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  1. I just finished reading fallout: equestria for the first time, took me forever to do though.


    Man, that story was a wild ride to be on! great story though, I highly recomend it to anybody who hasn't read it yet!

    1. Artimis Whooves

      Artimis Whooves

      Funny thing about it, I started reading it somewhere between late december 2015 to early january 2016. I beat both fallout 1 and fallout: new vegas before finishing the story.

  2. sure, I don't know what he'd want though.
  3. I like to go bowling, I suck at it though.
  4. Hey, thanks for the pm offer. Somebody pm'ed me though and I got it off my chest. Thank you though.

    1. The_Gobo


      Aye, glad ya got an ear :D
      Door's always open

  5. howdy

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    2. Artimis Whooves

      Artimis Whooves

      Nothing much just sitting here browsing some forums.

    3. strongwilled_pegasus


      sounds neat, i'm multi tasking myself:ooh:

    4. Artimis Whooves

      Artimis Whooves

      It's kinda boring actualy... I only use 2 forums, this one and one on flight rising. I'm not seeing any interesting threads at the moment...

  6. I do. If there's some kind of creature in my house, I will try to get it out in a non-lethal way. Why would something else's life be worth less than mine? If it was in a case of self-defence, I would still feel bad if I had to kill. If at all possible I would try to escape the situation without having to kill.
  7. I've tried way to hard for way to long.

    I need to talk to somebody if anyone's willing to listen.

    1. Snow


      I would offer assistance immediately If I weren't so far from the appropriate mind set for it.
      Perhaps life advice would be a good place to vent what you have on your mind?

    2. Artimis Whooves

      Artimis Whooves

      Yea, maybe.

    3. The_Gobo


      Howdy o3o *opens door to PM's*
      *Points out the contact info on my profile*


  8. Hey guys, I think Zarosian might like some art
  9. I just saw the new Nintendo direct! I'm so Excited!


    There are no brakes on the hype train!



  10. I'm about to start streaming gmod with my friend skye if anybody wants to watch

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    2. Artimis Whooves

      Artimis Whooves

      Nobody watched :/

    3. The_Gobo


      Well I hope you had fun regardless.

      That's what's important o3o


    4. Artimis Whooves
  11. Mega Thread

    *PDA Noises intensify*
  12. I just took this screen cap, Wasn't expecting this...


    1. The_Gobo


      This is why you have to be careful of what you keep in your youtube history :V
      It'll start showing you weird stuff if you don't clean it out every once in a while XD


  13. Mega Thread

    Chillin' in the ice barrier.

    1. The_Gobo


      *Driving normally*
      *This song comes on*
      *The car starts spinning out for no reason*