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  1. Well, are you the girl who studies psychology?

    1. ThePrincessLuna


      Weeeeell,i know something about psychology......i guess :)

    2. thegoodhen





      But... It doesn't seem like you. You would remember me. :x I think.

  2. Spring is coming...

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    2. Scrubbed user

      Scrubbed user

      There's an "in Soviet Russia" joke in there somewhere.

    3. ThePrincessLuna


      jajaj is seriously,in russia the flowers also bloom despite the cold ;)


    4. Princess Moony
  3. hi =)

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    2. 碇 シンジン

      碇 シンジン

      its good to see you again my friend =)=)=) your day is good today =)? 

    3. ThePrincessLuna


      Was fine thanks, i miss you all >,<

      Aaaand have you got Discord??? btw

    4. 碇 シンジン

      碇 シンジン

      Aww :hug::):) im so happy to see you too :):) I'm not in discord but I'm in deviant art:) what about you:)?

  4. yey! that uk city you live ??? AUSTRALIA!! you are from sidney???
  5. yeahhh, we are neighbors, the food is good ??
  6. A princess told me you speak Spanish... Cómo estás? :D

    1. ThePrincessLuna


      muy bien ,gracias!!


    2. Bojo


      Que bien :) Gracias por agregarme como amigo :D

  7. I have noticed that even though the forum is English-speaking, most come from countries with different languages)) America is a big country), if you live in that country should say that state come :ww, my intuition tells me that most would live there))) I come from Russia))))) so my English is very basic XP también hablo un poco español)) We can also talk about our customs) but best of other countries is THE GASTRONOMY)))
  8. HI !!!!

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    2. ThePrincessLuna


      I LOVE RPG GAMES!!!,you played yume nikki?!?

    3. Kyoshi


      I like RPG's too. :3 I have never played that one though.

    4. ThePrincessLuna


      then, DO NOT PLAY, is traumatizing, it contains much psychological terror,but the end is very good!!!!What's your favorite genre of video games !!?