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  1. Winter in Canterlot The first dusting of snow has fallen on the cobblestone streets of Equestria's capital city, Canterlot. Princess Luna has ventured out about the city under the light of full moon hoping to interact with her subjects and friends during this early evening. This Role Play is open to ALL Equestrain Empire Approved Characters, both Cast and OCs. Please link your character that you would like to use in the comments below so I may update the RP roster. Roster Princess Luna-Skycoaster Midnight Oil (Luna's Bat Pony Guard)-Skycoaster
  2. @Mentis Soliloquy Are you up for continuing this? I know it's been a long time, but I feel we need to finish it.
  3. After an extended vacation on the Moon, Princess Luna is back and ready to RP in EqE
  4. Skycoaster

    Princess Luna

    Hehe, I forgot that one reference was even in the second paragraph, and history is now in the proper order. Ready for final inspection.
  5. Skycoaster

    Princess Luna

    Edits are complete and I await your updated review.
  6. Going to get some....pie on Tuesday. That's my next day off and the first day I have time to do it, but don't worry, it's coming.
  7. Skycoaster

    Princess Luna
  8. Well, I meant I was planing on bringing Luna try to bring some life back into EqE.
  9. Guess who’s coming out of retirement!
  10. After having a long conversation with myself, It is with much sadness that I am retiring from playing Princess Luna. It has been an amazing three and a half years, but I just can not seem to put the deserved effort into playing her any longer. Luna will always have a special place in my heart. I will still be around however. You'll be seeing me actually OCs :shock:
  11. He is at the door waiting for you.
  12. Yep. Also, Luna's assistant will be joining in too, right @Mentis Soliloquy? anypony else that wishes to come with an EqE approved character is more then welcome. 'Tis a large train.
  13. As the train steamed from Canterlot to Ponyville, Luna would put her sleep mask over her eyes. Her blanket would levitate and tuck herself in. The streamlined train was a sight to be seen by anypony who turned their eyes towards the tracks as it passed by. The dark purple, midnight blue, and silver of the engine, as well as the large crescent moon was a dead giveaway as to who the train it belonged to. As the train approached the Ponyville station, its distinctive whistle would cause the alicorn to stir. After a few moments, Luna would leave her sleeping car and head to her parlor car door to await her guest's arrival.
  14. Skycoaster

    [Canterlot] Working By Moonlight

    @Mentis Soliloquy "I see. Reading is a wonderful escape from reality at times, similarly to dreams in a few ways. As for singing," she would pause for a moment. "It seams as if that is the official hobby of Equestria" The sound of hooves on the marble floor would get the princess's attention. A bat pony guard would bow his head. "Your highness, a visitor approaches. I..." Luna would cut him off. "Greet him and show him in Midnight, is that understood.""Yes your highness." He would turn and leave to meet the guest st the outer throne room door."
  15. Skycoaster

    ponyville [Ponyville] All Our Todays

    @Red Cedar Luna smile shyly at AppleJacks comment about it just being Big Macintosh. "I see. When a pony is enjoying a dream, it can often be hard to want to awaken from, and when they do, try to go back to sleep just to try to return to that same dream. This is also where 'day dreaming' comes into play once they can not return to their slumber." Looking up at the ceiling when the sound emanated, "I have known many of ponies whom awaken to what they consider 'duller' life. Often, their dreams are their only excitement." Pausing for a moment, she would look to AppleJack. "Your brother has some of the more 'exciting' dreams in Equestria." she would say with a wink. Luna would take a small bite of the pie before continuing. "The opposite can be said about dreams that are very dear to our hearts. Some dreams are based in our emotions, memories. For some, the reason we do not remember them upon awaking is that we can move forward from the memory that particular dream was about." She would levitate the glass of milk and take a small drink. "Of all the ponies dreams, however, it seems your sister's and her friends are the most need of guidance. One of the strangest had to do with Sweetie Bell, and a ahem Evil Rarity Cloud...ahem."