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  1. Commander Bubbles

    General Media Ex-brony

    Assuming what Evil Rarity said. Ex-brony too, got sick to death of some of the people in the fandom. Woulda just ignored them if the show didn't jump the shark. But I digress. Instead I can be found in the Pokemon community. The anime is kinda eh though.
  2. Commander Bubbles

    Any autistic bronies here in MLP Forums?

    I actually have a mild form of Asperger's syndrome. Of course, being me, I put the "ass" in Aspergers.
  3. Commander Bubbles

    Things i don't like

    All COD games including and past Modern Warfare 2. Especially "cohd bloppz too"
  4. Commander Bubbles

    10 Rules for dealing with the Police.

    Hahahaha I was hoping this was gonna be the video that the OP posted. Either way they're both right, honestly.
  5. Commander Bubbles

    My favorite NASCAR paint schemes from the 2014 season

    I liked Jr's Kelly Blue Book car
  6. Commander Bubbles

    any NASCAR fans out there?

    I absolutely despise the new format. Logano (as much as I hate to admit it) and Harvick are honestly the only championship worthy drivers. Hamlin had only one win and Newman had none. Keselowski also had a great season, and as much as I hate him, getting knocked out was a kick in the teeth for him. Then there's Dale Jr, who also had a great season, but due to a few bad races he was knocked out despite being better than most of the guys that advanced. In other words, this knockout format is NOT how you determine a racing championship. This fake World Cup garbage has no place in motorsports. I really do hope that Newman wins the championship, giving Brian France and his brainchild a huge middle finger.
  7. Commander Bubbles

    People rubbing in their religions

    Here's my honest opinion of religion, coming from an agonstic. It doesn't matter if you believe in Christianity, Islam, Satanism, Atheism, or Buddhism, your belief is your belief. Sure you can talk about it, but putting others down just for what they believe in makes you an even bigger schmuck than the person you're mocking. Believe in what you want, that is fine. But if you try to tell others that you are right and they are wrong, that is crossing the line. That goes both for religious people, and for the anti-religious. Rubbing atheism or anti-theism into one's face is equally as bad as rubbing Christianity into another's face. Keep that in mind as to not look like a hypocritical idiot when trying to slam someone for their beliefs.
  8. Commander Bubbles

    any NASCAR fans out there?

    I race it (or at least will be racing it) in the future I got a ride all set up for next year. Watch IndyCar. Brian France is almost as stupid as Sir Bernard Ecclestone, and unless you want politically determined race results, I strongly recommend watching IndyCar instead. Think Formula 1 without Bernie's Bullshit. I still enjoy NASCAR, but significantly less due to the whole knockout crap.
  9. Commander Bubbles

    What do you think the future will be like?(2020-4000)

    2020: World is shit 2030: World is shit 2040: World is shit 2050: World is shit 2060: World is shit 2070: World is shit 2080: Aliens invade and kill all humans 2081: World is suddenly less shit
  10. Commander Bubbles

    lets have a battle

    I just farted. Figured I'd share.
  11. Commander Bubbles

    What's worst OC you seen?

    Hey, where's the thread honoring the good OCs?
  12. Commander Bubbles

    Will Bronies ever be FULLY accepted?

    Bronies will be accepted the day 4chan natives stop being shitfucks.
  13. Commander Bubbles

    Post your unpopular opinions

    Unpopular opinions... People are NOT special. They are unique. Some people are destined to become important, others are just destined to be average joes. I am very much against parents babying their kids into thinking they are special little butterflies, and end up becoming self entitled little snots. I think that if people don't want to get beaten up by policemen, they should not bait them into doing so (keeping opinions of Ferguson to myself though; most liberals would not like my opinion) (See above You're Not Special entry) While I am supportive of same sex marriage, I feel people are taking it too far. I think that minority scholarships (despite being Korean myself) are already a grey enough area, and trying to turn homosexuality into a protected race is wrong in my opinion. At the end of the day- it's preference. That's the same as trying to create laws to protect Bronies just for liking the show. I also think political correctness is getting out of hand. I mean, people wanting to change the name of Asian Carp just because it's called an Asian Carp? I'm actually being serious, there are people out there wanting to change its name. Same with people bitching about the Washington Redskins. Yes, historically it is an offensive term, but so is Cracker in Cracker Barrel, and Yankee too (that's the British equivalent of the N-word to Americans), yet nobody bats an eye about that... Oh, and on a related note, contrary to popular belief, reverse racism does exist in my opinion. Some minorities cry about about being oppressed when they feel it's okay to shout racial slurs that are degrading to themselves, and believing that all whites are racist. That is racism. Caucasian people are a race too. My brother tried to tell me that reverse racism can't exist because Caucasians created the standard of racism in America, COMPLETELY IGNORING the fact that they are, indeed, a race too (took a lot of willpower to not drive into a tree after he said that). Caucasians are a part of the "American Melting Pot" (a term I use VERY loosely), and all races deserve the same amount of respect. I also think that if you feel the need to constantly complain about the American government without doing anything to try to change it, rather do things like burn the flag, you have the right to get the fuck out of the country.
  14. omfg I can't. I just can't. And now sweet tea is all over my computer.
  15. Commander Bubbles

    Mega Thread What is the poster above you known for?

    For having the manliest avatar known to man