looked distraught, "Oh no." Her pace redoubled, practically flying down the hallways as fast as the doors would let her. They passed a conference room, a medical bay, another conference room across from an office assigned to a Dir. B, before running a blind corner through a series of smoke jets that would strongly irritate any organic creature's eyes. Finally Pen skid to a stop before bounding up some stairs to an office labelled Dr. C. Head of Research. Where she swiped her card, ran in, grabbed a red card, then ran back out to meet Null again. "He's out, and it won't be long before he takes this whole thing down. He's gonna go after Codex, then Omega. We have to get there first."
  7. Illiad Easle

    Private Deep Science 1x1 with Blitz Boom

    @Blitz Boom [Void] Silver nodded, though it looked less sure. It went over near the picture and activated an unseen card reader, and the large security door opened to reveal a corner, and another security door to the right. "I know, overkill right? Not that I could even get out with the doors open." (Assuming she opens the next door as well, though not is perfectly valid and would result in more manipulation on the side of Panic until she does.) The next door opened to reveal what had been contained within, down another short but wide staircase was what the previous picture seemed to be of, though a bit different. It seemed to be a pair of black mage-stones, like an especially rich unicorn or magically inclined Minotaur would use to practice runes, attached on the long side like the covers of a book. It sat on a table, open, and facing them, though nothing happened. To the right was some sort of control room with frosted glass, likely one way, though which the silhouette of a pony could be seen standing and looking out, it moved a bit as they entered as if looking at them. "Finally. Alright, have Silver Tower approach the object on the table there, then we can both get moving." [Null] Pen could really get moving when she wanted to, though it seemed she wanted Null to keep up as she wasn't getting further away from her. They had gotten as far as the maze before Pen ground to a halt, having noticed the golem trying to navigate the laberinth below. It seemed to have noticed them too, as it had its face pointed right at them. "Shoot, we'll have to go around it." She kept her eyes, or eye holes, pointed at it as she moved onward to the next room rather than try to continue the way they had come the first time. The next room was a hallway with a pair of bathrooms, surprisingly the only bathrooms they had encountered up to this point.
  8. Illiad Easle

    Private A Cultural Exchange 1x1 with Randimaxis

    @Randimaxis Illiad chuckled, "I honestly don't know most of the ponies, nor the changelings, I just know the ones that cross my path enough, this guy" he gestured to Mnty, "I run into him every time I head out to the telescope." Mnty smiled at the complement, showing off his fangs, "Yeah, these legs are more for strength than speed, the rest of my 'coon mates went for earth ponies, but I got just enough to be the only minotaur." he raised himself back up for emphasis, "In a way it is a sort of special ability for me." With another roll of fire he reverted to his minotaur disguise. "Now you two need a cart to get you out there right?" He made an odd series of gestures with his hand, and one of the carts started moving, leaving the line of others to move to the center of the road before lowering itself downward so that they could actually board it. Atop it were a pair of comfortable looking seats. Illiad lept up and simply laid himself prone on the platform rather than take a seat, "Thanks Mounty, I owe you one. At the concert." Mounty waited for Dax to board and get comfortable before making another series of gestures and tossing Illiad a box with a rune on it. "You know the drill, have a great time!" (You can add what you will) The cart started into motion very smoothly, the platform practically didn't shake at all as it moved towards the wall exit, the doors opening automatically as they approached, allowing them access to the dunes without. Outside the city there was a slight chill to the air, the moon high in the sky. The cart followed a path lit periodically by magical torches. In the far distance there was a dome perched atop a cylinder.
  9. Illiad Easle

