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  1. NeverNeverland

    Mega Thread Metal Thread

    Not much time for foruming. But I remember Alestorm releasing a ridiculous cover of In The Navy. There are so many great things about this. UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  2. NeverNeverland

    National Novel Writing Month 2013

    I'm seriously pissed at myself for this, since I haven't gotten time to work on my story. I've written down drafts and ideas for the next three chapters, but my school work has seriously cut down on any time I had for Nano. Worst of all, my exams are the first week of December; immediately after everyone finishes.
  3. NeverNeverland

    Mega Thread Metal Thread

    This is a good Razor album, but the problem is that each song is virtually the same. WHY. Christ, their idiocy is beyond my comprehension.
  4. NeverNeverland

    Mega Thread Metal Thread

    So apparently, Dawn got banned. I shouldn't feel surprised but I still am. Huh. Seregon, anyone? His stuff in the Strapping Young Lad albums are great as well.
  5. NeverNeverland

    Mega Thread Metal Thread

    REALM. Didn't listen much to Endless War. Not as technical as Suiciety, but a great release. Would you believe me if I said I know what you mean? Because I saw some of those posts before I left last year.
  6. NeverNeverland

    Mega Thread Metal Thread

    Another thrash band I've decided to check out. Long songs, but some of the tracks are just so good. Also, Gene Hoglan. That's enough of a selling point. Because you seem to keep on crossing that line that shouldn't be crossed, then continued going for miles.
  7. NeverNeverland

    Mega Thread Metal Thread

    German band I used to listen to for quite a while. One of my favourite tracks, from my favourite album from them. Interesting track. There was another guy who posted similar stuff, I bet he would've liked it.
  8. NeverNeverland

    National Novel Writing Month 2013

    On one hand, I'm sure you can figure out an idea soon. Let your mind wander or something. On the other, where do you find time to come up with such a simile. Jesus. ._.
  9. NeverNeverland

    Mega Thread Metal Thread

    Yeah, how could you. Idiocy aside, try out some of Jeff Loomis' solo works. A little bit on the heavy side but when it hits the mark, it hits the mark.
  10. NeverNeverland

    National Novel Writing Month 2013

    Re-updated the word count, now at 4263 words. It feels a bit like the book is writing itself now, which I assume is the effect of having a story you like. On a more literal note, did you know there's an unofficial challenge where people try to write 50k in 24 hours?
  11. NeverNeverland

    National Novel Writing Month 2013

    Well, it says my word count is at 966. Which is surprising because I didn't expect it to go that well first off. I also had a good nap since I was tired from doing my exam and stuff, so lateness and laziness is a bit of a factor. The story idea I have is about a guy with imaginary friends that soon makes real friends. AND THEN CHARACTERS AND PLOT AND CHANGE AND STUFF. I can already feel my amateurish skills coming off.
  12. NeverNeverland

    Mega Thread Metal Thread

    You're words wound me like the lashes of a thousand suns, burning a mark that could never be forgotten. How could I ever recover from something so traumatizing.
  13. NeverNeverland

    Mega Thread Metal Thread

    OR berate me for it. Anyway, any of you guys heard of Sindrome? Even if its a demo the production is like dick. The music, however, is basically Heathen if they cut to the chase. Therefore, amazing.
  14. NeverNeverland

    Mega Thread Metal Thread

    Being that it's in poor taste and that I've care not for Black Metal, I know the perfect Lich King song to listen to.
  15. NeverNeverland

    National Novel Writing Month 2013

    @, through absolute inattentiveness, though I really am a bit excited now that I think about it. I've got some things planned out, but with combining exams and other stuff I may be a little late REALLY getting into motion. Plus, I still can't tell whether 50000 words is chump change or murder... On a separate note for you guys, do you plan on going to any of the NaNo stuff set up by your community?