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  1. HomuraBL

    15 Styles of Distorted Thinking

    Mind Reading, Catastrophing, Personalization, Should and Fallacy of change. I'm especially ashamed of the mind reading thing. I jump to conclusions quite easily.
  2. HomuraBL

    I have now EV trained a Pokemon. :D

    Hello everyone, Raccoon briefly here before I have to return to my not being able to come on here. I just came to say that I have now fully EV trained a Pokemon for the first time. My Porygon 2, (who I named Cyber Wall), is now very defensive from both Special and Physical attacks. Here's what I put my EVs into: HP: 252 (Killed many Stunfisk) Def:176 (Killed many Roggenrolas) SpD:80 (Killed many Frillishes) Add an Eviolite as well, and my Porygon 2 is almost unstoppable. Here are the moves it knows: Toxic Ice beam thunderbolt Recover Ability: Trace Getting a porygon in the first place was tough in the first place because I deleted my original Platinum save file. Had to go through a lot of the game just to get to the place where I get a Porygon. After all I did, I say it was worth it. So happy I was finally able to EV train a Pokemon. <3 Don't know what I'll EV train next. It might be roserade, or maybe something else. I don't know yet. Anyway, see you guys later. :3 (Btw, while I normally don't care about IVs, they seem pretty good overall. It has a 31 in special attack and it's in the 20s for Def and SpD).
  3. HomuraBL

    Season 4 Preview & Info [Spoilers]

    I don't know about all the other questions, but this pretty much explains says that Twilight will indeed live in Ponyville. http://www.themarysue.com/tara-strong-interview/ It's a good read. Here's a link for more interviews. http://www.equestriadaily.com/2013/02/piles-of-tara-strong-interviews.html
  4. HomuraBL

    The new eveeloution!

    Syleveon has been revealed! <3 Boy, this one looks pretty sweet. My favorite has always been Glaceon, but depending on the it's type, stats, and moves, it may just win me over. Speaking of type, thats seems to be a huge debatable subject at the moment. I'm personally hoping for a fighting type, but I understand the reasons for it not to be. Hope to see more of this pokemon soon. <3
  5. HomuraBL


    I will never get the hate on vanilite. I find an ice cream pokemon pretty imaginaitive. Vanilitnite is actually the most powerful non-lengendary ice types in terms of stats. Besides, he is at least better than a slude with eyes or a seal spelled seel. :/ (Note, i like grimer and seel, but the argument of the pokemon being unimaginative is pretty bad,)
  6. HomuraBL

    I Just Bought A 3DS

    Glad to see you join us 3dsers...Of course,I actually need to get a new one since mine broke, but shouldn't be too much of a problem. (also, 3dses don't break easily, I was just careless).
  7. HomuraBL

    News Critique: Nintendo Direct 2.14.2013 "The (Y)ear of Luigi"

    Pumped for the new mario and luigi installment. Own all 3 realeased so far. <3 Thought the series was dead with no news of it for such a long time. Also, the ending to BIS kinda made me feel that was the end. Though, what is Starlow doing back? Was she a fan favorite? I mean, I liked her as character as well, but it kinda seem like they would've done a new support character for each game. Stuffwell, then starlow. Anyway, excited for dreamteam. <3 ... (Bowser x starlow for the win!) *Runs*
  8. HomuraBL

    Rant # 6 - My problem with Mario Kart

    in my opinion the sequel is better
  9. HomuraBL

    Rant # 6 - My problem with Mario Kart

    Two people? My game is the sequel to vickes which is much better like I said in the post.
  10. HomuraBL

    Rant # 6 - My problem with Mario Kart

    Sonic and all stars racing transformed is way better. Its different than the first game in the series, (and it's way more balanced. Seriously, just compare Sonic 's stats with aiai's. :/) Play transformed. much better. My favorite game on the wii u. <3 (it's on other platforms though)
  11. HomuraBL

    This Fighting is Magic situation really affected me.

    In a way, this affects me personally as well. Eventually, I wanted to make my own pony fan game, like a major project. But, now i'm not sure...
  12. Sure, why not. I have plenty of things to say that has been on my mind for a while that I feel this would be a great way to share it. Would love to be interviewed! :3
  13. HomuraBL

    Gaming What is better... Xbox 360, or PS3?

    So um, wheres the wii u? I'm not being funny. Where's my wii u option? I personally like the wii u better. But since I'm forced to choose these consoles, xbox 360. I at least played some games on it.
  14. You know what I find funny about the people who believe that Twilight will ditch her friends? So apparently, that would mean Hasbro's big money making idea was to not only make Twilight an alicorn, but to also kick her out of the show. Because thats smart.
  15. HomuraBL

    Why I've been gone

    It was great meeting you to Twi. *hugs* Though, we can still chat. I just won't be on here as often. I can try my best to make as much room for my friends.