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  1. Because I just want to see more of him as a character, not just as a villian. You could make a good redemption episode with him.
  2. This really sounds to me like a topic that might be covered in Season 4, with Twilight learning how to be a princess herself.
  3. There's a football in "Fall Weather Friends", so we know they have that. It seems to me soccer would be a natural game for ponies as well.
  4. I'd like to promote an underread story (not my own) that I think is quite decent: Wings Against the Sun Princess Celestia learns that, after a royal wedding, a Changeling invasion, and a investiture of a princess, Equestria is running short of money. A small loan from the neutral banks of Germaneigh would take care of the problem, and Celestia sends Luna and Twilight Sparkle to negotiate for the loan. Unfortunately, the Griffin Kingdom would love to see Equestria go bankrupt, and will stop at nothing to see the loan fail--including murder. Nobody said being an alicorn princess would be easy...
  5. Can't find this one I read of good chunk of a while ago: A very genre savvy evil overlord from another world comes to Ponyville in his new griffin body. He's there just to go into retirement and the Royal Sisters let him be as he hasn't commited any crimes in their world. Glida joins him as a semi-helper/foil. I remember it was rather long and I don't know if it was finished. My Google-fu hasn't been up to the task of locating it. === If any one else wants to use this tread to find stories too, go ahead.
  6. DRWolf001 - "Is Pinkie Pie actually becoming more Mature?" This is a fairly good analysis video that points out something I hadn't noticed before. I do think Pinkie got a bit more considerate in Season 3 compared to her earlier appearances, especally "A Friend in Deed".
  7. It's my first blog post on FimFiction. Please read and comment either here or there. Thank you! My thoughts on Nightmare Moon.
  8. Here's some more information explaning the situation: I don't think I can donate. I just don't have the cash and the con already got about $100 from me in admission and a con hoodie.
  9. I just left the Rivera as it seems pretty much all of the rest of the last day of the con has been cancelled. I'm far from the only one leaving as well. What the heck happened?
  10. The sight of the "industrial-sized pet hair drier" in 'Just for Sidekicks' made me literally LOL, which I rarely do. Winona looks good flat.
  11. Things I'd like to see: Another Luna-centric episode. Actually a Celestia episode would be cool as well. A return of Gilda and/or Blueblood. A least a crumb of background for Scootaloo. Have them do something with Discord, at least some cameos. BRING BACK DERPY!!!