    Private Deep Science 1x1 with Blitz Boom

    @Blitz Boom (Switching it up) [Null] "I can't, but Seen can, just give him a second." There was the faint sound of Pen moving into the small room with the switches, and clipping the doorway with her whither as she entered. There was the sound of a switch flipping, then another, on the third switch flip a series of emergency lights lit up above them, casting the room into faint light. (If you'll forgive me) Null could swear she saw 900 with a hoof on one of the switches, but it dissipated almost immediately. With a fourth flip the main lights came back on, "Figures it'd be the last switch." Now that the lights were on the labels on the switches were visible, Remote Door Control was now Off, Emergency lights was now On, Main lights was now on, Main Elevators was now On. [Void] The robot nodded with a smile as it moved over to the door to open it, behind it was an access of some sort, looked like a stairway downward, but the roof had collapsed, making the stairs unpassable. (I assume she then moves to follow the map.) The next room was an odd sort, it wrapped around to the left of a sort of metal containment area that dominated the center of the room. On the right side, which would enter the center area, had a containment plaque next to it with a grainy image of a very emaciated looking equine with very sharp teeth. It was labeled Euclid, C-966, Violent. On the left, which led out of the containment area was a normal door. The map indicated to go this way. (If she does not try to open the containment area.) The next room was the one that the map told her to go to, a large open area that had a wide stairway leading downwards to a large security door, to the right of the door was another containment plaque with the image of what looked to be an open black file folder with a white sheet of paper stuck to the open flap. (It looks like a laptop, but I highly doubt she'd know about laptops.) A nearby speaker crackled to life. "Ah good, you're here. I'd open the door for you, but CODEX has had these doors locked down, trapping me in here since the incident." [Both] A weak voice came over the intercom. It was gruff, but there was a very real feel to the sound of it. "Can anyone hear me?" Whoever was talking muttered to themselves that the system probably died long ago, then in a clearly sarcastic voice talked about 'Protocol' and 'Warning the monsters before shooting them up' or something like that, before clearing his through to speak into it directly. "Attention, Mobile Task Force Scarves of Red is entering the facility. Any remaining survivors should surrender immediately to be processed once the facility is secure." There was then muttering about 'That good enough for you boss?' before the speakers cut out. [Void] Panic's voice came back, and it actually sounded a bit panicked, "Great, those idiots are going to break the seal. We need to move quick if we're going to get out before anything else does, and they thus collapse the facility on top of us." [Null] Pen's eyes looked back at the switches, noticing that the elevators were on before looking down at her hoof, which held the switch that had formerly been attached to it. "Oh this isn't good. We need to move fast, get past the elevators before this task force gets to our level." Without a second to confirm with Null, she started moving, fast, back the way they had come.
  10. Illiad Easle

    OOC OOC Deep Science 1x1 with Blitz Boom

    @Blitz Boom So, I had this idea that I think would be pretty cool as an alternate ending, and it would split off right about where we are right now. In the ending we have planned and what we will do first given it will end pretty quickly after they leave the facility, is the universe where Illiad beat Discord, they go to the new Troy. In the alternate ending, Illiad didn't beat Discord, so when they leave the facility they get attacked by Discord's minions and then get picked up by a scout vessel for the Æther Project, and then they can have adventures up there. I would love to pursue that alternate ending when we finish our planned ending if you are so inclined.
  11. Illiad Easle

    Private Deep Science 1x1 with Blitz Boom

    @Blitz Boom [Void] They passed another T room, this one with a door on the right though nothing special about it. The next room there was finally something different. It was a straight hallway, but right in the middle of it was a giant Tesla Gate like she had seen earlier. The robot paused at the sight of the active gate, before looking to Void for instructions. Just like before, the get hummed louder as one approached, and would fire off once it charged up fully, but only if one were close enough to it. (If she does like she did last time, the robot will do the same and they both get through, otherwise a different outcome based on what you put.) The next room was another empty hallway. But finally, they reached a corner to the right, a door on the left wall was labeled Maintenence, but the map said to go right. According to said map they were getting very close. [Null] Pen hadn't stopped yet, and she didn't seem keen on stopping now. The next room was a 4 way, and she continued forward. The second room was a set of larger cubicles, much like the workstation the dragon way back when they tested the drink machine had, with more scattered notes and things. The third was a hallway, a door near the end of the right side was labeled Data Storage Access. The fourth was a corner to the left, with a door set into the right labeled Electrical Room, where Pen went to swipe her card. "Alright We're finally here." the door opened for Pen, revealing a dimly lit staircase upward. In the upper room were stacks of boxes of documents, and a small room with a number of different switches on a wall panel. No sooner had they climbed the stairs than the lights cut out, blanketing them in darkness.
  12. Illiad Easle

