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  1. Not going to be able to post this weekend. Have to head out to South Bend IN for cousins graduation...
  2. @Mentis Soliloquy Luna would nod to the pegasus. "Very well then. Guard," she would call out, "You may let the first subject in. We are ready to hear the first grievance." The guard would nod and open the door. To the princess's surprise, nopony was there. She would sigh deeply and look at the clock. "Only three more hours of grievances..." she tailed off resting her head on her hoof. She would look to Mentis and tap her chin. "So, how is thy mother? Has she become accustomed to your late nights yet?" She hoped that the small talk would help move time along until a subject would arrive...
  3. ponyville

    @Red Cedar The alicorn would place her hoof to her forehead. "If only it where that easy. Our subjects expect my sister and I to...take an interest in their lives. To be, it seems like they may take offensive to asking why we are being invited to an event that we know nothing about. Though thou may be correct. Asking may be betting then making a foal of ourselves my first Nightmare Night." Luna would take out a small book and grin sheepishly at her earth pony host. "My sister has circled two of her favorite festivals that she wishes me to attend. I believe she said that both are in Ponyville. Would thou be willing to explain why Cider Day is so important in well as something about a Zap Apple Pie day she has circled in red?"
  4. @Mentis Soliloquy Luna would follow the pegasus to the main chamber of the throne room, keeping an eye on his every move. Slowly she would walk up the few small steps to the throne and take a seat. Next, she would stretch her wings. In the back of her mind she could not imagine how this may look to an onlooker, or even her own staff, however the memory from her younger years of getting a cramp during an official ruling would forever haunt her. Luna would look over to Mentis's position and wink at him before...."We have ruling that thou should prepare thyself and to make sure that thou art limber, for one dose not know how long thou may be taking notes." The alicorns wings would quickly extend as she looked straight forward. "We have made our final decision in this ruling."
  5. ponyville

    @Red Cedar The alicorn would sigh deeply. "I understand, but that creates another problem, at least one for me." Resting her head on a forehoof, she would continue. "As a princess of Equestria, I get many invitations to these events but yet have no time to learn about them." Luna would take a deep breath as she looked at AppleJack. "I do not know if I should accept these invites and go, knowing little to nothing about these local events or to pick just a few but do research. I want to be fair, but not seem as if I had just pooped out of the moon..." The alicorn would shake her head realizing what she had just said. "Celestia has it so easy sometimes, having all these years of experience...." "I can only imagine that you, as a Hero of Equestria, have gotten plenty of event invites. May I ask how thou chooses which to attend?"
  6. Just like twitter. Just type @ and the users name.
  7. @Great Prince "If you practice, you shall do fine Trixie." Luna would let out a heavy yawn and make the face of a pony that was trying to stay awake. "My how time flies when one is having fun. It looks as if thy sisters days are shorting and the nights growing slightly longer. As much as I have enjoyed our visit, I am afraid that I must return to Canterlot Castle to rest up for tonight." Luna would mover closer to Trixie and wrap her wing around the mare. "Remember that now I am only a letter away...or Celestia...or Twilight for that matter now that you know that spell." Smiling she would look to the book on the table. "I can not wait to see how you and Starlight will fill your new spell book."
  8. ponyville

    @Red Cedar "Times do change, this is true, and in my case so many years have passed." She would levitate the glass and drink the milk. Setting the glass down, she would look to see the milk mustache at the den of her muzzle before quickly wiping it away and giggling. Luna would tap her chin thinking as she tried to recall the name of a holiday from long ago. "What about...." The princess decided not to bring up the one she though of. There would be a small pause. "One thing that I have had trouble learning is all of the local celebrations. Running of the Leaves and Winter Wrap Up are self explanatory. 'Tis the other localized celebrations that has me confused."
  9. Sure. I need a jumpstart anyway. We should be two days out if memory is correct.
  10. @Mentis Soliloquy Luna would grin at Mentis. "Next you ask? Our next stop is the Royal Throne Room, for tonight we shall hear grievances from our subjects...and you are to record them on parchment as well as to act as a witness if needed for my ruling. I believe this was one of thy duties under my sister, correct?" Looking around the room to her now content night staff, she would not say a word, only nod. Within moments the room had been vacated all of but the two. "I will apologize in advance Mentis. During official Equestrian business, I must use the royal we as per tradition." Pointing a hoof forward, Luna would nod. "After you. I am sure by now you have this wing of the castle memorized. On to the throne room."
  11. ponyville

