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    Yu-gi-oh!, mlp, paradoxes,craft work, dragons, animation and watching paint dry.

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  1. I finally got my own computer! :love: 

    1. The_Gobo


      Whoo hoo!
      Congrats! :V

  2. I watched a ytp and then decided to listen to a remix of the mlp theme. Halfway through it, I forgot it was a remix and thought it was another ytp...

  3. Mega Thread

    Kermit called in sick today.
  4. I just found this awesome remix: 


  5. Is it possible to change the title above my name?

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    2. Artimis Whooves

      Artimis Whooves

      Yes, but i'll check again.

      I just looked, I still don't see the option for it...

    3. Venomous



      After speaking with another staff members, the option to alter said title has probably not yet been added/encoded into its new layout. Thus, your best bet would be to contact an administrator to see if they can alter your title, as they are generally the ones who can change it aside from members themselves.

      (I apologize for the various spelling errors. My tablet is acting up!)

    4. Artimis Whooves

      Artimis Whooves

      Okay, thanks!I think I'll just wait until it gets added in.

  6. Why are there photography directors on animated shows?

    1. The_Gobo


      Because 'visual artist' is a title that gets paid less o3o


  7. I heard Lunarkitty's name is really Mooncat...
  8. I just did the math, Trixie makes up 15.384615384615385% of my pony collection.

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    2. Artimis Whooves

      Artimis Whooves

      It's not enough though... :blink:


      I think I have an addiction...

    3. Trottermare Galamane

      Trottermare Galamane

      At least tell me you have a cheerilee statue?

    4. Artimis Whooves

      Artimis Whooves

      Not yet, trying to get at least one of everypony though! Most of the mlp figures I get are from blind bags/ fashems capsules.

  9. I just bought a music making program called rhythm core alpha 2, Hopefully I can get good with this software!

    1. The_Gobo


      Woo hoo!
      Incoming Music!

    2. Trottermare Galamane

      Trottermare Galamane

      if you can learn to drop the bass right you will own it ¦) or at least get a laugh out of the rest of the fish ‡D

  10. Request Shop

    @Zarosian He looks awesome, thank you so much!
  11. I just found this awesome video:


  12. I just got my first tattoo yesterday, what do you guys think?


  13. See ya soon dude!
  14. I haven't heard this in a long time and it just randomly popped up in my youtube suggestions,,,


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    2. Artimis Whooves

      Artimis Whooves

      Yea, I don't really like digital downloads for songs, I'd rather use that memory for something important.

    3. ScruffyTheStallion


      same here XD i grew up with dvd,vhs,cd,etc..

    4. Vulon Bii

      Vulon Bii

      A radio station I listen to plays that occasionally. I should add it to my Spotify playlist.

  15. Hopefully this'll brighten somebody's day:


    1. Shineling


      I love it XD

    2. The_Gobo


      Didn't laugh, but it was well worth a good smile XD