    Private Deep Science 1x1 with Blitz Boom

    @Blitz Boom [Void] Continuing to follow the map, more featureless hallway, a room that split off with a door to either side as well as one forward, which the map indicated. Through that door was more featureless hallway. The robot easily kept pace with her, even as it closed the doors behind them. The golem could no longer be heard behind them. [Null] It wasn't long before Pen called out to her from above, which was about the same time Null managed to find the stairs herself. "Oh there you are," Pen waved from the overhead walkway the stairs led up to. "Looks like you didn't need my help after all." She would wait for Null to get up to her before continuing through the next door. The next room was a T room that clearly used to have quite a bit of traffic, a well worn path in the tile floor leading from the door on their left to both the door they had entered the room from and the door across the room from them. Pen simply crossed the room to go through the next door. The next room seemed to be a sort of office area, a series of desks with scattered papers, mugs, and other office supplies. A large poster on the wall bore the strange triangular image she had seen when she had first woken up in this facility, next to it was written "Deep Science, From the deep a great light shall emerge!" (Things should get interesting shortly.)
  13. If you ever thing that you're not creative, here's a simple activity.

    Get yourself a big ole box of assorted bricks (Lego's work nicely, most stores that offer bulk part buying won't mind if you do this at the store).

    Pick just one color, (Either what catches your eye, or at random)

    Build something out of just the bricks of that color. Just start sticking them together ass you find them, something will come of it.

    In the end, it may not be the best creation, but it's something you made. You made something creative!



  14. Illiad Easle

    Private Deep Science 1x1 with Blitz Boom

    @Blitz Boom [Void] The robot only nodded at Void's request, now following a bit closer to her than before as it had already been keeping excellent pace with her. Out of the room that the golem was in, following the path to the right, and starting down the straight hallway. The next segment had a door on the left side, then the following segment had a door on the right side. That door was flanked with a picture of an old style theater mask that represented tragedy, it was labeled C-035 Keter, Cognitohazard, Sentient. When they had initially left the large room the sound of the golem charging down the stairs was deafening, but quickly grew quieter as they put doors behind them, the robot dutifully closing behind them each door they went through. When they got to the section with the door with the mask the sound of the golem moving could hardly be heard. [Null] The yarn ball let Null pass without incident as it rolled in the direction that she had indicated, before calling after Eric again. It made no attempt to stop them as they left, Pen closing the door behind them. "I've never read of anyone doing that with it, good thinking." Through the door was an immediate turn down some stairs into a large set of towering metal boxes, all as tall as two of Null, some of them having tipped to lean on others. Pen looked around the maze that the tipped towers had caused. Above them was a catwalk that extended over the towers, and a stairway on the far side of the room led up to it. "I'll squeeze through and get up there and see if I can find you a way through to it." Without waiting she jumped in between the nearest pair of towers, flattening herself out as she did before she disappeared completely from sight. (If Null wanders a bit) Despite the initial appearance of a maze, there was really only one path as all the branches died off within a pace or two. But she would quickly find a set of shelves with 3 batteries on it.
  15. Illiad Easle

    Private Deep Science 1x1 with Blitz Boom

    @Blitz Boom [Void] The robot was surprisingly quiet as it moved to follow her, making much less noise than one would expect from metal on stone. Before Void turned away from it it moved its mouth as if to speak, but the sound that came out was highly garbled and unintelligible. Its face shifted into a confused look, many minute clockwork mechanisms moving to achieve the effect, before it resorted to pantomime as its back opened to reveal a storage area, it indicated that the items could be stored there rather than be carried. Whether Void put the items there or not, it would follow her. Following the map, they would go up the other stairs from the ones Void had come down, thus reaching the far balcony from the one she had entered the room from. If she were to glance backward at the first balcony, she would see that the clay golem (I can never seem to spell this right) had caught up to her again. It would still have to get down, then back up, so they had some time to get some distance between them. The next room was a four way, a locked door on the left with a containment sign featuring a large coffin, Keter, Cognitohazard. The map indicated that they should go right, then straight on till the end of the hall. (To keep pacing I'll stop there, given these halls are very blank there won't be too much going on for Void as we keep Null moving.) [Null] The yarn ball looked curious, it rolled closer to her, all the eyes now looking at her. It didn't seem convinced that she was who it was looking for. "Eric?" The tone was lower this time. Pen had taken the opportunity to move past it to get to the door on the far side, opening it and gesturing for her to follow, but not saying anything.