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  1. quantum flux

    i'm not new, just returning

    How did you find MLP Forums?: a long time ago thru my cousins How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: i'm not a fan anymore, i just love this community i am quantum flux, my real name is korin. i'm a transboy and i play world of warcraft a lot. i guess i just wanted to say that i've returned, just not sure for how long. so hi there.
  2. quantum flux

    Private The Changling Challenge RP

    (I am Peng's cousin, she gave me permission to join.) I trotted through the Changeling castle, basically taking a leisurely stroll, as I had no duties today. I was just enjoying my time, when I nearly ran into another Changeling. "Oh, oops...sorry. Didn't see ya there right away." I smiled, stepping back to give the other one some space. At first, I didn't recognize her. I was the much less sociable Changeling. And then, I realized who it was. "Konochu!" I exclaimed, rearing up onto my hind-hooves. "Long time no see." As the castle was quite large, I never really bumped into any of the Changelings I knew very well. This was a once in a lifetime thing. "Where are you off to?" I asked, looking up and noticing the other few Changelings who were with her. "Who are they? What's happening? Something big, assuming there's a small group of you here..." And now, I was confused.
  3. quantum flux

    Best thing from your childhood

    I'd have to say not in my CHILDhood, but in my early teenager years (13...last year) I went to Florida for an entire week. And I live in Minnesota, so that's kinda easy to understand.
  4. quantum flux

    I drew pony, I do good?

    Shading is not my forte. I've tried shading stuff... It just... never again. o-o Like I said, I'm going to be doing a full body sketch later on today or tonight. :3 This time using guidelines and such.
  5. quantum flux

    I drew pony, I do good?

    I've tried fixing the ears and eyes problem on some of my other drawings. It makes them look odd. I guess that's just my style. At least it still looks good. And the character in the face, you're actually the first to notice that in any of my drawings. I usually make my drawinsg have some sort of attitude of personality that you can see right away. Nobody ever notices it though. xD Maybe it is sexual! /not xD Pssh, thanks though.
  6. quantum flux

    I drew pony, I do good?

    Thank you, Zygen. I tried making the lines one thickness, but it was done with one of those pens with the thick ink, so if I held it the wrong way, it kinda just thickened the line. >_<
  7. quantum flux

    I drew pony, I do good?

    I can't really do soft lines, only the raggedy looking lines. Like I said, it was a quick doodle. I might attempt her full body drawing later. Thanks you guys! xD You make me feel good about myself.
  8. quantum flux

    I drew pony, I do good?

    No guidelines, no reference. Just a quick doodle using only a pen. Did I do good? I think she might be one of my characters, but I'm unsure yet.
  9. quantum flux

    Hottest Mane Six Pony?

    Rainbow Dash or Applejack. Nuff said. So much HNNNG contained within me whenever I'm around my cousins and I see either Dashie or AJ. I have to contain and restrain myself from bursting. xD
  10. quantum flux

    Build-A-Bear Pony Plushies

    I will keep waiting for that dang Fluttershy so I can get some Bunny ears and put them on her godammit. I swear I'll do it. e-e /huge fluttershy fan I think the Rainbow Dash ones are kinda ugly, so I'm hoping that the Fluttershy ones are cute.
  11. quantum flux

    I actually made a signature....*sniffle* ;u;

    I was going to do some blending, but then I got lazy and decided 'meh, screw it'. It's only my first signature in a great while, I'll do more and get better as I go. I'm debating whether or not I should make another one right now, or ask somebody to make it for me, cause now I have an idea....
  12. quantum flux

    I actually made a signature....*sniffle* ;u;

    the fuzziness fof her head is actually MS paint's doing. it's a vector, but MS paint has a tendency to screw those up. xD since firealpaca doesn't have fonts i have to use ms paint for that, and they have a very limited choice. oh well *shrug* still my best signature in a while.
  13. bask in my achievement... is it pretty? i do good? all i want is critique, i used two programs (firealpaca and MS paint) to create it. i think it looks great. should i start a sig shop after i've made a few more for myself?
  14. quantum flux

    Blinkie Pie or Inkie Pie?

    Inkie Pie hands down is the best. x3 She's so adorable, and just all-round perfection. Blinkie is cute too but I'll always love Inkie.
  15. quantum flux

    Discorded Pony Sigs~

    Dat Slendermane sig. O_O Can...can I use it... Otherwise, these are all super amazing! I adore your signatures. Hope you make more in the future!