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  1. I’m fine with both. Sorry for the delay in the response. I’ve been away.
  2. Update. The shuttle has not left yet. Still plenty of room to join on an epic adventure. For those Star Wars fans, this is set just before order 66.
  3. Sounds good @reader8363. Is she going to be the padawan assigned to Midnight or just one on the mission?
  4. Well, the rank of Jedi goes as follows. Jedi Master is the highest, then Jedi Knight, then Padawan learner, then Youngling. Keep in mind, Jedi are generally trained from a young age. Once a youngling reaches a certain skill level or age, they are then assigned to be a Padawan learner to a Jedi Knight or Master. This is generally for a number of years. One of the surprises was going to be that Midnight was going to be assigned a padawan against his knowledge.
  5. The Fallen Force A MLP/Star Wars A dark fog hangs over the Equestrian Galaxy. War has decimated the ranks of the galaxy’s jedi protectors. Once numbered in the thousand, only a few hundred reman. Now a new threat will emerge that may end them all together. With a Galactic Senate now the ruling body of the Galaxy, the two sisters have retired from ruling and now focusing on protecting the galaxy through the Magic of Friendship and the Force. Recently promoted Knight Midnight Oil has been assigned to a secret mission to a planet long forgotten by his old master, as well as another surprise for the young Jedi Knight. Join the mission as ether a Padawan, Youngling, or Jedi Night, or perhaps as a trooper or hired help (Smuggler) Roster Midnight Oil, Jedi Knight, Bat Pony, Blue Lightsaber Rose Beast, Midnight's Padawan, Pegasus, Unknown Lightsaber
  6. Happy birthday Sky!

  7. Merry Birthiversary! 

  8. Happy b-day! :squee:

  9. I feel the movie introduced quite a bit to the MLP canon. Looking at the sea ponies as an example, I think having a few feline friends wouldn’t be a bad idea. As long as they are well researched and well written, I would be glad to RP with a kitty kat oc.
  10. Hehe, I forgot that one reference was even in the second paragraph, and history is now in the proper order. Ready for final inspection.
  11. Edits are complete and I await your updated review.
  12. Fabulous Birthday wishes!