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  1. @Unicorncob @dragon4111 @reader8363 Copper looked at both Draco and Jade and said simply, "No need." He wrapped himself in the green aura from earlier and put a hoof on Rose. Rose would be enveloped in the same aura, and a longer healing process would begin. This time, there wouldn't be any sort of pain from the healing.
  2. Basically they're like every other typical corporate business. If you don't make them money, you're not worth anything in their eyes. While I understand that question may be rhetorical, it's also enhanced by the fact that there's no competition.
  3. @Literally Snails @Dynamo Pad @reader8363 @dragon4111 The moment Jade nodded was when Copper finally took action. He bolted to the arena circle and grabbed Rose, then took her to his team's side and laid her down before conjuring up a small ball of life energy, pushing it down for Rose to absorb it. It would sting a little, but it would provide healing of all wounds.
  4. Copper closed his eyes the moment Jade opened a wing to calm him down, and heaved a sigh. "You're right." he said. Well, that was before the ten count finished, and when it did, he looked at Jade and asked, "Now?" He was used to asking for permission.
  5. @Literally Snails @reader8363 @dragon4111 @Dynamo Pad @Unicorncob To say that Copper was getting impatient from that ridiculously slow ten count was an understatement. He wanted, no, NEEDED to save Rose from this. He had to go on the arena circle the absolute immediate second the count was up, and it felt like forever. He was worried for his teammate, and he was going to try to do everything he can to make sure she's alive.
  6. @Literally Snails Okay... that was the exact LAST thing that Copper expected out of the outcome of this match. Seeing Mason completely disappear like that made him cringe hard, since he had never seen anyone die the way Mason did. "Damn," he said loudly. "Of all the weird deaths I've witnessed as a mercenary, Mason's death is by far the worst!"
  7. @Literally Snails @Unicorncob @Dynamo Pad @dragon4111 @reader8363 After a little bit, Copper stood back up, having recovered from whatever he thought was a technique. Probably was something stupid, he didn't know, but he turned his attention back to the fight, trying to figure out what the hell Rose was doing. If he were fighting Mason... well he'd have to beat down the pony in order to weaken the Tenebris.
  8. If I did then Copper would've immediately lost because it's still in the developmental stage.
  9. So since there could be a sequel, I decided to showcase a preview of Copper's ultimate technique. Also, the image below is what my RP post is referring to as far as the ground, however I don't know what else to call this other than its original name from the origin series, so if anyone can help, please.
  10. @Literally Snails Now that he thought about it, Copper did hear what Onyx said before he fully lost consciousness. "If only I was the one who... what?" He had to think long and hard. "Win? Face Rokata? I'm guessing the former.... I just hope he can master his technique, and become stronger." He looked at Team Rokata, specifically the big brute lying unconscious. He looked at his fore-hoof, and started focusing a bit. If anyone was watching, they could see something akin to a crystallized ground around for a split second before it instantly vanished. That took a ton of energy to use, and it left him on one knee after, panting.
  11. @Literally Snails "You talk too much." Those were some loud words directed at Mason, and it could only come from one pony. Copper Strikes was standing fully upright, which didn't seem to make a lot of sense for anyone. How was he able to stand after the absolute beating he took from Onyx? @Unicorncob @Dynamo Pad @reader8363 @dragon4111 For those who had kept a keen eye on Copper, they would've seen that he had a green aura enveloping him. Due to him being an Earth Pony, he was able to naturally heal himself with just a tiny fraction of the earth below him.
  12. @Literally Snails Meanwhile, Copper was in one room in the emergency place, taken in to heal. Thankfully he didn't have a broken skull, but he did have a broken everything else. He couldn't move if his life depended on it, so whatever was needed to heal him quickly would be necessary.
  13. @Literally Snails I probably won't be able to post anything until Copper regains consciousness.
  14. @Literally Snails That punch from Onyx was the final nail in the coffin, as when they collided, Copper was sent careening back. He tumbled and collapsed on his side of the arena circle, his chest-side down on the ground. He laid there for a moment, then very VERY slowly looked up at Onyx. "Good game... well played..." were his final words before he lost consciousness.