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  1. Musix

    what if being a brony became illegal

    If being a Brony was illegal? I'm pretty sure it is in Russia right now Well, We'd all gather in underground hubs, singing brony music like hardcore thieves and exchange pony merchandise in secrecy. Half of the Hasbro team would continue making My Little Pony, Get sued by all of the Anti-Brony-Wankers we all know all to well and they'd escape prison. Heck, I should write a fanfic..
  2. Practical? Who the heck cares about it being practical!? Think of how cool it'd be! The dashie coaster, AJ's farm.. It'd be amazing. And think of the shops that'd be in the park! you could buy merch and stuff, it'd be awesome
  3. Musix

    S04:E08 - Rarity Takes Manehattan

    Musix's Short snyopsis Rarity - "Oh crap I'm late hahaha" Rainbow Dash - "Want me to fly you there I'm the fastest flyer in all of ponyville" Rarity - "Lol No I want to take a cab" Later Coco - "Can... I sit with you?" Rarity - "Ew no"
  4. Musix

    Have A Pony vs. Be A Pony

    I would have to choose 'be a pony', But here are a lot of things that would prevent me from doing this. Life without my boyfriend is no life at all - Without someone to drive me and keep me going, I don't think I would enjoy life I love being a medic in the Air Training Corps, I would hate to loose that job How on earth would a foot fetishist survive? xD But then again.. I've always wanted wings I would hate having the ONLY pony Hooves, man ^.^
  5. Musix

    Transparant Backgrounds

    Good day, everyone! (This is my third time writing this paragraph, MLP forums is combusting on me :c) While trawling through the forums, I often sigh at the disability to see users backgrounds on their profile page. By that, I mean the funny picture of their favourite pony doing something silly that sits behind their 'about me' section on my profile page. For example, Mine is currently a picture of Rainbow Dash super imposed on to Doge's face. (I am, however, prone to changing my background, so it's probably already changed.) If it was an option to change the transparency of the white, opaque wall on our profile pages from maybe a slider from 0% to 100%, It would mean that everyone would be able to see the lovely pictures that people put on their profile backgrounds and smile as we see an adorable picture of Derpy smiling - And more than likely holding onto a muffin of some kind. Am I proving hard to follow? I don't blame you, I'm not a very descriptive writer. Here are some lovely pictures that I totally took a long time editing to help you understand what this crazy brit is rambling on about. (Yes, I'm using MS paint, And no, I'm not sorry.) I will have to link you the pictures, Purely because MLP forums isn't letting me copy and paste anything. Please feel a little sympathy, too, I am having to type these URLs by hand. Therefore, There is probably a typo and if I need to, I'll re-link you to the proper page. >.<' And this should be able to be like... Cheers! -Musix
  6. Musix

    Anyone Else In Marching Band?

    I'm not in a marching band... But HERE is an overly photo shopped picture of me and my two escorts as we march behind one looking ever so heroic and handsome on a remembrance parade, BEHIND a marching band! I WISH!
  7. Musix

    Technology Thoughts on Google+?

    My main peeve with Google + is Youtube telling me that I "NEED TO CHANGE MY NAME TO JAK ROBINSON INSTEAD OF IAMONEGUYZ YOU BLOODY IDIOT". I feel like I'm being patronised because I prefer internet explorer to Google Chrome. Yes, I said it. But the true use of the internet is creating stupid gifs that will never be able to be used in a serious way on forums, like this one
  8. Musix

    I'm trying to make a spellbook.

    Ooh- Jacobean trivia!! Well, Lets see.. Whitches where pagans who thought that they could make potions and cast spells to present misfortune on others. It was basically the equivalent of being a drug dealer nowerdays, Very illegal. The king described a witch as a woman with dark clothing and a long nose. Anyone with these features would be sentenced to death using some creative witch-hunting techniques! These consisted of.. - Reciting the lords prayer - Reciting the bible - Strapped to a chair, thrown into pond - Strapped to weight, thrown into pond - Setting on fire - Burning witch with hot clay And many, many more. Studying witches was considered scientific and witchcraft was feared throughout the country. Famous witch-hunters would tour villages and kill innocent people (and people who claimed to be witches). These hunters were considered celebrities. I hope I did a help
  9. Musix

    I'm trying to make a spellbook.

    Oh, Ohh - I'm British, Let me help you This'll make sense if you like harry potter if not, then please carry on with your life and pretend you never saw this comment
  10. Musix


    "Are you taking the piss with me!?" Almost dude, Let me teach you our language some time It'd be amazing, But i'd have to star as every character if that would be okay with everyone waitwhat As long as there were no 'Chav' voice actors, It'd be awshum
  11. It was actually a Monty Python reference - Well, Kind of In one of the movies (Holy grail, I think) there is a brief pause before on of the chapters that tells the audience- The following contains foul language Like Shit Fuck Bitch Bastard Dicks blahblahblah I can't remember the entire joke, But it's more-or-less that
  12. The following contains foul language Like fuck, And bucket Call him... FuckCastleDinkelBerreyBucketSquabllerTeaserTentiFalicousQuientibly the third, Thrice removed No Don't do that Ropleplays would be a NIGHTMARE ...Kinda looks like a Finn, Or a Dallas
  13. Musix

    Technology Computer help Please

    Flame thrower? Don't be silly - I'm using a pre-heated napalm dispenser air-and-gas arrangement distributer - y'know, a PHNDAAGAD
  14. Musix

    Technology Computer help Please

    There are guides on YouTube? Well - I guess that makes a difference 1. Watch YouTube 2. My computer is on fire why would you even do that help
  15. Musix

    Technology Computer help Please

    Ohh - That's a tricky one. Let me feed you my best knowledge on building a computer. 1. Buy pre-made computer. 2. Set computer on fire. 3. Watch it burn. 4. Realise you can no longer use Skype. 5. Cry. 6. Buy new computer.