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  1. The ball is now in Discord’s court @Randimaxis
  2. Skycoaster

    [Canterlot] Winter in Canterlot

    Midnight turned his head to to catch a glance of the pink mare now seemingly looking into his soul...or at least it felt that way to the bat pony. He would turn his head as to not make eye contact with her. He was on duty and had a job to do. Distractions could not happen. Not today when he was responsible for his Princess's safety. Luna would smile at Red Cedar. "I shall make sure to give you notice of my arrival in Vanhoover as to not catch thee off guard and allow you time to prepare a proper itinerary." Looking around to the group, her grin would grow. "If it would not inconvenience thee, perhaps Applejack and Pinkie Pie would enjoy the trip as well?" Her voice showed a hint of hesitation as she did not want to commit them on a trip that may interrupt their busy lives. As the alicorn princess heard the name mentioned of a particular Draconequus, her eyebrow would raise in inquisition. Narrowing her eyes, she would look over this 'SnowCord' from a distance. It was too well made and almost impossible to have been made so quickly. It was just the kind of subtly he was known for. "Discord, I know that you are here. If you wished to join are small gathering, all thou has to do is ask...." As soon as those words left her muzzle, she sighed not knowing what types of shenanigans she may have just summoned. "Midnight, be ready. I do not believe you have had the pleasure of dealing with him unlike my sisters guard."
  3. @DwhitetheGamer Celestia has not yet made it to the group, but I can work with the post
  4. I will post tomorrow if nopony else dose.
  5. So, who's going to be the first to notice Discord, or is his grand entrance still planned?
  6. @Unicorncob I think Midnight may regret my...trying to be ignored by Pinkie. since the database doesn’t show images anymore, this is Midnight Oil. Posted from phone, will resize when I get access to a computer.
  7. Skycoaster

    [Canterlot] Winter in Canterlot

    Luna nodded to Cedar as he spoke. “I see. I myself have yet to be out as far west in Equestria as Vanhoover, though I am sure my sister has. Perhaps some day I shall make my way there, and perhaps, if thou art not busy, you can be our tour guide. Myself and my guards would honored to have one so versed in the city accompany us.” Quickly, the alicorn would find herself being distracted by a bubbly pink mare. “Greetings Pinkie Pie,” Luna would say with a smile. “What brings you to Canterlot on this first evening of winter?” Meanwhile, Midnight was relieved that Red Cedar had drawn the attention of the pink mare. Stories of her antics had circulated throughout the Royal Guards. He kept cloak’s hood up, hoping she did not notice the armored bat pony. Another pony would join the seemingly ever growing group of ponies before the princess. “Greetings, Copper correct? I trust that you are enjoying this snowy evening?”
  8. Skycoaster

    [Canterlot] Winter in Canterlot

    @Red Cedar “I see,” she would say looking the earth pony over. “Red Cedar. That name is not one that is familiar to me. I decern that thou art not from this region of Equestria, correct?” It was at this time that she would hear a familiar voice. The alicorn would turn to see that it was indeed whom she though. “Good evening fair Applejack. You need not address me in such a formal manner, for you are a friend Twilight Sparkle, which intern, makes you my friend as well. Please just call me Luna. I trust that you are enjoying the snow as well as the brightest moon of the year.” Looking around to all that where present, the princess would smile. “I hope that the early evening has not inconvenienced anypony. ‘Tis my was of showing the beauty of the night.” Luna would extend a hoof proudly towards the full winter moon. “All that has transpired this event has been done by my design. From the planing of the gentle snow to the angle of the moon to shimmer off of the winter wonderland below.”
  9. Yes there is! Feel free to post when you are ready.
  10. @Red Cedar looks like it’s just you and I for now.
  11. Skycoaster

    [Canterlot] Winter in Canterlot

    @Red Cedar Midnight's eyes would narrow as he glared at the copper coated stallion. As he opened his mouth to speak, Princess Luna would extend a hoof forward to the now bowing stallion. "Greeting my subject. No harm was done, and I believe that I bump may have hurt you more than I." Luna could not help but chuckle under her breath, for when she planned on bumping into her subjects, she did not mean literally. Looking over to her guard, she would nod ever so slightly to signal him that all was fine as he returned to position. "I apologize for Midnight's stern behavior, however one can not be too careful in Equestria now of day." Looking down to the snow herself, she would attempt to hide a smirk. "I see thou art enjoying the snow as well....and the longer winter nights as well I hope." "I do not mean to seem rude, but what is thy name subject? I feel that we have met before, however with such a large kingdom and so many ponies, I occasionally find it difficult to put a name to face when not in the ream of dreams."
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