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  1. I would definitely love a mention of the previous generation in this movie, like a minor mention of Twilight maybe. That might actually happen since we got a sneak peek of Sunny‘s room.
  2. Obviously, most people thought of Izzy lol. But personally, I don‘t really know who‘s my favorite yet. My least favorite is probably gonna be Zipp, but we should wait until the movie‘s release.
  3. I think you already noticed that, but the actual title is gonna be „My Little Pony - Pony Tale“. It was confirmed by Netflix Malaysia on Twitter.
  4. First of all, thank you!! And yes, could be possible, but I think the movie this year is going to give us enough first impressions of the Mane 5.
  5. So, I think most of you guys know that there is gonna be a new generation of MLP, including a movie, that is releasing in fall this year. I wanted to make a thread about everything we know so far, and I might edit it, when we get new information. The characters. There will be 5 convenient characters (also known as the Mane 5) which are the following: - Izzy Moonbow (Unicorn mare) - Hitch Trailblazer (Earthpony stallion) - Sunny Starscout (Earthpony mare) - The sisters Pipp (Pegasus mare) and Zipp (Pegasus mare) (We also got to see guards in a teaser, but those are not expected
  6. I‘d say creative cause the plot gets really extraordinary as the show continues
  7. 1. Twilight I know this is cliche but she‘s definitely the most intelligent of them all, though she tends to be nervous at times. 2. Applejack I think she‘s really mature when it comes to important decisions. 3. Fluttershy 4. Rarity She‘s reckless at times. 5. Pinkie Pie She sometimes predicts the future, though she‘s not intelligent 6. Rainbow Dash
  8. I kinda like those episodes. They‘re very nostalgic when I look back at them now. The plot is amazing and the defeat-scene makes me tear up.
  9. Snips & Snails. They‘re just hella annoying side characters with absolutely no purpose.
  10. Love it How long did it take?
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