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  1. I know, I know, Illiad Easle has done this before, don't even @ me about it. However I do want to do some RPs with this idea and see where it goes. Borrowing the rules of the previous RP OOC, the Cultural Exchange requires a total of 14 days to complete, one week in one character's hometown, and the other week in the other character's hometown. During the exchange, the characters will get to learn new and interesting things about their acquaintances' history of where they work/live. I'm going to do a total of seven different characters, OC and Canon, in the Cultural Exchange, one for each RPer to use. If you are interested, please send me a PM so we can discuss further. Twilight Sparkle(Pre-Alicorn Ascension - Canterlot) Pinkie Pie(Ponyville) Copper Strikes(Appaloosa) Lightning Shield(Copper's brother - Canterlot[should Twilight not be available]) Spitfire(Cloudsdale) Princess Cadence(Crystal Empire) Thorax(Because I want to.)
  2. That title basically sums up how much I miss RPing with people here, especially Randimaxis, who I consider to be one of, if not the best RPer out here. So now I have to get my hands/hooves dirty once again with some private or open RPs. I got some ideas I wanna try out, but if ya'll got any RPs to want to do, just let me know down below so that we can discuss some stuff.
  3. DwhitetheGamer

    My thoughts on the Poniverse BS

    What are you talking about? If you're saying I'm a hypocrite then that's not true.
  4. DwhitetheGamer

    My thoughts on the Poniverse BS

    Given the recent happenings within Poniverse, I feel as though I have to share my personal opinion of how I feel about this whole situation. Please note that I have no ill will with anyone, it's that this comes from a regular user of this forum. Let's start with Poniverse. In the case you guys haven't seen the Poniverse Blog by @JonasDarkmane, click here to read the full story. Now I just want you to know that my blog is NOT for posting your opinions, so if someone is able to delete the comment section, hurry up and do so by the time you see the blog show up. Back to the blog in question, it has stated stuff about adding a segment to the forums, which was rejected by a majority of the staff. One of staff who rejected it is @PiratePony, who apparently took it way too far. Then some heated conversation between Apple Dash and the other staff, skipping to a civil conversation of sorts... and then PiratePony was shown the door from the Skype Staff group.(I'm honestly surprised that Skype is still being used lol XD) This is where I give no fucks as to where this blog goes. This happened months ago... MANY months ago, and this is being brought up to our attention NOW? Jonas, what the fuck is your deal? All I see from that long shit storm of a post is hostility. None of us even know if all of that is true, since it did happen months ago, even if you don't consider the fact that IT'S THE FUCKING INTERNET. You don't know if the shit is true or not, and for all I know, you bring this up now to leave a bad taste in the leaders because that's who they are, leaders. Leaders these days have been seen as money-hungry, power seeking bitches that don't care about anything else, and there are other forums out there that will take this to their advantage. For all I know, this could have been made up. This could have been some excuse to try and get us to go against the Poniverse leader, so that's why none of us should believe this. Do you want to know the worst part of all of this? I haven't been on the forums up until I re-created my OC for the Equestrian Empire RP section. I can see is that from the last time I've been here, NOTHING HAS CHANGED AT ALL. I don't care about how "flashy" the new look is. The fact that there's still people wanting to cause drama makes me SICK. The people who have left the forums had a good reason to, because this place is a shit-show of drama and power grabbers. If I don't see mature staff fixes and actually trying to be what the staff is supposed to be, I don't think I'll stick around, either.
  5. I'll give my revamped Copper Strikes a chance with the farmer pony. I think it'll be interesting having the two doing adventures, and even help each other in Sweet Apple Acres.
  6. Hello everyone. I'm looking for a reason to get back into MLP Forums Roleplays, and how about I start off here in EQE? I'm open for RP ideas, like adventures to various places in Equestria, to just a simple slice of life RP. I can also bring in some ideas to the table if need be. Setting up can be done here or in PM, and if you need an excuse to fill a quota for your cast character, then go for it. Also, more than likely I'll bring another cast character to the RP business in case I happen to win him/her, so be on the lookout.
  7. For those who don't know, since EQE has been re-done, I have decided to start off with a clean slate. So I'm re-doing my OC, and by giving up Celestia, I'm going to choose another cast character or three in the future.
  8. DwhitetheGamer

    Request Shop ~* Free Pixel Ponies! *~ {Open!}

    Great job! I love it!
  9. DwhitetheGamer

    Request Shop ~* Free Pixel Ponies! *~ {Open!}

    Hello, I'd like to have a fusion of my OC, Copper Strikes, and Princess Celestia done, please. The fusion must come as follows: Coplestia is an Alicorn It must have Copper's mane style but made longer like Celestia's mane, and colored like Celestia's Celestia's fur color Copper's brown eyes Celestia's cutie mark, but with different shades of blue, like light, regular and/or dark The tail is to be made longer than Copper's, but shorter than Celestia's. It is Celestia's height. A serious expression. Here's references:
  10. DwhitetheGamer

    Suggestion: The Boop System

    No, no. I'm asking to bring a system where you can get a person's attention to things, specifically things like RPing and finished art requests.
  11. DwhitetheGamer

    Suggestion: The Boop System

    Hello. I do have a suggestion, the Boop System. On another MLP Forum I go to, there's a thing where when you click on an avatar or the name of the user, and the user options show up, there's a link to boop that user. Both users can boop back and forth in a boop war, or just boop once and be done with it. May I suggest a system for that usage?
  12. DwhitetheGamer

    [Canterlot] The Winter Moon Festival [Entries Open]

    @Skycoaster Celestia thought for a moment, contemplating on what she wanted to have for the dinner. "I am certain our chefs would make such a fantastic dinner for us that it wouldn't matter what we ate. Though if I had to choose it would be cake, but that's just me being me." She couldn't help but chuckle at the statement she made, then sighed happily. "It has been a long time coming, hasn't it sister? You get a great festival all to yourself, and share it with the rest of Equestria. I am sure it will be a grand spectacle with what you have planned, no?"
  13. DwhitetheGamer

    Staff Sectional Moderator applications open!

    Meep. Just made my app. Looking forward to working with you all on this side of Poniverse!
  14. DwhitetheGamer

    MLP:FiM Spin-Off Titles

    My Little Pony: Adventures of Copper Strikes. Just because I can.