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  1. @@Illiad Easle, Pink looked towards the stairs, and decided she did not to return to where she had been, and saw the walkway on the other side of the room and logged that out as of the fact that right now, she was fine where she was, so she just kept going to the door on the far end of the hallway and opened it.
  2. @@Illiad Easle, Oh great. A sarcastic psychopathic physician. Or so she assumed. But however it was, at least she was making considerable progress without much hindrance. She made her way through the intersection and the open door quickly, shutting it fast behind her.
  3. @@Illiad Easle, Pink scowled boredly. This could be one of two probably situations, one far more probable than the other. It could be someone trying to help her, and lead her through this hellish labyrinth quickly and efficiently. Yeahhhhh. Far more likely some mad scientist willing to run her through mazes until both of them blew up. Either way she didn't have much choice and trotted through the next door, closing it behind her.
  4. @@Illiad Easle, This was bad in any light. Pink did not trust the voice in the slightest, but every other avenue was now an impossibility. There was no way to trust anything, but this was at least a chance. She ran past the deactivated gate and up to the door, peering through before going in.
  5. @@Illiad Easle, Pink realized that the key card would probably prove useful, and ran back through the melted door. She ran to the four-way intersection, and looked down the hallway that was open before running down that as well, closing the door securely behind her.
  6. @@Illiad Easle, Pink drew back in momentary horror at the corpse and jumped away from the shuffling door. Choosing between the three evils- a door behind which could not be a friend, a door that something or someone had melted through, and going back to Mr. Freezes-a-lot, she chose the melted door, skirting the corpse. It did not matter so much about caution if she was about to blow up forthwith anyhow.
  7. @@Illiad Easle, Pink stiffened in her journey upon hearing the announcement that the whole place would be nuked. She had to get to gate A or B, but she had no clue as to where that would be. She knew that she couldn't go back the way she'd come however, so she bolted along the security hallway and through the door, slamming it behind her.
  8. @@Illiad Easle, Pink kept following the tunnel, as there was no going back now. If she'd not totally felt like it before, she most certainly felt like a rat in a maze now. She turned right slowly, with her gun at the ready, just in case (and probably to protect against) any unsavory characters that came after her.
  9. @@Illiad Easle, Her confidence bolstered by the previous hallways being harmless, Pink bounded forwards, following the pipes in the direction the hallway led, not worried about traps so much anymore, but still flinching occasionally at the hissing pipes and such. She looked behind her almost constantly, worried about the statue, but more worried about making tracks.
  10. @@Illiad Easle, Not wanting to waste any time, Pink timed the bursts of electricity so that she could leap past the gate unharmed. She closed the door she came through before doing so and continued on through the gate, knowing that the statue was very, very close to catching up to her.
  11. @@Illiad Easle, Pink decided that the door already opened was probably the best choice. Anything already inside the room probably escaped, or had already gone through. She also did not have time to try to get through the closed door should it prove locked, since she had the statue thing on her tail.
  12. @@Illiad Easle, Pink almost bolted down the hallway in an attempt to outpace the statue, but she held back, being reminded poignantly of Indiana Jones. Who knows what fiendish traps lay scattered across the hallway. She started off at a brisk walk, delicately testing out each tile before putting her weight on it.
  13. @@Illiad Easle, After passing backwards through the doorway, Pink contemplated her situation. She did not know if she were sealing herself in with something dangerous, but on the other hoof the thing she was staring at was the most immediate threat, and while there could quite possibly be something worse right behind her, she couldn't very well turn and look. She closed the doors.
  14. @@Illiad Easle, Pink's eyes shot open at the statue, but she forced herself to stay calm, lest she convince her eyeballs that blinking was inevitable. After a moment, she winked with one eye, and then the other, continuing to do so even as she felt her way backwards through the doors one hoof at a time. (it was the Heavy Containment doors)
  15. @@Illiad Easle, Pink decided to take another way around and backtracked back up the hallway to the four-way intersection. She reoriented herself to the direction she'd been facing previous and took the leftmost hallway, sidling along with her rear to the wall so that she could keep an eye out in both directions for the statue-creature.