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  1. Lunar Red


    I took the projects so far and then quit. I done this about 12 or more times here. I have a bad rep here and I kinda wish people who I let down will see this.
  2. Lunar Red


    Thanks, everypony. I will be trying to turn my reputation around on the forums. I thought the best start would be Welcoming Plaza.
  3. Lunar Red


    What I did was, I promised a lot of people a lot of things which I never did. I got a lot of people hopes up and then let them down soon after. I was fairly bad .
  4. Lunar Red


    Hey everypony. I would like to say, I am sorry for everything I have done in the past here. I will be dropping my older projects and I hope to be better here, can you all forgive me?
  5. whats your idea of a good mmorpg i ask this because your a good game creator and am making a mmorpg of mlp its going to the second only mmorpg out here of mlp its called mlp:haters attack

  6. Lol, forgot to mention that the brony that gets their OCs in Life in Equestria make their lines.
  7. I need RPG style MLP sprites for an upcoming project called Ponyville 1.0 . It will be similar LIP 1.0 (Life in Ponyville my project similar to this). Execpt the game will not be programmed all by me Instead I will need 2 other programmers to help. I am looking for quality spriters to make RPG styled sprites for this game. Now for info... The game is basically like this your a pony in equestria who has the chance to stay there for 30 days. Within those thirty days you can befriend other ponies, Explore the lands, and even have a little fun . There will be Places to visit such as..
  8. So far...I like MidnightBlue's idea because it is short, easy and cool . The others need to be descriptive, and etc... Anyways so far. Midnight Blue makes the cut
  9. 1. Vinyl Scracth appears again 2. Luna 's Backstory 3. Rarity Song Honorable Mentions (The ones that did'nt make the list) • Big Macintosh Episode • Discord Episode • Return of Chrysalis
  10. Lunar Red

    Ask Scootaloo

    Who is a better friend Applebloom or Sweetie Belle?
  11. Okay, I will change the order in which they go. Also the rap writing is due tommorow The Voice Acting is due a day after the lyrics are done.
  12. Hello, everypony today I need a Discord and a Celestia voice for EPRBoM. They must be able to rap good and maintain acurate voices. The Celestia vs Discord should be up soon. I need Lyrics writers who can write a rap battle like this. The deadline is 5/8/13 8:30Pm You must provide a sample of the lyrics today, so that I can see how they are.. Celestia: 12 Lines Discord: 12 Lines Celestia: 6 Lines Discord: 6 Lines Also............I need Beat Makers to make a beat after the voicing and lyrics are done, and a Artist who can draw a Fighting is Magic styled Cover (If you can't draw F
  13. Lunar Red

    Ask Scootaloo

    Who's your favorite Wonderbolt?
  14. You know what grinds my gears?!? Every single last intollerant brony in the community. Whatever happened to LOVE and TOLERANCE? I am gonna make somepony mad •sigh• .......................... I subbed PokeHidden on tumblr and I have BfED 1.4 on my laptop . I don't clop or any of that (personally I can't see why they would want to....I mean..Love and Tolerance I guesss.) But I enjoy the game and his art style. And you know what also grinds my gears more? Don't like r34 = DON'T LOOK AT IT!! Like r34 = Do as you please Ughh.... I'll be back /) Bro Hoof
  15. Equestria Girls is a spinoff movie of MLP that hasn't aired yet. It has the mane 6 as humans in this too. Also I hate writing posts on my phone too
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