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  1. @@Apple Bloom, Aww... there goes all chances of Madoka unless we have a special movie night. Anyway, phooey, Thomas is losing. How could you?
  2. Requesting Eternity (Madoka Magica) and The Rebellion Movie (Madoka Magica), both subbed if possible. note: both of them will rip your heart out and you will LIKE IT!
  3. The Sound of Music and Wreck-It-Ralph. Just because the first one is totally boring, it's funny.
  4. @, We still have a day to go. so the avengers can win
  5. I'm recommending the Avengers until it gets picked, dammit.
  6. @@SveciaDash, You can only pick one movie out of the triology, or two. I think we're only allowed to request two movies, right? Or three?
  7. Recommending Avengers and Iron Man, two awesome movies. Because I am starting to get into Marvel. Spoony ought to kill me, eh?
  8. Hmm, we have some good selection. I think i'll suggest Spirited Away this time. Always my favorite movie ever! And...huh...well, I don't know what else to say, so, um, just Spirited Away this time.
  9. Shift

    Gender Race

    This is another count game, but with a twist. We start off at 1,000. If you are a female, you add one. For example if the number is 504, and you're a female, post saying 505. If you're a male, you subtract. For example, if the number is 42, post saying 41. The males win if they get to 0, the females win if they get to 2,000. Once a game is over, we start all over again. Okay, so i'll say 1,001 since i'm female. Note: If you don't identify with a specific gender, just pick a gender to support. Victories: Stallions: V Mares: II RECORD TIME: TWO FREAKIN' DAYS. GIRLS ARE SCARY.
  10. Suggesting Spirited Away We saw it one time, it's this really weird but really good Japanese film. I love it. It's my favorite movie ever.
  11. Sonic the Hedgehog the Movie. That was a goodie. The old one. Then i'l suggest Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. That movie was awesome.
  12. More harry potter awesomeness! Suggesting Goblet of Fire and Order of the Phoenix. Even though somepony else already suggested it.
  13. already requested chamber of secrets YES! Let us be in the moment with Harry Potter and wizards and Fawkes and weird EVIL d-*gets hand clamped over mouth* Anyway, voted for Azkaban and Secrets.
  14. Requesting The next Harry Potter. I think it was Chamber of Secrets. Then I guess why not we see...uh...the only one I can think about at this moment is Pokemon: Wishmaker Jiratchi. I only saw it once, and I wanna see it again...