    @Red Cedar "I see," is all the princess would say as she processed AppleJack's words. "I was well aware of the griffon's team at the Equestrian Games. I guess that I had made the assumption that, seeing how as many of holidays of old where based off defeating a foe or 'saving the day' as it where, we sill follows those traditions. The Summer Sun Celebrations was, for up till recently, a carnival of my darker sides defeat and banishment." The alicorn paused as her pie vanished. She would smile at AppleJack rather sheepishly. "If it is not too much to ask, may I have a beverage to wash down this most excellent slice of pie?"
  12. @PathfinderCS@Strong Copper Luna would smile to the newcomer. "Cooper....Strong Cooper is thy name if I remember correctly." Upon recalling the name, the princess would shrug off a chuckle remembering their first meeting. "The Winter Moon Festival is going to be a grand and glorious night. From the raising of the Winter Moon on the longest night of the year, to the food for the VIP banquet, as well as the first class entertainment. We shall put the grand Galloping Galla to shame. Miss Lulamoon hath been chosen to by the Mare of Cermonies for our event. A perfect fit if I do not say so myself, for Moon is in her last name. She is also one of the first friends that I have made outside the 'Heroes of Equestria and my sister." She would look to each of them. "I take it that there is a possibility that thou knows each other?
  13. @Mentis Soliloquy Reaching Canterlot Castle once more Luna would open the door with her magic aura. She would roll her eyes as she noticed that Mentis had not taken her bait for her prank. With a heavy sigh, she and Midnight would enter the castle as well. "Out next stop is the dining room. I am sure the others are eager to get their treat for this evening as well." Slowly she would make her way to the room in question and levitate her box onto the table as the bat pony followed suit. The news of their return did not take long as the room slowly filled with the night staff one at a time. Within seconds the two boxes where empty. The few guards that had yet to receive their doughnuts would stair at Mentis...or rather the box on his back, waiting for him to set it down. Luna would look to her scribe and chuckle. "This was what I was referring to earlier. 'Tis best not to keep them waiting."
  14. ponyville

    @Red Cedar Luna would take a seat and smile. "Thank you Apple Jack for the kind words. While it is true that the night is my domain, Celestia had kept insisting that I attend. She has, after all, managed to host the Galla as well as keep the night safe while I was well as the night guard is more adept at their jobs that it may appear." The alicorn would levitate a fork and begin to enjoy the slice of apple pie. "Tis quite tasty," she would say as she continued to devoured the pie. The princess would sigh. "Dose thou remember Nightmare Night?" she would say with a bit of hesitation in her voice. "Last Hearths Warming twas my duty to...produce the pageant. It did not go as my sister and those in attendance had anticipated...I guess what I am saying is I need assistance in learning what has changed over 1000 years. To think, we do not celebrate Commander Hurricane's victory off the griffon invaders any longer..." she would tail off.
  15. ponyville

    @Red Cedar The alicorn would nod and following Apple Jack in the direction of the farm house. Luna's ears would purke up upon the mention of pie. The aroma lofting to her muzzle as the f guiding her the kitchen it was baked in. "My sweet tooth may not be as large as thy sister's, however I have always had a soft spot for pie." Luna would sigh as Apple Jack asked her question. "So much has changed since I was last able to properly enjoy a holiday. Also, I do not tend to get out much with my duties, as well as being referred to as the 'antisocial alicorn...' has not left me many hooves on experience. I am sure that you had noticed that I had skipped the previous two Grand Galloping Gallas..."