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  1. I just want to say that I love your motto

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      Isn't it great- owob

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      very inspiring //nodnod

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      It's a way to live life

  2. @@Windbreaker, Dove Marigold "It's okay, I have a ton anyway because.. well, I took a lot since I always overspend on these sorts of things. I was rather rude today - I had fun, though! Thank you," Dove bowed her head. "Please excuse me!" she waved, and made her way out of the cafe. She rushed back over to the hotel (avoiding the group in front of the cafe of course) and tried her best not to be noticed. She pushed through the door to her room and laid down on the bed. "Don't worry, Dove - you'll be out of here soon enough. You've got enough bits to last about six months - jus
  3. @@Windbreaker, Dove Marigold "I am? How unsightly of me.. it's really nothing. It is our first day here, after all. I wouldn't want to ruin it. May I be excused?" Dove questioned, getting up - maybe too eagerly. Her headache was getting worse and worse and she'd probably blow it if she stayed for much longer. She slid some bits on the table - to maybe pay Poppy back for ordering and maybe she'd allow her to leave. "My sincere apologies about today. I know it wasn't the best, but I look forward to having you as my roommate."
  4. @@Windbreaker, Dove Marigold "Oh, it's nothing you need to trouble yourself with. I'm just.. thinking. Please don't worry about it," Dove smiled, but then resumed to her irritated gaze towards the ponies outside. She thought she had a chance to befriend Shadow, but that didn't look like it was going to happen. For some reason, everything Shadow did was annoying to Dove. In fact, anything anyone did right now was enfuriating. Maybe she just had a headache. She really just needed to take a nap, but Poppy would peobably be suspicious of her if she just tried to leave.
  5. @, @@Windbreaker, Dove Marigold "I was afraid you'd say that.." Dove said with a strained smile, waving her hoof. "Perhaps I could treat you tomorrow to make up for it. I didn't realize we were both so terribly busy. Well, nevertheless, it was nice meeting you, Miss Shadow!" she said, trotting away and sitting with Poppy to escape the awkward goodbye. Dove was obviously not in the mood to talk after encountering Shadow here, so she just looked out the window as Poppy swooned over Rosewood.
  6. Ihei

    Private Witch Hunter: Inermis

    @@SilverHeart, @@Windbreaker,@, Alice Mare Alice was a little taken aback by Silne's handling of the situation with the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper acted just like the one in the bakery too - maybe all the shopkeepers here were cowards. Witch Hunters were here to defend people against the witches, not hurt them - idiots. She decided that it would be a little stupid to give the people here any bits - but she decided to flick one of her bits to the man and followed after Silne. "Why'd you spend all your money on something stupid like this? You could've bought something more worthwhi
  7. @@FortyTwo42, Dove Marigold "You would? That'd be great!" Dove chirped, masking her irritation with a smile. "..Ah, what brings you here? I figured you'd be busy.." she questioned curiously, bringing a hoof to her own muzzle. Finally notcing what was panning out behind her, Dove decided to back away a bit from Poppy and.. whoever that mare was. She seemed annoying - maybe she could lecture Poppy about it once they were back in their dorm.
  8. @@Windbreaker, @@FortyTwo42, Dove Marigold "Ah, Ms. Shadow..! What a surprise to see you here!" Dove answered, somewhat strained. She didn't feel reassured at all before by Poppy's words, since she doesn't normally say things like that so easily unless she did it on purpose. "I'm sorry, it must've slipped my mind that I was joining my friend Poppy here for a snack.. would you like to join us?" Dove asked, hoping her answer would be no - she really had worse things to worry about.
  9. Ihei

    Private Witch Hunter: Inermis

    @@Windbreaker, Alice Mare Alice frowned and stuck out her tongue at Silne as she left to talk to the shopkeeper. "She's annoying!" Alice said with a huff. "You wanna buy something? Not here, I hope," Alice said, not in an irritated tone for once. Not even Alice could keep up a teasing tone all the time.
  10. @@Windbreaker, Dove Marigold "Ooh, this is thrilling!" Dove whispered, following after Poppy. She merely thought that they were going to listen in on what the two ponies were saying. She didn't think that Poppy would actually interrupt them. "Poppy, was that really the smartest thing you could think of?" she asked, but she quickly realized the tone she said it in sounded rather mean, so she decided to slump down behind the counter. Was she almost caught? Dove was thinking of escaping but that would've made her look even worse. She decided to just stay there and look insane while sh
  11. Ihei

    Private Witch Hunter: Inermis

    @@SilverHeart, @@Windbreaker, Alice Mare "Oh, it's just some stupid gems," Alice huffed, turning around and seeing that that girl from the ship and.. that other guy she talked to was behind her. "Don't get your hopes up - they're not selling anything that we should care about," she frowned, looking at the girl. "Who're you?" she asked, coming off as sounding disgusted to see her.
  12. Agh, is the RP dead, or is everyone just busy? I really have nothing to post.
  13. Ihei

    Private Witch Hunter: Inermis

    Alice Mare Quickly growing bored again waiting for someone she recognized, Alice stood up and decided to see if she could buy anything else. She strolled around the marketplace again since she didn't really care about any of the other stalls or stores before since she just wanted to find a bakery or something. There were a couple of stalls selling stuff like swords and shields and stuff she didn't really need - her blades were just fine on her own so she didn't really need new ones. There were quite a few busy stalls but she didn't really need the things they were selling, but there w
  14. Hm, just wondering but do witches come to us or do we go to them? I was just thinking things were going a bit slow lately - or do you want us to explore a bit first?
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