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  1. So, is this RP over now? Everyone seemed to have stopped posting.
  2. Copper looked over at Draco and nodded to him. He did have some fun going solo as a mercenary, but now, he thought, it would be the perfect time to join a guild and further enhance his strength. "Yes, I do want to join your guild." he said simply. "After seeing this whole tournament thing, I wanna push myself to greater heights." During the entire sequence of actions before this, Copper gave a nod of respect back to Onyx, as well as watched the reunion of Jade and Tricis. It reminded him that he needed t otalk to his parents some time soon. He hoped they were okay, as they were getting old.
  3. @dragon4111 @Literally Snails @Dynamo Pad @reader8363 Copper was silently walking with his team back to the medical building, a little ahead and beside of Jade and Draco. He had what seemed to be a determined look on his face, and it was obvious what he was thinking about. After this entire skirmish with Jade and Rokata, he wanted to push himself even farther than what he had fighting Onyx. He had a slight twinge in his stomach that told him that there were far stronger opponents out there... Unrelated to the entire thing, he looked at Draco and Jade. "Need help?" he asked the fellow mercenary. "Oh and... is there any spots open in your guild?"
  4. @Unicorncob @Literally Snails @Dynamo Pad @reader8363 @dragon4111 When everything was said and done, Copper had just reverted to normal, looking very stunned. He slowly walked up to Jade in the Arena Circle... what was left of it anyway, his expression changing from stunned to proud. He placed a hoof gently on her shoulder and said, with a bright smile, "Great job, Jade. You're an amazing fighter."
  5. @Literally Snails @dragon4111 At this point I may be clinching because I need some action. Simply waiting around doesn't bode well for me, and for that I'm sorry.
  6. Sure's looking like it to me. So... can I at least give her some of Copper's strength?
  7. Well what am I supposed to do, then? How does this fight have a happy ending?
  8. @Literally Snails @Unicorncob @reader8363 @Dynamo Pad I hope you all understand what I have to do. If Rokata can't be damaged normally like shown, then Copper is gonna have to blow up... literally. As in blow up and make sure nothing remains of Rokata. He will survive the blast, but he'll be hanging by a thread.
  9. @Literally Snails @Unicorncob @Dynamo Pad @reader8363 That was the final straw. From Rokata looking too insanely overpowered, to Draco losing his life to said monster, and now Jade has finally lost her mind... it was now or never. He had no other option but to turn into a Super Pony. (This is how he transformed into the form I'm going to explain below this link.) He remembered hearing stories of generations of Super Ponies, there only being one in each generation, fighting to protect something they cherished. He also remembered a group of ponies in this generation doing everything they could to become one, but they had no idea on how to do it. Copper, here, has realized the key to form. Anger. Anger at Rail for setting up this pointless tournament, anger at Rokata for killing innocent lives, and now anger at Jade, for completely losing control of herself. All of that, was the result of an ear-piercing scream that literally shook the heavens, and that no one, not even Jade, could ignore. If they looked back, they would see a panting Copper Strikes, but his usual blue fur wasn't there, instead it was pure yellow, and his mane was spiked up. "Jade... don't be like Rokata." he simply said.
  10. "You're an absolute dumbass, Rokata." Copper's voice echoed throughout the arena, with authority and clarity. He stood on his hind hooves as he continued speaking, defiantly even. "You used to be a pony, yes, but look at yourself now. You've become nothing but a puppet to a corporate entity who isn't even as powerful as you are! All this shows out of you is that you're the weakest pony in this ENTIRE stadium!" He put a heavy emphasis on "Entire" just to make sure Rokata heard. "You're far, FAR weaker than even the spectators in this crowd, and no matter how much power you flex, you cannot deny the truth. You've become a side-show, a gimmick, a mockery of who you were. You were taken advantage of because of your own stupidity... and I bet that you will be left for DEAD as soon as Rail gets his way. Is that what you want?" He let the words hang for a long period of time, just to see how Rokata would react.
  11. @Literally Snails @Unicorncob "..." There seemed to be an off-putting atmosphere coming from Copper, but of course Jade and Rokata wouldn't feel it since they're the strongest ponies... Strongest... He sighed, knowing he couldn't do anything in his current state. Why did he even agree to come here to begin with? What was his original goal? To kill Rail? He would still do that, no doubt, but to think he was witnessing this stupid and pointless fight made him even more furious than ever. And it was made worse that he couldn't do anything, and as an Merc who wanted to be the best that he could... it hurt his pride.
  12. @Literally Snails After everything that had transpired, Copper simply stood exactly where he was, his fur turning darker because of the smoke, even more annoyed. He looked over at Quill to say, "That body's very powerful, yes, but it's damaging his body from within. If Jade can figure that out, her strategy might change."
  13. @dragon4111 How does Draco know what Dynamo said when he didn't say anything, just had a thought?
  14. @Literally Snails @Unicorncob @dragon4111 @Dynamo Pad @reader8363 He expected this all too well. Copper had a hunch that Rokata was going to have an explosion of power, much like one particular enemy he had faced months ago. He didn't even flinch when the explosion of power happened, he expected it that much. He growled loudly, sensing the kind of power Rokata has. Even his limit broken state, which he did use for a short moment against Onyx, couldn't keep up with this... whatever this was. He was getting angry, but felt a pop from his body. The demon side of him was slowly transforming him, and as soon as he realized it, he started suppressing it quickly. He didn't need that form yet, not now. He needed to wait until the exact right moment.